Side Story: Radka’s Diary (Extract)

Translator: Blushy
Editor: SenjiQ

That’s the end of Volume 02 /o/.

9/18 Lady Marechan asked me to keep a diary to practice writing. Every evening, I’m supposed to write down what happened during the day. I earnestly wrote and then practiced with the rapier today. When I tripped over my feet during rapier practice, Gunter-san got angry at me and said that a noble’s sword isn’t that messy. Though, he also taught me never to rely on a sword alone. I’m not even a noble…


9/22 I had too much homework yesterday and didn’t have time to write in this diary. I have a lot of homework today too. I was told that I would start table manners today, so I was lectured while eating. Why do they want me to learn table manners? I didn’t feel like eating at all.


9/25 I can forget about rapier practice, homework and writing practice, right? Why can’t I do it for longer instead of only doing it in the afternoon? Why do I have to learn how to dance?


9/25 I have more rapier training even though my homework hasn’t decreased. Dance has also increased. Dammit.


10/4 Lady Marechan told me to use I[1]watashi in this diary as well. She blabbered a lot about the way I talk and walk, so it took me around 30 minutes to walk from one end of the corridor to the other. My food was cold. The food I was waiting for was ruined. But my teacher praised me for getting better at using my rapier. I have a lot of homework so it’s terrible, but rapier practice has gotten a little more fun.


10/9 I have a lot of homework today too. I studied more about laws on how to determine tax. Am I supposed to understand what she does? Why do I have to?


10/10 Eliza came home before I realised. They say she’s hurt. She doesn’t come out of her room. I have a lot of homework, so I haven’t come out of my room today, except for when I went to rapier practice. I did a lot of math today. My head hurts.


10/14 I’ve been doing a lot of math lately. She still hasn’t come out of her room. Are her injuries that bad?


10/15 I’m back to studying law. That also made my head hurt.


12/16 Lady Marechan took me to secretly attend the funeral of Igor-san and the others. She secretly told me that this was Eliza’s order.


13/13 I knew it. She’s completely forgotten about me. Speaking of forgetting, I’ve[2]boku completely forgotten to write I[3]watashi in this diary. I’ll be helping her with her work from tomorrow. I feel like I’ll be doing three apprenticeships at the same time, but is she serious?


13/14 Work, work, work. Then study. It’s tough.


13/18 I went to see Elize-sama for the first time in a while. She seemed extremely worried since we hadn’t seen each other in a long time. We ate the snacks that Eliza made me bring. I wasn’t sure if it was alright for me to eat them with Elize-sama, but she giggled and told me it was ok. She listened seriously when I told her about my studies and stuff, and praised me for studying hard. She said that I was learning more than her. We played with the beautiful dolls that Eliza made me bring. I was told that the doll was a gift from Elize-sama’s uncle. I wasn’t sure if it was alright for me to touch the doll, but Elize-sama giggled and told me it was alright… (omission) … It’s already winter, but there were flowers that I had never seen before in Elize-sama’s room and they smelled really good. She told me Rashiok brought them. There’s no way.


13/21 Work is hard. But Eliza and Lady Marechan cleared out three times as much paperwork as I did. Anyway, it’s hard. I was told that I won’t have to work in the mornings and will begin spear practice tomorrow. Seriously? Will there be less work?


13/22 Spear practice. I ran 20 laps around the mansion. What’s a spear?


13/22 I ran another 20 laps today. That’s something an adult


13/24 I fell asleep while writing in the diary yesterday. I’ll write a proper entry today. It seems that Eliza told Claudia-san, my spear teacher, to cut back on the laps, so I ran 15 laps today. I ran until the end, but I reached my limits from running. All I did was run and was told not to touch the- (it seems like the ink is blotting)


13/25 I practiced today          I finally touched a spear         I feel like I can hear god’s voice soon.


13/28 Today I had a day off from practice. I finished work and went to Elize-sama’s room. Things were easier for her in winter since she had fewer seizures, but her body is weak, so she gets fevers easily. Poor Elize-sama. Eliza gave me some kind of meat pie today to give to her. She said it’s nourishing. Did she hunt this for Elize-sama? If so, then I’d like to go hunting next time. Elize-sama ate it happily. I would have loved to have a picture of Elize-sama’s blossoming smile at that time. I hope she gets well soon… (omission)… Then we talked about what I usually do. I thought it would be boring for her to hear me talk about work, homework and practice all the time, but she happily listened to what I had to say. It’s really tough to talk about how Claudia-san’s training nearly killed me, but I’m willing to work as hard as I can as long as Elize-sama is happy.


1/21 I was measured for clothes today. Eliza asked me to come with her when she goes to the royal capital. She said she’s going to make me some new clothes to wear there. Is that ok? But it’s the first time I’ve had clothes made for me. I’m looking forward to it. I’m happy.


1/22 I was wondering how she was going to pay for the clothes and asked about my wages, which was awkward. It’s not much, but my hours are properly calculated and she’s keeping my pay. She’s keeping my pay for me since she said I have no use for it in this fief anyway. She also said that clothes and food aren’t related to my wage. Eliza grumbled and said that she wasn’t corrupt, so she won’t make me do slave labour. She really hates what the previous feudal lord did… I nearly cried.


1/24 Claudia-san is weird. How can she bring down a bear in one shot? Weird.


1/25 It seems like Bellway-san will start teaching me tomorrow. I study with Lady Marechan, practice with Claudia-san, and now I have to learn from Bellway-san…


2/18 The clothes arrived. The uniform is for women, and when I asked Eliza about it, she made fun of me, “Don’t you remember that I told you to be a maid?” It was an annoying way of speaking. It seems I have to act like the maid, Elize, whenever I’m outside. Well, alright. But women’s clothes… I see… I’m happy that she made clothes for me, but I can’t be happy about this…


2/21 I caught a snow snake in the courtyard today. I wanted to show Elize-sama because it was so beautiful and white, but the girls in the village didn’t like snakes very much, so I thought better of it and let the snake go. Then Eliza got angry at me for some reason. She said it was a waste. What is?


3/11 We went to the royal capital. I’m tired. Women’s clothes are too hard to move in. Why is it that I, a guy, has to wear women’s clothes when Eliza and Claudia-san, women, wear men’s clothes? It’s strange.


3/12 My next uniform is a dress? Well, it seems like Eliza is having a harder time today, so it’s fine. Anyway, she doesn’t really suit dresses. I’m probably cuter in a dress… Isn’t it usually the other way around? Am I weird? No, is Eliza weird?


3/22 This is the last page. There were a few days when I couldn’t write, but I’ve managed to write a lot. I feel a bit peevish when I look back at the beginning when I didn’t know much about nobles yet. A lot of things have happened even though it hasn’t been a year yet. Today, I went out for a little while in the afternoon and bought a new diary. I found another diary in the same style, so I bought that too. It’s the first time I’ve spent my pay, so it’s kind of a keepsake. But if I’m going to keep writing in a diary from now on, then why shouldn’t I have an extra diary? I’ll put it away until I need to use it. I won’t forget.


1, 3 watashi
2 boku