45: Edenbach Estate

Silence reigned over the carriage once again.

Roberto-sama did not talk to Lancel-sama, probably because he didn’t want to pass information to me.

They didn’t glance at me, probably so that they wouldn’t interfere with my embroidery.

I wonder if we’ll stop somewhere soon.

I’m hungry.

I didn’t want my stomach to growl as a woman of independent age.

I concentrated on my embroidery and tried to forget about my hunger.

But, I couldn’t stop my stomach from growling.

――― Guuurrrrrururu

I froze. I could tell that my face turned red and then blue. This is embarrassing. Embarrassing.

“… Pardon me…”

“Ah, don’t worry about it. You haven’t had lunch, have you?”

“We’ll take a long break soon, so you should eat something then.”

The two didn’t laugh, probably because they didn’t want to embarrass me further. They’re gentlemen, aren’t they?

Lancel-sama said, “It’s my snack, have some,” and passed me some chocolate. I haven’t had chocolate in a long time and it was sweet and delicious.

I might have gotten a better impression of them, but only just a little. I won’t be tempted by chocolate.

At the next resting place, I had a light meal of eggs and vegetable sandwiches with tea. It was so big that the egg would come out from the sides when I took a bite. I was extremely grateful. The sandwiches that the proprietress made gets a perfect score.

It might have been a nuisance since we’d stopped at the village so suddenly, but I was extremely thankful.

The carriage was escorted by 4 knights riding on horses… To go this far just to pick me up. No, this number should be reasonable since they were escorting 2 high-ranking nobles in this carriage.

Then, the carriage entered the Royal Capital with its escorts. Lancel-sama got off the carriage at a corner in the Royal Palace and 2 of the escorts went with him. I was taken to Roberto-sama’s estate.



Roberto-sama’s mansion, the Edenbach estate, was near the Royal Palace. It was built in the innermost corner of the block where the high-ranking noble mansions were.

Yes, it was 2 times? No, 3 times bigger than the Thousand Estate.

It was already night time, so I couldn’t see very well because it was dim, but I could tell that it was big.

My mind wandered and I felt like my mouth would gap open. I looked around me.

We got off the carriage and the butlers and maids lined up at the sides to greet us. I lowered my heads and took an attitude that was natural while being surprised inside.

“Behave like a noble,” Roberto-sama had said to me before.

This was probably good enough, but I’m not sure.

I could tell that the furniture had good aesthetics and was of high quality, even if I didn’t have a good eye for things like that. The servants acted in a refined way. They weren’t a Marquis House who’d produced a lot of Prime Ministers for show.

They didn’t look down on me for wearing simple clothes as a noble. They didn’t say anything when Roberto-sama said, “It’s a visitor, she’s going to have an audience with the imperial prince tomorrow,” and treated me with courtesy.

I passed a wonderful guest room that looked as if it had never been used and no one had entered it before. After refusing attendants for my bath, I entered it alone and when I got out, a new dress had been prepared for me.

It was a light pink dress with little design.

(I wonder if I can wear such a cute dress.)

The maids sprayed perfume on me. My hair was dried and set and my makeup was done. A cute girl was standing in front of the mirror.

Roberto-sama was already sitting down on a chair in the room that I was guided to.

Oh, do we have dinner here?

I was glad that his family wasn’t here. Cause, you know, I don’t know how I should introduce myself to them.

Dinner was great.

It wasn’t like the food that Bobles-san made was unappetising, it was probably fine to say that the expertise was different.

The chefs of the Edenbach House paid delicate attention to food. Cutting the vegetables with a thin knife made them shine like gems. The meat and fish melted inside my mouth. The sauce was too complex and I couldn’t tell what it was made from.

I’m sure the chefs put all their skills to use for Roberto-sama.

But dinner with Roberto-sama and me, just the two of us… We spent most the time in silence.

Dinner was a little livelier even when I was having uncomfortable meals at the Thousand estate. I wanted to share how delicious the meal was.

Does conversation decrease once one becomes a high-ranking noble?

I, who was used to the noisy and lively guard dining hall, thought this dining room was desolated.

You can talk a little. I won’t be having meals with Roberto-sama soon after this anyway. I kept my manners in place.

“This is really delicious. I’m extremely happy to eat such a delicate meal.”

I smiled at the man who had served the meal.

After being a little surprised, he changed his expression back to normal and replied, “Thank you. The chefs would be happy to hear this.”

“I hired the chefs at a decent salary, so of course they would make delicious meals.”

(I thought Roberto-sama would say something like this.)

Let’s properly convey how delicious the food is after a several more meals here.

Because i know just how much the 5 senses are stimulated and how great the impression can be when someone tells you that they’ve devoted themself to work for the sake of another.

I wrapped myself in blankets and was so sound asleep, I didn’t even dream.

I was extremely nervous in the carriage.

My body must have remembered this experience because I was up by sunrise. I have to go back to sleep, don’t I?

If I don’t refill my energy then I wouldn’t be able to oppose the 3rd Imperial Prince.

When I awoke the second time, a black wig and long green dress had been put in my room.

(Woah, I’ve never worn a dress like this before.)

Today, I face the 3rd Imperial Prince.

I smirked. Let’s praise myself for being able to laugh before facing a strong enemy.

I got dressed and looked in the mirror, which reflected a talented woman of unknown age.

There was a knock on the door.

Now, shall I proceed onto the battlefield?

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