41: Letter

When we returned, a lot of guards gathered around wondering what was happening.

Of course they would.

I was walking with Roberto-sama who everyone knew from when the whistle was blown. Dick-san was also with us with an unpleasant look on his face.

Even though I got them to recognise me as the show girl of the dining hall, but now they’ve probably acknowledged me as Roberto-san’s acquaintance.

The noble Ayesha-marie’s face slipped and she casted her eyes down….

“Why’s a higher class noble with Ayesha-chan?”

“If something happens to her, then you won’t get away with it.”

“Huh? Is she Roberto-san’s acquaintance?”

“Ayesha-chan has come to meet someone!”

The guards gathered while maintaining their distance and talked amongst themselves. They watched us from a distance.



Bobles-san and Lancel-sama whom I met at the ball was standing in front of the visitor’s room waiting for us.

“Ayesha, you alright?”

“Yes. I’m sorry for causing trouble for you and the guards.”

The only thing I could do was lower my head in apology.

… I prayed in my mind that I wouldn’t be thrown out because I’ve become a nuisance.

“I don’t think it’s a nuisance or anything. I hired you knowing that you had your own circumstances. I’ll help you with whatever I can.”

Bobles-san got out of the way while laughing heartily and patted my head.

Ah, he’s so reliable. I didn’t mind being treated like a kid for a bit.

I cheered up a little.

“Roberto, don’t leave the visiting procedures to me.”

“Thanks, Lancel. I was able to meet her fast because of you.”

“How do you do, Lancel-sama?”

I couldn’t help but give him a noble’s curtsy.

It seemed that Dick-san knew Roberto-sama and Lancel-sama.



I thought that we would use the visitor’s room for our discussion, but the secretary guided us to a drawing room that had more superior furnishings. Well, of course. Roberto-sama and Lancel-sama, two high class nobles had come to visit after all.

Dick-san leaned against the door. “I want to know what’s going on,” his attitude seemed to say.

He didn’t enter the room and waited for discussions with the secretary to end.

The secretary brought us tea.

I took it since I believed that I could brew better tea than the people here.

“I think this is something outsiders shouldn’t hear. Is it okay for Dick-san to be here?”

“I don’t mind. Today, I brought you a letter from His Highness Ludens.

My hands stopped as I was pouring the tea.


… I only have bad feelings about this. I wonder if I should make the tea taste bad on purpose. No, I can’t. My pride won’t let me. I’ll imitate Ms. Dolcie’s top-rate tea.

I placed the tea in front of Roberto-sama and Lancel-sama, then took a seat opposite them.

I placed the tea for Dick-san next to me and he sat down.

“The tea’s delicious.”

“It is.”

The two nobles sipped on the tea as if it was the most obvious thing to do.

I also picked up my tea. Yup, it smells great. It also tastes mild and nice.

The secretary didn’t bring any snacks to go with the tea. If there’s no snacks then the two nobles will probably go home faster, right? How unfortunate.

After a moments of silence, I sighed and Roberto-sama passed me a letter.

I took it, looked at the back and saw the Royal Families’ seal waxed there.

I prepared myself for the worse.

『Ayesha-marie Org du Thousand-dono,

I wish to make an appointment with you.

I want you to visit the Royal Palace with the person who gave you this letter.

Ludens Alfred Jordan Aimé du Pound Fernand』

Ah, it’s the real thing. The signature of his long name was written in a winding way.

His Highness, Ludens’ wish was equal to a command. Even I know this. The point is, I avoided Roberto-sama’s 「invitation to visit the Royal Palace」 , but he disregarded it and now it was like this…… A command to visit.  

“Are you alright?” Dick-san’s gaze said.

I moved my frozen body and showed the letter to Dick-san. It shouldn’t be a problem for him to see the contents of the letter.

Dick-san frowned as he read the letter.

“You’re a noble? Why are you being called? It’s not good to get involved with those guys.”

“I’m a former noble. I don’t want to be involved in the noble world anymore. Roberto-sama is trying to make me meet His Highness, Ludens for some reason. Also, please don’t tell anyone that I was a former noble, Dick-san.”

I only took the look in Dick-san’s eyes as confirmation.

Roberto-sama watched our exchange silently and then opened his mouth.

“Ayesha-marie-dono is still a temporary commoner. She hasn’t been removed from the noble registry. You should understand this.”

“Huh? I haven’t been removed from the noble registry? Roberto-sama should also know this. I applied to be removed from it!”

The emotionless mask of Ayesha-marie returned to that of Ayesha. I knew that my complexion was changing for the worse.

The hands that I was grasping tightly became white.

“I want you to meet with His Highness, Luden to talk about various things including that. We depart from Coolden tomorrow afternoon at one. Go pack. You’ll meet with His Highness, Luden the day after tomorrow. Keep that in mind.”

“Hey, Roberto. You should take more time to explain the situation.”

“I will not. If I do that, then she’ll just run away. You should tell me your decision straight away.”

Roberto-sama said as he drank his tea and stood up.

The corners of his mouth lifted a little and he said.

“The tea you brewed was very delicious. I’m going to the Woodworking Guild after this. I’ll see you tomorrow. You can’t escape. Lancel, I’ll see you at the inn later.”

Roberto-sama left.

I’m furious.

Dick-san was also silent.

“Ah, I’ll be inspecting the guards. Dick-dono, would you show me around?”

“I’m not in the mood. Talk to the secretary.”

“Ah, okay. Mm, I’m sorry to involve you in this Miss Ayesha-marie. It won’t end if you don’t meet with His Highness Ludens. You should meet with him and convince him.”

“What am I convincing him of?”

“Ah, you’ll have to meet His Highness to find out. Sorry. I can’t tell you the details.”

I sat on the coach and watched Lancel-sama in a daze as he left.

My strength left me and I couldn’t stand up to see him off.

All I could hear was the sound of the door opening and closing.

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