33: Captain Weller

A lively buzz…

Even if I sat by myself in the counter, I could feel the comfort of this 『Hen Inn』 transmitted through my back.

The tasty meal, the peaceful aura and the mixed voices all stimulated my five senses.

I was deeply moved when I thought this was a part of the commoner life that I yearned for. It touched my heart.

Well, I still wasn’t immersed in it yet, I was just savouring the aura from the side.


“Ojou-chan, are you the puppy that Roberto-sama brought here?” I turned from my counter seat and responded to the voice I heard from behind me, “Are you talking about me?” Unexpectedly, my golden brown hair that was tied in a ponytail swayed around like a dog’s tail.

There, was a man with wavy red rusty coloured hair that was tied into a bundle. He wore the navy blue uniform of the guards. The stubble that remained on his chin which ruined a young image. In short, he was just like an old man. He probably wasn’t a noble from the way he talked.

 He put a hand to his chin and ascertained me with his rust coloured pupils.

(She has golden brown hair. Her clothes are those of a commoners, but her manners while eating is that of a noble. I haven’t heard of any reports of a missing or lost child. Did she run away from home? She seems too calm for that.)[1]Weller

I didn’t reply.

This person’s red hair and eyes remind me of my family members.

It would be bad if he talked to me because he knew who I was.

And the aura that was made from a crowd of people talking was like a wall for me.

… I wanted to draw closer, but I didn’t have the courage to.

“I know you have your reasons. But being silent and ignoring me is rude. I’m Weller, puppy-chan.”

“… I’m not puppy-chan… It’s Ayesha…”

I stopped eating.

The first place, the first person I met. The tension that I’d forgotten rose again. My body stiffened.

I decided to stop using the noble-like name, Ayesha-marie. I called myself the name that mother actually thought of naming me, Ayesha.



A black haired beauty pleasantly handled the guest by hitting his head with a tray.

“Captain Weller. Don’t disturb her meal. You stopped her from eating when she was eating it so deliciously, didn’t you? It’s boorish to question people in the dining hall, stop it.”

Her large chest was obvious even with an apron on and she put her hands on her hips while sticking up for me.

She stood as if she was covering me from Captain Weller.

“I’m not questioning her. I just asked her a simple question. I’m the representative of the fellows here. It’s become a rumour. Roberto-sama was yelping with a young lady outside. It’s you, isn’t it? What’s your relationship with Roberto-sama?”

My body froze.

Ah, I told him so. Roberto-sama dragging me out of the inn has become a huge scandal.

What should I do if they find out I’m a daughter of the Thousand House? What should I do when they realise that I’ve stopped being a noble and became a commoner? The Thousand House image would crumble. I swore that I wouldn’t give them any trouble.

“… He simply got angry because I did something weird. He’s not an acquaintance or anything.” I replied a little disinterested. I hope he doesn’t get more interested.

“Humph. You have nothing to do with him, isn’t that that? Then, that’s great. Hey guys, she said she doesn’t have anything to do with Roberto-sama.”

(Huh? What’s this person saying all of a sudden?)

“Well, a cute girl showed up in this kind of shop, you know. We all thought that we should help you out if you’re in trouble, but if you’re Roberto-sama’s acquaintance then we shouldn’t get involved. Eh, ah, no shouldn’t get involved is just a figure of speech.”

“Do I look like something’s wrong with me?”



“You had a big bag and you were brought here by Roberto-sama, weren’t you?”

“I’m just moving. I’m not troubled.”

(Holy smokes! She’s looking at me with half-opened eyes. She looked extremely cute when she was eating while smiling. It doesn’t feel completely wrong when Roberto-sama called her a puppy. Her eyes are like, big. Ah, her eyes are saying, ‘don’t get involved with me’. But I have to collection information on her for work.)[2]Weller

“Oh, where are you moving to? We’ll carry your bags for you. Because we’re the 2nd station guards who work for everyone’s sakes.”


While holding the tray like a shield, the beauty jerked towards Captain Weller.

“Ah, yeah, enough, don’t you guys have delicacy? I always say this, don’t I? Don’t ask girls who come by themselves to stay the night too many questions. Look, go over there.”

“Oh, yes, I understand. Ada, don’t push me…”


“Oh, yes. Everyone, do you know Roberto-sama?”

I’d like to ask them for the future.

Depending on their answer, I’d have to think about my relations with these people.

“Well, we know him. Roberto-sama will inspect the city soon. With Lancel-dono. Lancel-dono also comes to sword practice with us.”

(So that’s why Roberto-sama knows this place. Although it’s become quite a commotion, it was well-known that I ‘have relations with Roberto-sama’ because I came here with him. Therefore a weird fellow won’t bother me. If he thought that far ahead, then Roberto-sama is definitely a sharp and able person.)

I understood that all the guards, the black-haired beauty Ada and the Master all seemed like good people. But they were connected to Roberto-sama and Roberto-sama was connected to Imperial Prince Ludens.

In conclusion, I shouldn’t get too deeply involved with them.

Now then, I should finish my meal.

Translator: Blushy
Editor: Sam


1, 2 Weller