26: The Temptations of Yolk Pudding

Amber eyes were also called wolf eyes. It was close to amber and it was a little scary to be stared at by Roberto-sama’s almond-ish eyes.

Unlike before, his eyes weren’t overly friendly. They were somewhat overbearing and unpleasant.

“Lady Ayesha-marie, this is Roberto du Edenbach. I think you know this, he is the son of Prime Minister Edenbach. He works as an assistant to the Vice-Minister, where I got to know him.”

“… Edenbach-sama, I am sorry for earlier. I don’t go out to social functions much. I’m sorry if I made you uncomfortable with my carelessness.”

(I won’t say that I don’t want to get involved with him. Oh yeah, he’s a Marquis’ son, isn’t he.)

“Your dancing was very good. It’s been a while since I’ve had fun. Also, I’m not at work right now so please don’t call me Edenbach-sama.”

(Even though I called him that on purpose. I don’t want to get close to him.)

“Just call me Roberto. Since I’m calling you Lady Ayesha-marie.”

“Ah, hah. Roberto-sama, was it?”

“Well then call me Eidos as well.”

“Oh, yes. Alright. Eidos-sama, was it?”

What, why do I have to please these people? I’m troubled if you tell me to call you by your name.

From my father, I heard that my reputation was bad because I don’t attending balls or tea parties, so why are they trying to get involved with me?

Was it common to call nobles by their name if they’re acquainted with each other?



It was a simple introduction. I was asked about how I met Eidos-sama and what I was doing instead of attending social functions.

They also heard about me from the tax officer, Marquis Oslo, so they also asked questions about the documents I made.

I didn’t say anything about why I didn’t show up at social functions. It wasn’t like I didn’t show up, I wasn’t allowed to show up. I didn’t say that.

I’ll say this clearly, there was no love component in our conversation. If I had to say it then our conversation was about business.

If they asked a question then I would answer. As long as it wouldn’t cause problems for the Thousand House.

But, I wasn’t the one who started the conversation, because I wanted it to end faster.

Strangely, no one else joined in on our conversation. Even though everyone’s target was standing right here.

It has been a long time since I’ve talked to someone for this long and it became agonising.

Not to mention, they were gentlemen of a higher-rank. They were too different from what I was normally used to and I was nervous the whole time.

The desserts were lined up on the table and there were things I still haven’t eaten yet; so it wasn’t unreasonable that my eyes were drawn to them.

I wished they’d talk to me after I finish eating all these desserts.

The jiggly yolk pudding. Yup, I want to eat it.

If I don’t eat everything today, then I probably won’t be able to eat anything made by the royal chefs anymore.



“Ah, I’ve lived as a noble since I was born but I’ll become a commoner in 3 days. Since I’m becoming a commoner, why do I have to get involved with such high-ranking nobles and royalty?!” I wanted to scream.

However, I couldn’t do that right now in the Royal Palace’s sun room.

No matter how angry I was, Ms. Dolcie drove this fact into me, “A noble is someone who looks calm and has a smile on their face.”

(If I don’t get away from these people, I won’t have time to eat the pudding.)

Roberto-sama extended an invitation to me as I was thinking that, “There are more paintings and art works at the Royal Palace compared to the library. You should visit.”

“Unfortunately, I can’t go out without my father’s permission.”

“If that’s the case then call the political affairs department with my name.”

(I’m sure he knows that I’m refusing the offer. How insistent.)

“I’m happy with your feelings, but I’ll be leaving to somewhere far soon. I appreciate it, but I must refuse your invitation.”

I smiled and ended the conversation.

It’s the truth, you know. I won’t be a noble anymore. I’ll be living in a city outside of the Royal Capital.

Roberto-sama and Eidos-sama looked at each other, their face showed that they’d given up.

I’m sure Roberto-sama has never had his invitation declined by a noble lady before. It doesn’t matter to me if his impression of me changed for the worse. It was more problematic for me if my sisters found out who I was talking to.

And then, “I think my sisters are calling me, so if you’d excuse me,” I used my manners and headed towards the toilet. They probably can’t follow me like this, right? I finished with my business and returned to the yolk pudding.


“She ran away.”

“I know. She didn’t seem interested in me at all. But, I know what sort of person she is now. Looks like I can use her.”

“I would be overjoyed if I was of help to everyone.”

“But I’m curious about what she meant by, ‘I’ll be leaving somewhere far’.”

“What if it was just a lie to get away from us?”

“Should I do a little background check on her?”

They called a waiter and took some wine. They drank it fast and then headed to separate places.

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