63: Standing Out

This was the first time I’ve ever cried crocodile tears just to see how the other person would react.

On top of that, up until now, there has been no one that I could butter up to, even as a joke; and no one could see my face before.

When I was at the Thousand House, I had no one to make up to and no one tried to get close to me. I did my best to keep a weak presence. I returned to my normal self whenever I snuck out of the estate.

Now that I think about it, this is the first time I’ve really felt like I was getting involved with people.

Dick-san returned with Captain Weller while I was joking with Ada-san. For some reason there were 3 guards with them.

“Give me a break, Dick. I’m finally off duty this afternoon. Let me nap.”

“Don’t say that, Captain Weller. Sorry, but keep me company for a bit.”

Oh my, how rare. I’ve never seen Dick-san lower his head and talk formally before. Was the someone who he knew at the station, Captain Weller?

But, I don’t really want to meet the captain. Well, that red hair makes me uneasy. It reminds me of my Thousand House family.

“Mm. Hey Ayesha, Ada.”


Lunch was done and the restaurant was quite deserted right now. However, the guards and Dick-san had quite a presence in here even though they were only sitting down and talking.

Ooh? Some men are avoiding them and quietly leaving Hen Inn. They were casting their eyes down a little. Dick-san and the guards, aren’t you disturbing their business?

“Hey, you cheerful lads. Go check them out. You don’t have to follow them too far.”


The three guards, who Captain Weller ordered with his chin, left the restaurant.

“Dick, is this fine?”

“Yeah. See, I told you didn’t I? There were some suspicious guys here. The station is right next door and they were staring at Ayesha unpleasantly even though I was next to her. I haven’t heard of the public order around here getting bad, so I was curious about what nasty motive they had,” Dick-san said as he looked at me.

… Err, are they aiming at me?

Dick-san spoke and sent me home before I could think too deeply into it, “Ayesha, I’m escorting you back so get ready to go home.” So that’s what he meant when he told me to wait.

“See you later, Ayesha.”

“I’ll come again.”

I waved to everyone. I can’t believe promising to meet again was this pleasant!

I was a little frustrated at being sent home by a guardian though.

I walked home in a good mood.



“… Ayesha, you might not have noticed this but those guys were following you since I met you today.”

“… (Scary) …”

Woah, I’m getting goosebumps. I hugged myself.

I looked beside me at Dick-san and he asked worriedly, “Are you alright?”

“I think you’re just amateur flirts… But stop walking around here while wearing that dress. You look like you can become their sugar mamas. Wear some clothes that are easy to move in. Wear some common clothes that aren’t too eye-catching if you want to leave the Royal Palace residences and walk around the Royal Capital by yourself.”

I walked in the Royal Palace gardens after leaving the residence, so I thought I couldn’t walk around there in strange clothes, but seems like I’ve failed.

Well, merchants and servants go in and out of the Royal Palace, so it should be fine to just wear my uniform and formal dresses when I interact with nobles.

“It would be easier to run if you wear more common clothes.”

Dick-san joked because I looked like I was brooding. He probably did that so I wouldn’t feel down.

My dress did look a little out of place when I looked around me. I was spending more time at the Royal Palace, so my common sense as a commoner was dulling.

“You too, Dick-san. Your outfit stands out as well, though in a different way than mine.”

“No matter what comes, I have power and money, so it’s fine. I’ll be fine even if an unpleasant woman came onto me.”

Yes, yes. It’s so nice to be that confident. It’s so great that you have power. I don’t understand how he can be so bold and unembarrassed.

… It’s kind of frustrating.

I don’t think that me being close to commoners has anything to do with the fact that I want to kick Dick-san in the back as he patted mine while laughing through his nose, “Hehe.”

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