31: Moved Forcibly

I, myself, was high and proud to start walking down my new path of life. However, no matter how you looked at it, my figure that was walking unsteadily with big luggage on hand was unacceptable.

Occasionally, I could hear people 「chuckling」around me.

(I knew it, it’s strange, isn’t it? Like this, I won’t be chased even if I accidentally stole someone’s luggage.)


I have to go to the Commerce Guild before I catch my carriage to my destination.

The guild that I was heading to was the Empire National Commerce Guild, 『Crown』… It was a cliché name. Still it was a reliable guild that could be found in any major city.

Father opened a savings account for me here. When I left home, he deposited 200,000 G in there for me. This was his first and last investment in me.

I don’t know if this is a large amount or a small amount.

He’d said, “Live with this money for a while,” so it would be a large amount for a commoner. Even I knew that walking around with that much money would be dangerous. That was when the Crown account appeared.

It wasn’t much but I had the money that mother and I saved on hand. Let’s put this into the Crown account.


“Ah, I’m tired.”

I put my black bag on the floor and dived onto my bed with my shoulder bag still on my back.

I felt like a great amount of time had passed since the morning. My tension is still here.

I did go to the Commerce Guild, but the place I went to was the head office; there were a lot of men who were father’s age there and there was no other young lady who had just turned into an adult, so I was extremely tensed.

I didn’t have lunch because I was bustling about, but it was already way past noon.

If I went to Coolden now by carriage then it would be night when I arrive, therefore I stayed at an inn near the carriage stop.

The inn that I chose from just its appearance was a hit and the room was comfortable; the room was neat and there were no excess things in there. The bed was slightly harder than the one I had at the estate, but the new bed sheets felt great.

“I’m hungry, should I go buy something?”

I hummed as I changed out of the ojou-san milk tea dress into a red tunic and blue spats.

I felt like a complete commoner when I changed my clothes.

I took the ring that I’d received from Furore-sama, which was in my pocket, and threaded a leather strap through it and hung it on my neck. I put it under my shirt so that it wasn’t visible.

It was dangerous to wear it on my finger and it was also dangerous to leave it in the room.

I looked in the mirror, confirmed my own appearance and thought for a while. Something’s wrong. My hairstyle’s different from that of a commoners.



There was a knock at the door.

Who is it?

Is it the proprietor?

I thought those things but I didn’t even ask who it was and opened the door.

There was a man at the door… Crap.

I instinctively tried to close the door, but he’d put his legs out between the gap. Crap, he stopped it with his hands.

(The door won’t close! It won’t close!)

I looked at the man’s face while panicking.


“Are you an idiot?!?!?!” A loud shout came from above me. Ahhhhhhh.

The 180cm tall Roberto-sama was there. His brown bangs were combed back and I could see his face really well.

His almond amber eyes, which were like a wolf’s, slanted upwards.

Incidentally I was 155 cms tall… I felt like I was showered with a shout from above.

It was terrifying to see his well-featured face with an angry look. It had full impact.

I have been scolded before, but I was basically raised with neglect, so I’ve never been shouted at before.

But, I have seen it happen before.

This was the first time someone had shouted at me, furthermore it was a man… I’m sure you could imagine how fearful I was.

Ahhhhhhh, I felt and intensively covered my head with both hands.

When I timidly looked up, Roberto-sama scratched his head as if he was 「shocked」.

He narrowed his eyes on his well-featured face and gave me a composed look.

(This person, it’s scary no matter what face he makes.)

“You opened the door without confirming who was on the other side at all. You have the appearance of a good lady, who has large luggage. If you stay in an inn near the carriage stop, don’t you think you would be attacked and kidnapped?”

“But, it’s pretty here. Doesn’t this inn have a nice feel to it?”

“People will only see that you have money if you choose this inn. I’m coming in.” Roberto-sama said sternly and entered the room.

It didn’t matter to him that I was panicking.

“Hold on, please don’t enter a lady’s room as you please.”

“You’re a commoner now, aren’t you? Don’t order a noble like me.”

“Wh-why do you know that I’ve become a commoner? Errr, don’t pack my bag with the dress.”

I took his hands from behind and tried to stop him, but I couldn’t stop him.

In the blink of an eye, Roberto-sama held both my bags in his hand and threw my shoulder bag at me.

“Eek! Don’t throw it.”

I quickly tried to catch my shoulder bag.

I was relieved for a fleeting moment. Roberto-sama ignored my words and firmly grabbed me with his free hand.

“Here’s no good. Let’s go.”

“Huh? Eeeeh, I don’t wannnnnnaaaaa.”

I raised my voice for the first time in my life.

It was also the first time that a guy had grabbed me.

I ended up being dragged out of the inn.

I couldn’t get out of Roberto-sama’s hands even if I tried to brush him off.

“If you treat a young girl like this, it’ll become a scandal.”

“I’m just leading a yelping dog.”

I tried to argue but I was thrown into the Edenbach House carriage.

There was some talking outside and when it stopped, Roberto-sama boarded the carriage. Even if I wanted to escape, I couldn’t.

When I tried to say something to Roberto-sama, he glared at me with his amber eyes.

(Aren’t I being moved forcibly?)

I thought that it couldn’t be helped if my stomach grumbled since I hadn’t had lunch.

I had no choice but to complain to him with a 「bitter」expression.

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