58: Timid Person

Cafule-san left me here… Which means that I could do whatever I want, right? As Ayesha-marie, that is.

I spoke to someone who looked like a manager as soon as I entered the entrance of the building and was immediately guided to my room on the third floor.

The girls rooms couldn’t be reached unless you went up the stairs in the management room. Safety was perfect.

The manager was a mother who would not betray us, and she looked like a gutsy woman who has raised children before. Her name was Susan.

The 3rd floor belonged to the girls. The government residence had a mixture of commoners and nobles. Well, normal nobles commuted from home, so there weren’t any nobles living here.

“All the people who live here are like my children. That’s why everyone is treated equally. Gahaha.”

Susan-obasan’s laughter sounded very good.

The Royal Palace maids had rooms at the back of the Royal Palace and the knights stayed elsewhere. The government residence I was brought to was one for the administration office, but there were exceptions and a few female knights stayed here. However, the life of a knight and the life of a secretary was different, so it was rare for us to meet. How unfortunate.

However, I might be able to make friends since this place has commoners and nobles living here.



“Woah, the room’s nicer than I thought it would be.”

When I unlocked my door and went into my room, there was a bed, desk and closet made out of warm wood and gave off a handmade feeling. The light brown room was lit up brightly. The room had simple curved patterns carved in. The walls were painted in a light beige. It seemed like a stylish inn. The corners of the walls were a little dirty, but that was okay. The room looked a lot newer compared to my old room at the Thousand estate.

“This is a wooden product from Coolden. It feels nice. I wonder if the Royal Palace buys loyal specialities. I’ll like to furnish my own room with Coolden furniture when I have one.”

I touched the wood and it was smooth. It reminded me of the town and made me miss it, but I also remembered the warm feelings I’d received and smiled.

There were no curtains, and the sheets and futon were simple and white. They weren’t cute or anything, but I’ll let it slide since the furniture was good.

I opened the small window and a fresh breeze flowed in.

“Now, I can move out of the Hen Inn.”




I asked Susan-obasan to write a simple map of the Royal Palace and headed towards the Royal Capital from the nearest exit. I showed the guards my ID and left the Royal Palace as Ayesha-marie.

It was strange that I was walking around the Royal Capital in a mint coloured coat. Honestly, I wonder why I’m here.

I arrived at Hen Inn and brought out my two black bags. I won’t be staying here anymore.

“I got a job as a live-in worker,” I told the Master. However, he told me to come eat once in a while. Well, I’ll still be in the Royal Capital. I can come here to meet Ada-san too.



I returned to the government residence and put my black bags into my room, then Susan-obasan appeared again.

“Go to the dining hall to eat, okay? Breakfast is served from 6-8 am. Lunch is from 11-2pm. Dinner is from 6-8pm, so be careful not to miss meal time. If you go out to eat, then the curfew here is 10 for the girls. You won’t be able to use these stairs after that time. Don’t stay out for the night. Now, go eat dinner before it gets dark out.”

The setting sun was dazzling and I loitered around while trying to find the dining hall. I didn’t even have time to look at the plants.

People who live in government residences have three meals a day. The money for the ingredients was deducted from our pay. The same amount would be deducted from our pay even if we don’t have all three meals a day.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t anyone who was also heading towards the dining hall. Still, I found many people on my way there and managed to get to the dining hall.

I finally arrived and the building in front of me was a lively bungalow, but I couldn’t go in…

I didn’t look like a suspicious person because I was wearing a simple and new light pale salmon coloured dress. I knew that no one would blame me if I went in.

The savoury smell of meat and stewed meals were inviting me in. Even so, I couldn’t move from the shade of the tree, which was near the entrance.

“I want to cry already……”

I never knew I was such a timid person.

I thought I was pretty determined and strong.

And yet… How can I be so timid? It was scary to go into there.

The dining hall at the guard’s building in Coolden was noisy, boorish and full of men, but I didn’t feel uncomfortable among them probably because I was working in the kitchen.

There shouldn’t be any Imperial Knights, knights, maids or court ladies in this dining hall. Only the people in the administer office used it, but I became aware that they were all strangers.

“What am I doing now that I’ve reached this far? I won’t be able to live like this. I’m sure there’s a good meal waiting for me in there.”

Fortunately, after I moved in and out of the shade of the tree for about 30 minutes, the people in the dining hall decreased by a lot and I was finally able to ready myself and go in to eat.

The inside was nothing special.

I chose the fish out of the two options that were given to me and it was delicious.

I returned to the government residence and Susan-obasan said, “You’re awfully late.” I smiled wryly in return.

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