49: No Match

I quietly waited for the 3 high-ranking nobles to finish their conversation and snacks.

I can’t get involved with these people any further.

“So, when will Lady Ayesha-marie start working as a secretary for me? I gave you time to think because you said you’ve never thought about it before, didn’t I? You’ll be paid fairly well and you’ll have a room in the official residence. The way people treat you would also improve because you’re close to me.”


I turned my head to face the person with the dazzling blonde hair.

I want to compliment myself for not spilling the tea I was holding.

I don’t think what I’m about to say is lese majeste nor rebellion.

It’s good to say my own opinion to those who have higher rank than me, right?

My hands might be shaking a little… He probably won’t take my life even if it’s lese majeste, right?



“Your Highness Ludens, it is not possible for me to become your subordinate. I can’t. I must refuse.”



I put the tea on the side table, stood up, looked down at His Highness and calmly said.



“It is my wish to live as a commoner. I should have been removed from the noble registry and added onto the commoner’s one. Roberto-sama has told me that I am currently a temporary commoner and have not been removed from the noble registry. You’re the one who stopped the application process, aren’t you Your Highness?”

“Yes, if the King doesn’t accept your application, then your registry doesn’t change. So, I got him to delay the procedure for a little while. If you were to become my subordinate, then it would be better for you to do so as a noble.”

“Sophistry. It’s not possible for anyone to bend the law even if they’re loyalty!”

He combed his golden hair and his emerald-green eyes narrowed and stared at me as if he was looking at an interesting specimen.

Roberto-sama and Lancel-sama stared between the two of us.

Ah, I can’t breathe very well and I’m breaking out in cold sweat.

It wasn’t something I should preach the royal family about. It’s been driven into me from a young age that I should be loyal to the royal family, even if I’ve never met them before. It was driven into me so badly that I would hate to commit lese majeste.

It was different from the dislike I still feel from when Furore-sama was a little violent with me.

I felt like I’ve done something I shouldn’t have.

But, because of that he has to listen to me, right?



“I’ll accept it eventually. Then, I’ll change my tone. You haven’t served the royal family have you?”

His words echoed in my mind.

『Nobles serve the royal family in exchange for protection』…… Ah, there was something like that, wasn’t there?

According to this, my life was protected by the Thousand House. I also announced to the noble society that I grew up soundly at my debut.

I certainly haven’t served them according to that.



I saw His Highness Luden smiling while looking at me. I slowly shook my head.

My eyes dropped to the floor.

The cold sweats have stopped, but I felt the blood rush down to my feet.

My mind isn’t working well.

I won’t be able to become a commoner like this.

I have to think of something. Think. I have to say something.

“… I will repay it somehow.”

“You can repay that by working for me.”

I couldn’t raise my head.

My throat was dry.

I know that if I nod, I would be able to get away from this oppressed feeling with no back or social status. But, I don’t want to nod.

I chewed my lips, it tasted like blood.

“How stubborn.”

“Your Highness is a bully.”

“Hmm, I’ve only become the villain because Roberto couldn’t convince you very well. Lady Ayesha-marie, I’ll give you 10 days to decide. Meanwhile, you should enjoy your life as a commoner. Come here again in 10 days. Let’s have a tea party again.”

My face remained stiff as I curtsied and left the room by myself.

I greeted the escort knights on guard and briskly walked to the entrance of the Royal Palace.



I asked different maids and soldiers for the way out and somehow managed to return to the entrance of the Royal Palace.

I headed towards the carriage stop.

But, my foot got tangle near the stop and I sat down. I hit my knees as punishment, but it didn’t hurt much.

Huh? I thought as I punched the stone pavement. I punched it several times.

“… I wonder if I’m dreaming. It doesn’t hurt after all.”

I looked at my right first and saw that the glove was stained with blood.

I arrived at the carriage stop, but the Edenbach carriage wasn’t here yet.

I walked to the nearby lawn and sat down in a daze. I’m wearing a dress, but whatever. It’s long so you can’t see my underwear.

I hugged my knees and rolled into a ball.

(Why is His Highness Ludens so obsessed with me? I might be able to work for him if it’s for a fixed time. But if I’m by his side, then there’s a chance I’ll get involved with highly classified information. Would they release someone who has access to highly classified information? Does he think it’s easy to discard me after everything’s done because I only have half-noble blood?)

“I received less damage this time, probably because this is the second time it’s happened. I worked hard against someone from the royal family. My wish isn’t easily fulfilled. I wonder if I want it…… Umph!”

I saw Roberto-sama approaching the carriage stop from afar and stood up.

“What are you doing? You’re behaving badly… Here, a souvenir.”


Inside the small box that Roberto-sama gave me as a souvenir were the smallish, colourful cream puffs that I saw earlier.

These people probably don’t understand my feeling of wanting to become a commoner, do they? But I was able to convey that I was extremely disappointed. This comforted me a little.

“Is it okay for me to receive all this?”

“You want to eat them all by yourself? … Well, you can eat them if you want.”

“Then, I’ll do just that.”

The sweet scent coming out of the small box tickled my nose. I gently hugged the small box on my chest.

Sweet things make your mind sharp, don’t they?



The carriage came to pick us up and I returned to the Edenbach mansion.

Afterwards, I left the Edenbach mansion as soon as I changed clothes and headed to Hen Inn. I wore the milk-tea coloured dress with a mint coat.

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