27: A Secret Conversation in a Separate Room

A young man walked on the soft, fluffy carpet through the Royal Palace corridors. There were similar doors lined up on both sides of the corridors. He stood in front of one of them and knocked.


“It’s me.”

A stern guard opened the door from within. Even though this was inside of the Royal Palace, there were even more guards inside. Probably because a high-ranking noble was inside.

“Excuse me.”

“Oh, it’s you Roberto. Thanks for coming here, you’re the last one.”

Inside was Imperial Prince Fernand [1]Ludens and his companions… Leyard-sama and Lancel-sama. They both turned towards Roberto and lightly raised their hand in greeting.

They were relaxing on the sofa and on the table was a bottle of cider and snacks to go with it.

Roberto sat on the sofa next to Imperial Prince Fernand.

He folded his legs together, picked up a cup and poured himself some low-alcohol cider.

“Everyone has gathered. I’ll say it again, thanks for coming. Seems like you managed to make contact with each of your targets.”

“It’s just as Roberto said. There are talented people hidden within those who don’t appear in high society. The fellow I was in charge of was really shy, but their knowledge in sword techniques is really something. Their great ability shows on their body. Regardless of their status, it was really fun to talk with them about sword techniques. I was able to make arrangements, and would be taking them to visit the Royal Palace.” Lancel, the person in charge of Imperial Prince Fernand’s bodyguards, said.

“The girls I was in charge of were also wonderful. They’re reserved and it’s cute when they react to all my gestures. The first person has never left this kingdom before, but her language pronunciation was perfect. Of course, her reading and writing were also perfect. The second person is really good with the violin. If it’s true that she’s self-taught, then she could become this kingdom’s best player if she had a teacher. Both of them are coming to the Royal Palace to be introduced to a teacher. I think they could become very influential in foreign diplomacy.” Leynard, the person in charge of Imperial Prince Fernand’s foreign diplomacy, said.

“Both of you did well. My target didn’t show any interest in me. I was able to hear some information about her, but unfortunately I couldn’t arrange to meet again. As the rumours said, her administrative capabilities seem high. She’s sharp and she has no interest in us, so I thought that it’d be fine to use her. A woman who follows us around won’t do work, after all.” Roberto, the person in charge of Prince Fernand’s office, said.

Everyone gave brief descriptions of their target.



“The information that Eidos brought seemed to have been helpful. It’s great that the ball father had prepared was effective for drawing out those who don’t appear in high society. Really, I don’t mind that I was born as the third prince and had no one capable that could become my aide. Instead, I was blessed to have you guys as my childhood friends.”

Prince Fernand had a sparkling and charming smile on his face even though he was a man.

The four lifted their glasses once again and clinked it together. Then they tasted the cider.

“Even so, group 5 was a gathering of all the estranged people from high society, but they’re all very proper.”

“Yes, that’s true. It means that they can act proper when the time calls for it.”

“Among them, was it Lady Ayesha-marie? That kid’s dancing skills are amazing. She can also dance the latest steps, can’t she? It’s a shame she doesn’t appear at any evening parties.”

“According to the rumour, she doesn’t want to leave the house herself, but it seems more like her father doesn’t allow her to leave. And she refused the invitation to the Royal Palace because she said she’s going far away for business.”

“The red-haired children of the Thousand House appear in high society, do they not? So she’s the only one who’s not allowed out? Even while we were dancing, she didn’t try to have a proper look at my face. She was certainly polite, but she didn’t try to get close to me. … There’s no problems if we can use her. Can you get secure Lady Ayesha-marie somehow?”

“I’ll probe around using the people from Edenbach House. I’ll make my move as soon as I get their report.”

“I’ll leave it to you. Now then, everyone, we should return to the venue soon. If we, the attraction of the ball, are not there, then we’ll receive the ladies’ complaints. Before strange rumours start up, if you meet a good lady don’t hesitate to deepen your relationship with her.”

Everyone went back to the venue upon Imperial Prince Fernand’s words.


Meanwhile, I finished eating the yolk pudding and my stomach was bloated. I spent my time slipping through the nobles while observing them.

I should burn the image of a dreamy noble ball into my mind.

Elegant music, magnificent chandelier lights and fluffy carpets. I firmly burnt those into my five senses.

On the other hand, I didn’t notice that I had been the topic of discussion for the future key figures of this kingdom…

Translator: Blushy
Editor: Sam


1 Ludens