53: Under the Cherry Tree

I summarised what had happened at the Royal Capital at Bobles-san’s house. Of course, I lied about the things I couldn’t say, sorry for skipping them.

There was no way I could say something like, “I met His Highness, Ludens.” I’m really sorry. Even I couldn’t believe something like that had happened.

They didn’t blame me and I stayed the night because they had offered.

It was great that Randa and Lilil enjoyed the fruity candy that I got them.

Then, the kids were put to sleep and the adults began discussing what would happen from now on…… I told them that I only had 5 days in Coolden and that I had to return to the Royal Capital after that period.

I was only here for a short time, but I decided to help out at the dining hall once again. I couldn’t become a seamstress, so I wanted to help as much as I could. Since I needed money, working at the dining hall helped me out. Afterwards, I returned to the inn where I was staying before.

My ordinary life returned for a fleeting moment. I returned to the Ayesha who helped out at the dining hall while in Coolden.



“Hmm, I’m so tired.”

I stretched and turned my head.

After lunch had finished at the dining hall, everyone went on their breaks and I have been sitting under the cherry tree for some time now.

Being psychically tired was different from being mentally exhausted and it felt nice.

The cherry blossoms were already in full bloom and there were leaves and flowers on the tree. The light pink petals danced in the wind.

I ate at the base of the tree and embroidered while basking in the rain of petals.

I couldn’t use this to be accepted as a seamstress, but I could sell it. I wanted to increase the money I had, even if it was just by a little. No matter how I think about it, it would cost a lot of money to prepare for working at the Royal Palace. So, I was embroidering during my break.

I was miserable, but before I knew it, I saw myself working under His Highness Ludens’ orders.

Because, I’d realised that I hadn’t actually served the royal family.

Which meant, my noble spirit was still there.

I don’t know when it will be, but it does seem like I can become a commoner.

(And if I resist too much, then the Thousand House reputation would become bad, wouldn’t it?)

I shrugged and sighed.

 Now that I think about it, it was probably because I was dealing with people so far above me that I was able to deal with them in such a strong way… From now on, I’m not sure if I’ll be forgiven with that kind of attitude…



I saw the sparkling spring sunlight through the gaps in the leaves when I looked up.

The wind was calm and it was the perfect afternoon for a nap. But I won’t.



I picked up the needle again and returned my gaze to the embroidery frame.

The spring sun was covered by a shadow.

I suddenly raised my face and Dick-san was standing in front of me.

“Sup, long time. You… don’t seem fine…”

“It’s been a while, Dick-san. I have returned safely from the Royal Capital. See, I’m this energetic.”

“Don’t try to deceive me,” he seemed to be saying as he clicked his tongue.  

“Won’t you tell me what happened at the Royal Capital? I can give you advice.”

Well, I wasn’t going to get involved with Dick-san anymore. But, His Highness Ludens didn’t say that I couldn’t say a word to anyone…… I’ll try talk to him about it.

Come to think of it, this might be the first time I talking about my problems with someone. I’m a little nervous.

Dick-san sat down next to me with a thump while looking serious.

I stopped embroidering, put it beside me and started talking.

―― When I started talking, the words just spun out.

I told him about how I would be working under His Highness Ludens, and that I had a 10 day extension before I had to return to the Royal Capital.

Oh, I wanted to talk to someone openly like this.

Dick-san knew that I was a noble. He knew that I’m still a noble. But, he wasn’t a noble.

I wonder if I conveyed my feeling of serving the royal family to him…

“Well, you know, when I was a student, His Highness, himself, scouted me.”


“I don’t mean to brag, but I was great. I’m from a merchant family, but the guards taught me how to use the sword, then I took a test at the best defence academy and passed. They were in different classes than me, but they heard about me being excellent for a commoner, so His Highness called out to me. Well, I don’t know how I felt about it because they approached me out of jealousy. I followed school regulations, so I wasn’t formal with the royal family nor nobles. I didn’t show them any mercy. I don’t know if he thought I was interesting or if he thought he could use me, but I was approached by His Highness Ludens when I was deciding on what to do after graduation.”

Dick-san did well to survive defence school with his attitude towards the nobles… I guess Roberto-san wasn’t the only one he lunged at.

He didn’t look like he belonged to a merchant family. No matter how I look at him, his muscled body looked like it belonged to that of a knight.

“Why are you not by his side now, Dick-san?”

“Reberto-sama and I never saw eye to eye since a long time ago and I couldn’t relax in a place where there were only royalty and high ranking nobles, so I refused. I asked the guards to take me in right after I refused. As expected, they didn’t push because I’d already chosen somewhere else.

Dick-san smiled and showed me his white teeth.

…. Oh, is that so? So, you escaped, didn’t you?

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