29: Farewell Morning

“Good morning. I’m here to help you.” I went to the kitchen and greeted them in a louder voice than usual.

I wiped my hands on the apron and the head chef, Tom appeared at the entrance.

“Oh, it’s you Ojou-san. Morning. Today’s the last day you’ll be at the estate, right? Today’s breakfast is omelette made with lots of butter. Commoners also eat omelettes but they only use a little bit of butter. I’ll make the most delicious omelette for your last day here.”

“Yes, I’m looking forward to it.”

I’ve gotten close enough to Tom to have conversations like this.

I washed the salad vegetables and potatoes. I’ve become really good at peeling potatoes.

The potatoes became German potato in Tom’s hands. He put plenty of thick bacon in the dish and the potatoes smoked with the taste of bacon became a gem.

I helped the servants with the food preparations.

“Hey, it’s fine for you to go back soon. Good job.”

“Likewise, thank you for teaching me how to cook.”

I lifted the hem of my skirt slightly and curtsied like a noble and then turned to everyone in the kitchen and bowed deeply.


I changed from my maid-like clothes into my hand-me-down dress. This would also be the last time I wear my maid-like clothes.

It was rare to see all my family members at breakfast.

They might have been considerate towards me.

Like Tom had said, the omelette that was served at breakfast was full of butter. I dipped bread into the overflowing butter and ate it.

But no matter how much I ate, it was still delicious.

As usual, they complained about today’s schedule and talked about what happened yesterday; they talked about the usual unattractive things between eating.

Deep roasted coffee was served at the end of breakfast.

“Ayesha-marie, you’ll leave the house at 9 o’clock and go to the Noble Registry section at the Royal Palace. Come to the entrance before then.” Father said and left the dining room.

Furore-sama followed.

“You guys, make sure to do your final greetings properly.”

“I know. I’ll come to say my farewells to the youngest child.”

“Ayesha-marie, I’ll see you later.”

My brother and sisters also left. It seemed like they would give me their final farewells.

I returned to my room.

I pulled out the piece of paper that I’d stuffed into the bed before.

I’d narrowed the destination that I’d go to when I became a commoner to two places. In the end, I decided on a city called Coolden, northwest of the Royal Capital. Father’s fief was in the southeast, in the opposite direction of Coolden. I’d thought that it would be better if I chose a place that gave me a less chance of meeting someone I knew.

Coolden had a large forest to the north; it wasn’t a tourist city, but a city that flourished in forestry.

I changed into my milk tea coloured dress.

Looking around my room once again, I sighed and said a single phrase.

“Thanks for everything.”

I lowered my head at the room that had no one in it.

I had the big black bag in both hands and my shoulder bag on my back. If an unfamiliar person saw me, they would wonder what was happening.

When I went to the entrance hall, Ms. Dolcie was there. I shouldn’t have any class today, so did she go out of her way to come see me?

I stood in front of Ms. Dolcie, lifted my hem, bent my legs a little and gave her the best curtsy for a noble.

“I have learnt a lot of things from Ms. Dolcie. I am proud to be your student. Thank you for everything.”

“I hope that you will make good use of what I taught you.”

Ms. Dolcie gave me a notebook.

“It’s a good idea for you to write down new things you learn. Knowledge would definitely be useful for you.”

I gave her an embroidered handkerchief with a lily on it which meant respect. If it’s her, then she should understand the language of flowers.

I smiled and bowed deeply at her again.

My family members had all gathered while Ms. Dolcie and I were saying our farewell greetings.

I gave father and brother different coloured handkerchiefs embroidered with the family crest. The cogwheel and owl family crest would probably be eye-catching.

Furore-sama received a handkerchief embroidered with cattleya [1]type of orchid which represented brilliance.

Catherine received a lily of the valley that represented happiness and Rosalie received a handkerchief embroidered with a violet, which represented prettiness.

“Thank you for taking care of me. It isn’t much but this is my thanks to you. I pray with my whole heart that you would prosper further and be even happier.”

I also gave my best curtsy to everyone just as I had done to Ms. Dolcie.

It seemed that everyone in my family didn’t expect me to present them with a handkerchief each. They still thanked me while confused…… It was the first time I’ve heard something like “Thank you,” from Furore-sama.

“Then father, please take me to the Royal Palace.” I puffed my chest out with pride and said.

“Wait.” Furore-sama wanted us to wait. My face stiffened instinctively.

“Take this.”

She took my right hand and dropped a ring with a red gem onto it. I’ve seen her wear this ring before. Is it garnet?

While my mind was blank, she said, “Live a healthy life,” and left the entrance hall.

“Don’t hold back, just take it.” Father told me.

I put the ring into my pocket while puzzled.

The servants were all lined up when we left the entrance hall and went outside. The grand chamberlain, head maid, sisters’ maids, chamberlains, chefs and servants were all there.

The grand chamberlain quickly took my black bag and loaded it onto the carriage.

Everyone’s eyes were fixed on me. I wasn’t used to it, so it was a painful. Even so, I calmly walked towards the carriage.

I turned back to everyone before getting onto the carriage.

“““Take care.”””

It was the first time they’d seen me off and also the last.

“I’m off.”

I displayed my best noble manners to everyone and bowed deeply again. Then, I followed father onto the carriage.

(If they do something like this at the end, then I wouldn’t be able to hold a grudge against them, now can I?)

I stared at the far sky from the carriage window.


1 type of orchid