47: Lion

The sparkling imperial prince in front of me shook his head and then rested his chin on his right hand.

He probably saw through me at the first glance. His emerald-green eyes seemed to be looking at something else.

Leopard? No, he’s like a lion… His golden hair looked like a mane.

(Ah, this is bad. I’m starting to feel like I won’t be able to win against him.)

“If Roberto had persuaded you to come to the Royal Palace before, then I wouldn’t have to use such an exaggerated way to call you here. I’m sorry, but I used the royal seal to call you here, so I’ll treat you as such. I plan to have our conversation recorded.”

“I understand.”

Lancel-sama walked towards His Highness Ludens and stood behind him. Well he is an escort knight.

Oh, I’m meeting the Knights. I’m so moved. I wonder if they’re armed with swords under their uniforms… I just noticed that I’m thinking about other things right now.



“Now then Lady Ayesha-marie, I have called you here because I heard that you excelled in office work and wanted to see what kind of person you are. I am searching for people who will work under my command. They will be government workers and soldiers. Do you, as a lady of the Thousand House, know of any talented people?”

(… Oh, a lady of the Thousand House, is it? You’re going to treat me as a noble until the bitter end, aren’t you? The reason why I haven’t been removed from the noble registry is definitely because this His Highness Ludens had something to do with it. But I can’t question royalty now that I’m on record.)

“I’m ashamed to say this, but I’m famous for being a shut-in and I don’t know anyone besides my family. Much less, introduce skilled people.”

(Ugh. No matter how I think about it, isn’t the acquaintance that His Highness Ludens talking about me?! I don’t want to be under his direct command!)

“If I do say so myself, being under my direct command is pretty charming, but what do you think?”

His Highness Ludens’ emerald-green eyes flickered.

His eyes narrowed a little and he smiled.

Normal women would probably stare at him. He had a fascinating appeal that attracted people regardless of their gender.

(It’s so nice to have confidence in yourself.)

I looked at him and became calm.

“I think that position has nothing to do with me, so I don’t have to think about it. I don’t think I will have the chance to think about it in the future either.”



“Hmm, you’re very calm, aren’t you? Well, let me know if someone comes to mind. We will have a tea party now.”

His Highness Ludens clapped his hands and then stood up. He ordered people around in a nice voice.

“Secretary, the meeting has concluded. Lancel, tell the maids to prepare snacks and tea in the usual room. Roberto, show Lady Ayesha-marie to the usual room. Everyone else return to your posts. That’s all.”

“At your will.”

“At your will.”

Lancel-sama and Roberto-sama put their right hands to their chest and bent a little on their left legs. They gave informal bows.

His Highness Ludens flipped his short white mantel and left the room with his two guards as everyone else stayed in the room.

My brain couldn’t keep up with the sudden development…… I was frozen in place and restless, so all I could do was watch him leave.



“…… Why a tea party.”



I dropped my shoulders, crestfallen and let out a sigh. The image of a slender noble lady was nowhere to be seen. Nobles were really vain.

“Hmph, your reaction is really different from the other noble ladies. His Highness might have been pleased with your attitude.”

“There’s no way he was.”

Roberto-sama laughed scornfully. I’m getting angry.

His Highness is pleased with it?! That person looked like he was looking down on me, you know?!

I grasped my hands tightly and got up.

“Lady Ayesha-marie, I’m sorry for dragging you everywhere. Roberto, hey, let’s go already.”

Lancel-sama urged and we left the room.

Of course, I put the black wig back on.



I had no way of knowing that the encircling net surrounding me was gradually entrapping me.

I could only make up my mind, “If it’s like this then I’ll just enjoy the delicious tea at the Royal Palace.”

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