Extra 02:『Teachings of a Feudal Lord』

Translator: Blushy
Editor: delishnoodles

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Cordelia knew long ago that her aunt, Countess Nirupama Weltoria, had a strong and straightforward personality, but the personality that she had seen at the fief was a lot stronger than she ever thought. 

First, she was aggressive while negotiating. However, she didn’t just insist on her own ideas, and did compromise to a certain extent, but she searched for the person’s upper most limit of compromise. In addition, she makes her business partners laugh and say, 『I’m no match for the Countess』, so she was very good at strategizing. 

When Cordelia shared her impressions with Nirupama at dinner, Nirupama smiled happily. 

“What do you think is the big difference between a normal conversation and a business negotiation, and what do you think is important when talking to someone?”

“I think it’s preparing enough to talk to your partner calmly and how nervous you are. And if you know about the person beforehand, then it’s possible to steer the conversation from a normal chat to new negotiations.”

“I’m impressed by your immediate answer. I’m sure you will have big negotiations to deal with in the future. I’m sure you’ll be alright seeing how you act now, but don’t underestimate the other person too much. This is very important, not only for negotiations, but also as a feudal lord.”

“As a feudal lord, you say?”

She knew it was important having it said, but Cordelia was interested in what Nirupama had brought up as a reminder. 

Nirupama chuckled at Cordelia’s reaction. 

“If all the information available totalled ten, and they knew seven of those and I only knew three, I could mislead them into thinking that I have all the information that they don’t depending on how I speak. But that would give me a leg up if I’m not on good terms with them, or if they were my subordinate, then I would look incompetent to them. In addition, I’ll miss out on the chance of gaining new information.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.”

“On the other hand, it’s fortunate if they look down on me.”

Cordelia smiled back at Nirupama who had added, playfully. 

“But, what’s really important is… to sell all the fights that you’ve accepted.”


“But that’s just a part of my personality. Fufufu, I think it’s best not to let stress build. Of course, if you get too caught up in that, then you might neglect important things, so you have to give up if that happens. But you just have to work hard so you don’t have to give up, you know…?”

Cordelia forced a smile on her face when she felt a black air slowly begin to drift from behind her aunt. What kind of tough person would pick a fight with Obaa-sama? But if that motivates her, then it might contribute to the development of Weltoria fief in a way. That should be a good thing… right? 

However, Cordelia quietly decided that she would do her best to keep things as peaceful as possible when it came to negotiations. 

After all, Cordelia preferred peace above all.