40: Hawk and Wolf

I didn’t understand the meaning of the whistle echoing in the vicinity and twisted my neck around to see what was going on.

Dick-sama explained to me what was happening.

“When you opened the door near the front gate there was a clanging sound, right? After that, what other sounds did you hear?”

“A bell was rung when I came here.”

“That’s right, that’s the bell that’s rang when the person is judged to be harmless. Because it’ll be fine if only the secretariat hears it. When an unexpected, or troublesome guest comes, then the whistle is blown. It’s also blown when an enemy comes. The sounds of the whistle resound throughout the whole place. And everyone that hears it, makes preparations for fighting. Well, the whistle was only blown once, so I wonder what kind of big-shot came.”

Dick-sama’s eyes which were like a hawk’s or raptor’s glowed with observation.

But that radiance was quickly overshadowed, “It a hassle, so should I just stay here?” he said. He made the deep-green mantle he wore into a pillow and laid down onto the lawn.

Mm, where did the handsome and glistening Dick-sama go?

“Mm, is it fine for you not to go greet the guests, Dick-sama?”

I asked with concern. If he used the excuse that he couldn’t go to meet the guests because he was worried about me then I’d be troubled.

“Mhmm? I just came back a while ago, so I’m mentally tired. I still haven’t showed my face in the secretariat yet. The only people who know I’m back are the gatekeepers, so I’ll waste a little time here. Also, stop calling me Dick-sama. It isn’t like me. Also, stop being polite.”

“Then, I’ll call you Dick-san. I’ve tried to stop using honorifics, but it just happens.”

Really, I wanted to stop because commoners didn’t use it, but I do respect the people around me and I end up being polite.


Dick said and began his nap.

Is it really alright? I watched him and woah, his eyelashes are so long!!

This was the first time I’ve seen a man’s sleeping face, it wasn’t embarrassing but I felt my face go red. There was a buzzing sound in my head.

I was going to leave, but decided to spend the time sketching under the sunny and windless sky since the guest probably has nothing to do with me.

I found a snowdrop white flower on the side of the cherry blossom tree and started sketching it.

(It’s still blooming. This flower indicates spring. It’s plain, so it’s probably not suited for embroidery designs, huh?)

People don’t hear the sounds around them when they’re focusing.

I was exactly like that at that time.

I reacted to someone’s presence and before I knew it, Dick-san was standing up. He was flicking dust off himself.

I stared at the man that was approaching me with sleepy eyes.

“Hey, what are you doing here?”

“… I don’t have any business with you.”

“So, why did you come here?”

The man ignored Dick-san and slowly approached behind me. I still hadn’t noticed this.

“It’s been a while, Miss Ayesha-marie. You seem fairly accustomed to your life here. I’ve been looking for you.”

If this was a comic then there would probably be letters written in the background. I might have heard it. I heard that and held my sketchbook with an attentive posture while turning around slowly.

(You’ve been looking for me? What? Calm down, me.)

The person before me was Roberto-sama.

His hair was slicked back and he stunk of an elite smell. He wore greyish clothes that were clearly of fine quality.

Why are you here? Are you free?

His words which had no intonation nor emotion took away my calm composure.

Roberto-sama was smiling, but his amber, wolf-like eyes that were staring straight at me were not.

(Calm down. First, greet him and then keep myself in check.)

“I was indebted to you the other day. But, the Ayesha-marie you know no longer exists, Roberto-sama. So, I’m sorry but the girl you are looking for cannot accept your request.”

I didn’t curtsy like a noble, but bowed like a commoner and lowered my head.

Dick-san watched the exchange between Roberto-sama and I and spoke.

“I don’t know what happened, but it’s not something for her to keep lowering her head to, is it? Roberto-sama……”

“Dick-dono, this has nothing to do with you, so leave… Be gone.”

“Well, it’s kind of me to not let a man and woman talk alone.”

The frosty voices and gazes collided on top of my head.

The amber eyes of a wolf met the deep wine-coloured eyes of a hawk and both glared at each other.

Woah, I don’t want to raise my head now.

They seem to know each other and they’re not on good terms.

I’m thankful Dick-san, but I want to tell you that, “It isn’t good to get involved with Roberto-san.”

I couldn’t leave the two of them like this and raised my head.

My face switched from the commoner Ayesha to the noble Ayesha-marie. I shut my eyes and clenched my fists.

“Phew… Roberto-sama, shall we move to a place where we won’t inconvenience the guards of this kingdom? Dick-san, could you please get the visitor’s room ready for me?”

I left the two who were still glaring at each other and started walking ahead.

I felt down.

If it’s Roberto-sama, then he’s eaten all the latest sweets, hasn’t he?

I walked with those thoughts in mind, but I actually didn’t want to go to the visitor’s room.

The mask of Ayesha-marie that I was wearing was an expressionless one.

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