65: Lady Ann is Ayesha

His Highness Ludens asked Dick-san a question with a wicked smile on his face. Good looking people looked good no matter what expression they had on their face, but wicked expressions made them a lot more good looking. His emerald-green eyes were shining more than usual. But, you can only do that expression here. You’re aware that you’re admired by many young ladies, aren’t you?

“Mhm? Are you acquainted with Lady Ann?”

“… Is this person called Lady Ann?’

(Ah, Dick-san, you can’t return His Highness’ question with another question, you know? Where did the confident and observant Dick-san go?)

I walked back to the sofa and calmly bowed at Dick-san. By no means, did I smile at him.

I’m an office worker who is wearing an eggplant dress, so I’ll just rebuke them in my mind.

Dick-san was looking at me as if he was looking at a mysterious thing.

“It’s nice to meet you. I am Ann du Deniswell. I work for His Highness Ludens.”

Dick-san grasped my current situation from my appearance and played along with me. His face was tense and he had closed his opened mouth. He was really good at assessing the situation.

“I am here at the invitation of His Highness Ludens. I have heard rumours that someone I knew was at the Royal Palace, and I thought I could meet her… But, it’s an honour to meet you Lady Ann.” He replied with an extremely bright and sparkly smile; one I have never seen before. Woah, I can imagine him making passes at women like this. But, he just looks shady to me.

I stood next to the sofa and ended up listening to them talk. Blonde hair and black hair, I really enjoyed the contrast of these two. A lion and a hawk.

They would talk about the Coolden border situation and about the guards in their harmless and inoffensive conversation.

They seem to be on good terms from what I was hearing. There probably weren’t much people who could talk to the Imperial Prince like this, regardless of whether they were noble or commoner. His Highness Ludens seemed to be enjoying the conversation. He had certainly already won the heart of his subordinate.

“Deputy Captain-dono of the 2nd guard unit, thanks for telling me good things today. Please talk to me again.”

“If I have the chance.”

Dick-san rose from his seat without saying too much, bowed gracefully and headed for the door so that he could leave. His fluid movement was beautiful.

And he said in a whisper as he passed me, “You’re in disguise.”

Ayaya, it’s the normal Dick-san. He’s whispering but his tone is sharp. It struck my heart. He had a more dangerous weapon than his hawk eyes.


I hid the fact that I was panicking and saw Dick-san off with a graceful bow. I don’t know if he knows this, but I’m good at hiding my emotions.

But, I’ll have to explain this to him the next time I see him, don’t I? He’ll definitely ask about it if he finds me, so I might as well tell him first myself.



“Aren’t you glad you had a good meeting?”

The ends of His Highness Ludens mouth were raised a little as he sipped his tea.

I stayed quiet as I poured more tea into the empty cup.

(Why did he purposely show the me who had become Lady Ann to Dick-san…?)

My eyes must have said enough, but I silently returned to work without listening to His Highness Ludens’ response.

Because I had my hands full with my new job, you know? I still have more words to write, you know?

I’m so glad that Lancel-sama, Leyard-sama, and Roberto-sama weren’t here. If Roberto-sama was here, I wonder what kind of banter he would have with Dick-san while using me as joke material.

Ah, so that’s why he called Dick-san while only he was here. He knew what would happen. Hmm, I have a better opinion of him now.

I don’t want to get Dick-san involved in this.

Should I just think about doing my work properly for now?

I quickly combed my black hair and began moving my hands again.



And thus, here I am at the library.

It was a bit of a distance away from the Royal Palace, so I came here by carriage. There’s a carriage for people who work at the Royal Palace and it had a small flag on it. This was probably because commoners also worked there and not just nobles who had their own carriages. I could ride the carriage without any problems when I showed the carriage permission slip signed by Roberto-sama. Riding this felt much better than riding the street carriage. But it was pretty extravagant since I was riding it alone.

When I uselessly told them that, “I want to go to the library,” His Highness’ comrades told me that, “The library in the Royal Palace is biased so it’s better for you to go to the Royal Library if you want to find terms and maps.”

I’m curious about the bias books in the Royal Palace. I’ll go there at the next chance.

“How nostalgic.” When I got off the carriage alone, those words naturally came out of my mouth.

I’ve walked down this road before as Lady Ayesha-marie of the Thousand House. It has only been about three months since then.

And today I was Lady Ann with a black bobbed hairstyle and an eggplant coloured dress.

“I have to use my two hours effectively. I also won’t go to the bookshelves aimed for commoners. I have to go to the national defence section for the maps and that’s in the noble section.”

I talked a lot to myself probably because I was alone.

I’ll be visiting the library for my own sake instead of for others. I can also go here whenever I have a break from work. I’m so happy.

I walked towards the entrance of the Royal Library.

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