43: Fairy’s Embrace

To tell you the truth, I made fried donuts for Emery-san while Bobles-san and the others were cooking dinner.

I didn’t have time to go buy a gift for her and they didn’t sell any affordable sweets around here.

For commoners, desserts were a luxury good that they enjoyed eating once in a while. Fried donuts covered in sugar would surely make Emery-san happy.

The only dessert the guards got was fruits.

Still, eggs, sugar, flour and milk were used in cooking. There was even a powder that could be used as baking soda.

I, who ate desserts every day as a noble, made fried donuts with the knowledge I had gained when I helped out in the kitchen. The ingredients were paid for with my salary.

Bobles-san couldn’t take it anymore when he saw my timid figure frying the donuts, so he helped me.

After cleaning up at the dining hall, I shared some donuts with the kitchen staff and brought the rest with me when I went to visit Emery-san.

Anyway, the appearance of the donuts were just average, but it was delicious if I do say so myself. You could also taste the flavour. I’ll be happy if everyone enjoys it.

The moonlight lighting my path lightened my mood. I had the donuts in hand. A sweet smell tickled my nose.

I have nothing to do with Dick-san. Nothing happened with him, so I’m safe.

“Ayesha, welcome.”

Emery-san hugged me right after she saw me.

She hugged me tightly, which was something I wouldn’t have expected from her appearance.

… It’s painful… Emery-san.


My voice wouldn’t come out because I was surprised and squeezed tightly… I looked at the container I was holding.

Emery-san took the container and let me go.

She looked inside and said happily, “Woah.” Yup, I’m glad I made donuts.

“The kids are already sleeping, so I’ll give them these donuts as treats for tomorrow.”

She held the donuts as if they were very important and put it onto the shelf.

I’ll be very busy tomorrow after I help out at the dining hall, so I won’t be able to spend a lot of time at Bobles-san’s house.  It’s a pity that I can’t see Randa and Lilil eat the donuts.



I sat down on the chair and warm milk was put in front of me.

“I heard a little from Bobles-san that some things happened. If you have something you want to talk about, then I’ll listen. But, well drink the milk first and calm down.”

I was happy to hear Emery-san’s gentle voice. I felt myself calming down.

The milk warmed my body.

“That means you haven’t heard about it in detail. This is a strange request, but could you hug me and pat me on the head?”

The puzzled Emery-san was cute. She looked like a fairy if she stayed silent.

She stared at me.

I nodded, untied my ponytail and approached her.

Emery-san’s arms wrapped around me and she hugged me as if she was hugging something important.

Ah, I remembered mother. The corners of my mouth raise up like the time when I was a child.

I laid motionlessly against Emery-san’s collarbone as her hands rubbed my hair.



Oh, my tears are flowing out.

By ones and twos.

Emery-san just hugged me in silence and patted my head.

Yup, I’ll try my best even if I go to the Royal Capital.

The tears washed away my heart; that heavy, foggy feeling in my heart cleared away.

I’m glad I asked Emery-san.

I got up early the next morning and helped out at the dining hall as usual.

I’m already back to the usual Ayesha-chan.

Dick-san looked like he wanted to talk to me about something, but I ignored him. I’m busy. I’m sure you can tell by looking at me, right? I’m acting like I usually am.

I was there until we finished cleaning and told everyone that I would be taking a break for a while, then I returned to the inn.

I finished packing last night.

The black bag contained the things I was taking. I put the sewing kit, my mother’s mementos, blue trousers and the red tunic I was wearing now into the other black bag.

I wore my best dress, the milk tea coloured one and put on a mint coat. I’d feel like the odd one out if I just wore the dress around town, so I hid it with a coat.

I left the other black bag at Bobles-san’s house.

I was super happy when the kids told me, “The donuts were yummy!” I’ll make them something else when I return.

I got dressed at the inn again, put my hair down and tied it loosely to one side.

Ah, I don’t have time to eat lunch. I can’t do anything about that.

I paid the old couple the money up until today and left.



“I’ll be troubled if they pick me up in front of the guard building’s gate.”

Yes, I didn’t want more people to think that I was involved with Roberto-sama.

I walked away from the gate and stopped in a place with no buildings.

There weren’t any shadows either.

It’ll be fine if I wait for Roberto-sama’s carriage here, right?

A black and shiny carriage came my way while I was doing nothing.

(Ah, it’s here. It’s here.)

I stood by the side of the road and the carriage stopped before me.

(Woah, it’s a wonderful carriage even though it doesn’t have a crest. As expected of the Prime Minister’s Earl House.)

The door of the carriage opened and Lancel-sama came out while smiling. The coachman took my bag.

“Come on, get in.”

Lancel-sama held the door open and I lifted the hem of my dress a little while boarding the carriage.

I was tensed as if I was heading towards a battlefield.

Roberto-sama was sitting inside of the carriage as if it was the most obvious thing to do. I was forced to sit in front of him.

Lancel-sama, who had entered the carriage last, sat next to Roberto-sama.

(Ugh, do I have to spend hours in the carriage with these people?)

It was the beginning of torture.

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