38: Looking for a Job

Bobles-san guided me to a small inn managed by an elderly couple.

It looked like a slightly larger two-storey square house made out of bricks. The simple wooden furniture gave off a warm feeling and the patchwork bed cover was lovely.

I was staying overnight without any meals and when I asked, “What about breakfast?” Bobles-san said, “Come to my place tomorrow at 7:30.”

The next morning, I went to Bobles-san’s house like I was told and he hadn’t left for work yet.

“I heard about you from Bobles. I’m his wife, Emery. These children are Randa and Lilil. It’s nice to meet you.”

“Same here, it’s nice to meet you.”

In contrast to Bobles-san’s powerful and muscular physique, Emery-san looked like a delicate fairy with fluffy blonde hair and green eyes. Of course, the young children took after both their parents.

How on earth did Bobles-san and Emery-san meet? I can’t even imagine it.

“I wonder if you’ll keep the children company. I’ll get breakfast ready in the meantime.”

I didn’t even have time to reply since the children took my hand and dragged me away. We sat on a carpet at the corner of the living room.

I was troubled over how long I should wait.

I’m troubled and worried.

I’ve never played with young children before, there were only adults around me. The only children around me were my older brother and sisters.

(Should I play with them? What do they usually play?)

When I looked at the children, they got up and went somewhere.

Am I being hated…? Or so I thought but they soon came back with something in each of their hands. They were showing me their treasured things.

The older brother, Randa was holding a small bow. It was handmade by his father.

The younger sister, Lilil was holding a beautiful pebble. She had found it on a river beach.

The two each showed me the items and smiled broadly when I said, “They’re lovely treasures.”

“Randa and Lilil, if you stick that close to Ayesha-oneechan then she can’t eat, now could she?”

It seemed that the children liked me.

Emery-san made a simple breakfast of unleavened bread, tomato soup and scrambled eggs.

We put our hands together and gave our thanks for the food.

After breakfast, I helped wash the dishes.

I talked about today’s plans while drinking tea.

“Can I call you Ayesha?”

“Yes, Emery-san.”

Unlike her delicate appearance, Emery-san had a generous older sister vibe to her. She reminded me of Ada-san from the Hen Inn.

“Now then, it seems that Bobles has decided to be your guarantor, but what kind of work can you do? Where do you want to live? He’s pretty busy, so I’ll help you out.”

“I can work as a seamstress, I’m good at embroidery and I have also helped with prep work in the kitchen. I want to live in a house, but I have no money, so I hope I could rent a room somewhere.”

My father’s introduction letter and the fact that I could do office work was still a secret.

“Hmm… Well first, the way you eat is very refined, and you’re certainly a young lady from somewhere. There aren’t many requests for dresses here in Coolden like there are at the Royal Capital. But even if the dresses aren’t made here, I think there should still be requests for embroidery. However, if you want to work at home, then you’ll probably need a large room. For now, you can work at the guards’ dining hall until you can find a sewing job. He said your attitude didn’t change even when you saw the guards. Please wait a little longer for me to find a room for you near the house.”

(Huh? Did my attitude not change when I saw them? Did I do something weird?)

Apparently I made a funny face because Emery-san giggled, “It’s fine if you don’t know what I’m on about.”

“Now then, let’s go out everyone.”

The four of us walked to the streets lined up with Coolden’s clothing stores.


The carriage only drove from the guards’ building to the city centre from morning till evening.  We had young children with us so we rode it.

Randa and Lilil made a big fuss.

I looked at the light blue organdie scarf embroider with roses and Emery-san brought me to a popular clothing store in Colden.

First, I entered the store from the front as a customer. I interacted with the staff and would only go to the back once I like it. Then I’ll ask them to let me meet the shop owner.

There were also children here, so I would be the only one to meet the owner.

“Is it alright for me to look for work in such a bold way? I’ll do anything, so won’t you hire me? Should I say something like that?”

“Oh my, even I could tell that your work is extremely beautiful. They’ll definitely hire you. And having my husband as your guarantor also gives you a double advantage.”

The first shop we entered felt like they only wanted to serve rich customers and I didn’t like that.

The second had a balance of trendy and standard goods and the customer service was polite and kind, even if they were dealing with commoners or people with children.

Of course I chose the 2nd shop.

I entered the second clothing shop from the back. There I was shown the workshop and cloth storage place, before being guided to the reception area of the shop.

The shop owner came and switched with the person guiding me.

I took the organdie scarf from my backpack and put it on the table.

 “I’m looking to work as a seamstress. I made this scarf, please have a look at it.”

It was a memorial that I used when I went to the ball hosted at the Royal Castle.

It’s only been a few days since then, but it was already a distant memory for me.

The shop owner picked up the scarf and looked at it carefully.

“This is the organdie scarf that’s trendy at the Royal Capital right now, isn’t it? … Hmm, you did a very good job.”

(I did it! I made a good impression.)

“Did you really sew this?”

“Yes, my mother was a seamstress, so she taught me her craft.”

“For the time being, I’ll give you a plain scarf, so embroider it with something. I’ll reward you if it’s good.”

It was a recruitment test.

My interview ended without a hitch.

Afterward, I met up with Emery-san outside and we had rice noodles with meatballs at a stall for lunch; then we returned by carriage.

I returned to the house once and talked with Bobles-san. It was decided that I would help out at the guards’ dining hall in my spare time. We both went to the dining hall together and I received a new white apron. I will be prepping food in the kitchen. Dinner would be staff meals. It was killing two birds with one stone.

Yup, this was fulfilling, I get to interact with different people.

I was surprised that I started laughing out loud. I thought might have forgotten how to laugh out loud.

It was worth it to quit being a noble.

Due to my excitement, I thought that I wouldn’t be able to sleep, but I was tired from work and slept soundly until morning.

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Editor: Sam