32: Hen Inn

The thing I hated most, 「a noble who asserted their power and acted as they pleased」was right in front of my eyes.

Why do I have to stay in this narrow carriage with such a fellow?

(No matter how much danger I was in, he shouldn’t have forcefully removed me, right? That’s why I didn’t want to be involved with high-ranking nobles.)

I got out of the carriage urged by Roberto-sama and there was a two-story building in front of me with a signboard that said, 『Fernand Empire 2nd Guard Station』.

What business does the guards, who protect this town, have with me?

I looked dubiously and Roberto-sama called, “Come here.”

The place I was told to go to was not the guard station but a cosy wooden inn next to it. A red curtain hung at the entrance of the inn. The first floor of the『Hen Inn』was a restaurant and the stationed guards also came here to eat.

If you’re staying for the night then stay here… Because the Thousand House is ignorant of the ways of the world…”

Huh? Roberto-sama was looking out for me. He muttered something in the second half of the sentence, but whatever.

I don’t know when, but Roberto-sama seemed to have gotten my money refunded at the previous inn and gave me the money.

He looked at me as I nodded and called the Hen Inn’s proprietor.

The price for this inn was under half of what the previous inn costed. The first inn was certainly a place where 「people with money」stayed.

(Should I thank him for the time being?)

“I have worried you. Thank you for bringing me here.”

“I was also a bit aggressive. I apologise for that.”

(He speaks with superiority but he can properly apologise, can’t he.)

“In regards to you knowing things about me somehow, I will overlook it if you don’t concern yourself with me in the future.”

“Oh, no. I can’t not be concerned about you. Lady Ayesha-marie, I did a little investigation on you. I followed you after you left the noble registry section this morning. And I couldn’t stand to watch… *mumble mumble*.”

I narrowed my eyes.

Ehh, so you followed after me, did you? You investigated me, I see. The guard’s station is right next to here, isn’t it? There’s a lot of them there, aren’t there?

It would have been fine if he stayed silent about it. He could have done better.

He probably used someone from his house anyways. Don’t say that to the person you’re investigating.

Roberto-sama’s bored amber eyes shook.

It seemed that Roberto-sama’s danger radar was going off at my cold attitude. He quickly tried to wrap things up here.

“I would like to invite you to the Royal Palace in a week under invitation of His Highness, Ludens, but, “I refuse,”.”

There was no longer any need for lady etiquettes.

I flat out refused, while smiling.

I shouldn’t get involved with stalkers. High-ranking nobles and the royal family were to be avoided. I only get bad premonitions from Roberto-sama.

I quickly took my bags.

“Thank you very much.”

I briskly walked towards the inn counter and took the room key from the proprietor and quickly went to the 2nd floor.

The stairs handrails were polished and felt nice.

It seemed that the proprietor of Hen Inn didn’t mind nobles; he didn’t act timid towards Roberto-sama who obviously looked noble and shooed him away with a hiss.

This was certainly a nice inn.


The room at the end of the 2nd floor of Hen Inn was the room I was staying in tonight. It was only furnished with a bed, side table and hooks to hang clothes on the wall.

I entered the room, locked it and slipped straight into bed.

I was extremely hungry, but my mentalitly had received a lot of damage.

I fell asleep and was woken up by noise and delicious aromas that awoke my stomach.

“Was the first floor here the restaurant?”

My motto was to properly eat food. To properly have my meals.

Good grief, because of someone I had to miss a meal.

Well, there was no guarantee that I can eat three meals hereafter.

I gently descended the stairs.

I don’t know if they had just finished work or came here while they’re on duty, but there’s quite a lot of guards.

The guards’ uniform was a navy jacket and pants, the cuff of their jacket had a red line. They wore red scarves. The scarves were knotted in different ways, some knotted it thinly and some wore it like neckties. And lastly, the same navy ten-gallon hat.

The knights and imperial guards were amazing, but the guards, who protected the city, was a target of admiration closer to oneself.

There are a lot of those guards.

There was such an inn here.

Commoners can also come here, it was a friendly inn.

There were people drinking alcohol, but this inn seemed to be centred on food.

The waitress’ interactions were smooth, so for better or worse there was no strange sex appeal floating about the inn.

If it was like that then it would probably be alright for me to mingle.

“Master, please recommend me something to eat.” I said and sat down in the most unnoticed corner of the inn.

I waited a bit and charcoal grilled chicken rubbed in rock salt and deep fried potatoes were presented in front of me. It was very fragrant.

Simple cuisines satisfied empty stomachs.


I gobbled down more than half of the dish. I put both my hands on my face without thinking.

I can still encounter delicious food even if I’m not a noble. That’s nice.

I felt great.

Yes, I’ve grown up. Today is my birthday, isn’t it? Let’s finish this day with a laugh.

“Congrats, me.” I toasted myself in a small voice and slightly lifted my glass of water.

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