01: I Don't Want to Dance

“You’re good at dancing.” The noble in front of me, who had only uttered that single sentence, was Fernand Empire’s Third Imperial Prince, His Highness Ludens.

“I am honoured by your compliment.” I expressed my gratitude like a lady. Hah, do I have to dance with this guy next?

Even though I just don’t want to dance.

I probably won’t see you ever again and I didn’t even want to meet you.

Well, I should be pleased that this could be used as joke material afterwards.

I look at the floor as much as possible and only glance up. He has light blonde hair, emerald green eyes and dazzling prince smile. He wore a purple emblem permitted only by the royal family. He looks exactly like he does in the noble almanac. Though, he was much cooler in person than in portrait.

I was fine with dancing with the Prime Minister’s son, Roberto, but why am I dancing with such high ranking people…? They also hide their position, it was bad of them to mix in with others. Maybe there were other things too. My instincts tells me that I shouldn’t get involved any further. I must show minimum discourtesy when dealing with them while ignoring everything else!

In 3 days, I won’t be a noble anymore.

The knowledge I have as a noble might be useful in the future, but noble acquaintances aren’t.

Translator: Blushy
Editors: Readers

I picked up another project and of course, re-translating this one from the beginning too… I hope you enjoy it!

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