Translator: Blushy
Editor: SenjiQ

I was falling.

I plunged headlong into the roaring wind.


My unreliable hands and feet were squirming.

The terrifying sensation made it hard to breathe.

My widened eyes could only see the colour of the sky and didn’t help me at all.


It was a familiar sight.

The battle at Jugfena Fortress. The moment when I was thrown down from the rooftop and feared from the bottom of my heart.

Someone gripped my outstretched hand.

――― Kamil. Why are you here? I said at that time.

But the figure I saw before me was not of the person who I knew.

Cold eyes peeked out from behind his hood. There were tragic burns and blade wounds on his face. His cheeks looked hollow. His dirty brown hair was slightly long.


Why are you there?

He let go of my hand before I could get the words out, that were completely different from my thoughts a year ago.


My outstretched arm paddled in the air.

I fell.

It was as if I was being pulled into a dark, soundless void.


At the end of my squirming hand, a thin chain swayed with a cling.

――― In the darkness. That was how I knew it was a nightmare.