Associated Title: 貴族やめます庶民になります

Author: 妃 大和 |Kisaki Yamato

Raw: Syosetu

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I lived in shame as an illegitimate child because my father was a noble and my mother was a commoner. When I became an adult at 16, I had the chance to leave the noble family register and so I decided to become a commoner. Will the knowledge I gained as a noble help me out in my commoner lifestyle? I will be living with the knowledge and skills passed down to me by my mother, who was a commoner.

Status: Active

Chapter PDFs – credits@byggvirr

01: I Don’t Want to Dance
02: A Little about the Past 01
03: A Little about the Past 02
04: A Little about the Past 03
05: Life with Mother
06: Thus I Became the Person I am
07: Normal Noble Girl
08: Turning Point
09: My First…
10: Discovery
11: Older Sister’s Request
12: Daily Routine
13: A Useful Thing
14: Harvest Festival
15: Conversation with Father
16: A Cold Winter Day
17: New Year Holidays
18: My Wish
19: At the Royal Library 
20: Father’s Conclusion
21: The Invitation 
22: Preparing for the Ball 
23: Getting Ready as a Lady is Hard 
24: After a Long Time, My Last Ball 
25: Dessert Time 
26: The Temptations of Yolk Pudding 
27: A Secret Conversation in a Separate Room 
28: Preparing and Tidying Up
29: Farewell Morning 
30:  Noble Registry Section 
31: Moved Forcibly 
32: Hen Inn 
33: Captain Weller 
34: Helpful People 
35: New Chapter of Life; Coolden 
36: Empire Guards 
37: Bobles-san 
38: Looking for a Job 
39: New Encounters
40: Hawk and Wolf
41: Letter
42: Strong Mind
43: Fairy’s Embrace
44: The Inside of the Carriage is a Locked Room
45: Edenbach Estate
46: Breakfast and Audience
47: Lion
48: Tea Party Where I Can’t Relax
49: No Match
50: At Hen Inn Again
51: Information Gathering Meeting
52: To Coolden Again
53: Under the Cherry Tree
54: Good Girl
55: How to Pick a Dress
56: Out-of-Place Person
57: Working at the Palace as Ann
58: Timid Person
59: Unfamiliar Life
60: The Ladies who Warn the Girl
61: The Start of a Day Off
62: Girl Friend
63: Standing Out
64: Reporter Dick-san
65: Lady Ann is Ayesha
66: The Librarian, Earl Noir
67: Yield at the Royal Library
68: Chameleon Plants, Chameleon Plants
69: Women’s Meeting
70: Favourite Type
71: Errand Girl
72: After Getting Sunburnt
73: Reward
74: Announced
75: Patrolling
76: A Prince Other Than the Imperial Prince
77: Fortune Maiden
78: Searching for a Person
79: Your Name
80: Cleaning Spree
81: Most Dark
82: Good Listener
83: Making the Map
84: Doing My Best
85: Better Results than Expected
86: Contract
87: On a Calm Spring Day