25: Dessert Time

Even though I loved dancing.

I saw a tint of blonde hair at the corner of my eyes after my dance with Roberto and lost all motivation to dance. I always get a bad feeling whenever I see blonde hair. I wanted to run away from here more and more.

Of course, that blonde hair person was someone out of my reach, His Highness Ludens.

I wanted to praise myself for maintaining a polite noble image without running away.

As a result I danced with all the men in group 5.

Also in group 5 behind His Highness was the Imperial Knight, Lancel-sama with his short black hair and black eyes and Leyard-sama, the owner of a beautiful voice, violet eyes and curly blonde hair.

If I think the ladies only yearn for His Highness Ludens and Roberto-sama, then how could all 4 from His Highness’ close friends be in group 5! Even if they were close friends, they should separate in a place like this. Did they use their power to get into the same group? Woah, are they kids!?

Ah, do they not have fiancées because they always hang around males? … But I’ll admit that they’re respectable gentlemen for not looking down on me, the half-blood commoner.

I wanted to retort a lot, but I gave it my all and didn’t retort at all.

My HP points are already rapidly decreasing. [1]So…random?

Still, it was my life’s treasure to see the faces of those who had nothing but their good looks.

Ah, I’m so tired. Let’s eat dessert to feel better.

I quickly turned and ran away when I finished dancing and went back to the snack area where the desserts were.


As expected of desserts made from the royal chefs, they were also delicious. They knew that it wouldn’t be delicious if it was only sweet. They’re always on point.

The cookies were crumbly and mouth melting. I wanted to take them home.

The elasticity of the jelly was excellent. It glowed like gems.

The tart had a perfect balance of custard and fruits. I wanted to eat this custard until I was full.

The mousse had a smooth texture. The chocolate mousse was exquisite. The scent of the cocoa flowed into my nose.

I’m glad I danced and emptied my stomach a little.

It was too bad that I couldn’t have cake because I didn’t have any more space in my stomach.

Still, this was enough to clear away my fatigue from before… Ah, I feel so happy. I couldn’t eat things like this anymore so I had to savour it.



The dance had finished and the four, who ladies wanted to get close to the most, were surrounded by carnivorous ladies straight away.

Well, they did find out who the Imperial Prince was. If they waited until the dance ended then they could easily approach him.

“Everyone, we’re tired from dancing so won’t you let us rest?”

“Ladies, won’t you let the Imperial Prince rest? I would thank you for your thoughtfulness.”

“Sorry, but please let me through.”

If you looked at the four carefully, you could see that they weren’t here to find fiancée candidates. They weren’t with certain ladies for more than the necessary amount of time. The ladies, who were heart-eyed next to them, didn’t know this.

Leyard-sama and Lancel-sama said after the Imperial Prince whose words sounded sharp. The four men passed the ladies, who had flinched, and went to a separate room to take a break.

I watched Roberto-sama, who was headed the same way as the other 3, suddenly turn and walk towards the snack area.

He hid behind a wall, dropped his bangs and loosened his clothes. He had diminished his presence. He had completed the plain man look.

There, another man joined him. It was Earl Noir.

“Roberto-sama. Are you having a good evening? It seems like you were able to make good contact with your targets.”

“Eidos-dono. Your information was put to use. I got plenty of reactions from the targets. There were some stubborn ladies, though.”

“Stubborn ladies? Are you talking about Lady Ayesha-marie?”

“I am. She’s completely different from the rumours. All she does is eat. She doesn’t look like she has a weak constitute. She was good at dancing, but she doesn’t seem good at conversation. I don’t know if she’s a prodigy at drawing up documents from this. However, she’s good at running away from people, probably because she doesn’t leave her estate. She probably anticipated this. I can’t get close to her, so I can’t judge how she is.”

“Should I help you?”

“Yeah, thanks.”

Two people approached me as I was enjoying the desserts.

I, who was avoiding the two approaching, could not avoid Earl Noir, who was coming at me from the front. Even if it was just him, he was a good acquaintance.

“It’s been a long time, Lady Ayesha-marie. Are you having fun?”

“Thanks to you, I’m having fun. Earl Noir-sama.”

I had a neutral conversation with him, so I didn’t notice another person approaching from behind. I don’t think there’s anything but ill-intention if they erase their presence while approaching.

“Eidos-dono, won’t you introduce this young lady to me?”

“Yes,” Eidos nodded and the man stood next to him.

I looked up and saw a face I’ve seen just a while ago. Woah, he put his bangs down again.

I looked down so that they wouldn’t see my stiff expression. I don’t look shy, do I?

(I even tried to stay away from him, damn.)

“Roberto-sama, this is Lady Ayesha-marie from the Thousand House. She doesn’t get out often, but she came to the ball today, so I called out to her.”

Roberto-sama combed his bangs up a little and looked at me.

(Are you trying to intimidate me? Stop that!)

The voice in my heart was sealed. I pinched my dress a little, kneeled, smiled and greeted him.

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1 So…random?