59: Unfamiliar Life

――― *POOF*

I was hitting my pillow.

I was disappointed that I was scared of strangers.

I’ve never been frozen before even when I went to the ball, nor when I met His Highness Ludens or even when Roberto-sama glared at me.

Even if I had to look down, I always did what I had to do.

It was probably because I told Dick-san how I really felt in Coolden. I’ve become weak.

I had to behave like a noble here at the Royal Palace.

I didn’t need to be honest to my feelings.

“Well, I’m Lady Ayesha-marie, who was driven out of the Thousand House, so this much is good enough. I behaved appropriately after I went into the dining hall.”

I abandon my thoughts early when I sunk into the small and hardish bed.

I’m wearing my noble mask, so next time will be fine. It’ll be fine.  I told myself.



I woke up early, got dressed and left my room.

It was a bit early, but I headed for breakfast.

I wore the eggplant coloured secretary uniform.

I thought it was harder for people to know who I was if I wore the eggplant coloured long dress rather than plain clothes. There were a few people here from last night.

I received breakfast and sat at the corner in a vacant seat.

“It’s tasteless…”

It was a dining hall in the Royal Palace, but the food wasn’t satisfying. I thought the same thing last night too. I stopped my hand with the spoon in it. I turned my head and looked around while taking the meal in.

The colours were beautiful, the bread was soft and the soup wasn’t greasy at all. It was warm.

Don’t complain.

I have to be thankful

But, what is it? It’s not good enough.



I thought as I finished the meal. I tied my hair up, so that it was easier to change and headed towards said room.

It took time to disguise myself after all.

I remembered where to go. I wouldn’t recklessly ask for directions just because I forgot.

I entered the room and looked at the mirror.

I divided my golden hair and braided it. I put them onto the other side of my head so that it wouldn’t have much volume. I fastened them with pins. It took a lot of time, but I somehow managed. I wore the black wig.

I lightly tapped powder onto my face, approached the mirror and drew my eyeliner. My hands were trembling, but I think I’m quite good at drawing it now. I put on some reddish plum lipstick and Ann’s face was ready. My look would be complete with the white gloves.

I went through the hidden passageway that I was taught.

Because I was told not to write it on paper, I wrote it on the ground and erased it numerous times so I could memorise it. Desperately. I’m so great for remembering it from just going through twice. I have a lot of guts right now.

My heart wouldn’t stop throbbing as I walked through the dark passageway alone. I don’t think it’s normal to go through this passageway without light. I wonder if there’s something that would trouble them if I could see here. Well, I was fine in the dark since I didn’t use light at night in the Thousand House estate to save money.

“Is it okay for me to know this passage?” I asked, and I was told that I didn’t have any connections outside of the Royal Palace so it was fine. It was used as a shortcut and royalty used it to get away from people.

I couldn’t help but sigh when I got out into the bright corridor.

I looked around, mindful of my surroundings and walked towards the ‘Royal Capital’s Public Order Consolation Room’ (I named it myself).

I briskly walked without taking a break. I bowed whenever I passed people.

Seems like I remember the way correctly.

I arrived safely at the Royal Capital’s Public Order Consolation Room and began working.



I spent my days quietly in the past week.

My work started with wiping the desks in the Royal Capital’s Public Order Consolation Room. Then, I opened the windows and let the fresh air in.

I made a copy of His Highness Luden’s memo and sorted the documents. Then, His Highness Ludens and the others came. I made tea, went to my desk and kept working.

They didn’t tell me what to do. It was just like when I worked for father and brother.

“I’m going to lunch.”

His Highness Ludens and his comrades haven’t come yet. I said that to the knight at the door and headed towards the dining hall.

I remembered the minimal layout of the Royal Palace by walking around with Cafule-san. At the beginning, I had lunch in my room, but I got bored of being in my room day after day. But, since yesterday I started going to the dining hall where the knights and guards were because I finally remembered the layout of the palace. The government residence’s dining hall was a little far and it took time to commute there.

I never had any emotion on my face whenever I walked through the Royal Palace, but my face would loosen whenever I got to the inner garden.

I quickly finished eating in the dining hall with the knights and sat down on a handkerchief under an unpopular Zelkova tree.

I took out the small apple from my pocket which I’d put in there at breakfast, rub it on my skirt and bite into it.

“Ann is tired. Am I being helpful?”

I wasn’t talking to anyone, my voice just came out.

I actually wanted to lie down here, but I couldn’t as a noble lady. I probably shouldn’t be sitting under the shade like this either.

But I want people to overlook this since I was only a simple office lady while I wore this eggplant coloured dress.

When I finished eating the apple, I heard a rustling and saw three ladies.

“Oh my, she’s really here.”

“Right? I saw her heading towards here.”

“She has really bad manners, doesn’t she?”

I stood up and bowed a noble bow.

Have my enemies appeared at last?

Translator: Blushy
Editor: Sam