71: Errand Girl

Being used to something was a horrible thing. I was still living at the Royal Palace while saying I hated it here. I lived in the government residence, did things by myself and didn’t have to worry about the cost of living. You could say that I was living a blessed life. I was treated as a human. I wasn’t treated crudely.

I did receive some caustic remarks and complaints while walking around the Royal Palace as Lady Ann, because a lot of people knew that I worked under His Highness Ludens. Even so, the work I did was to find relevant matters from the memo I got from His Highness Ludens and his companions and compile them into one case. I was getting more important matters to work with and jobs worth doing had increased.

I was by the side of high-ranked nobles, and I was nervous about having to keep up appearances since I was closer to a commoner than a noble, but it worked out somehow. I don’t know if my abilities are better than I thought or if high-ranking nobles were just generous.

I was glad that I wasn’t tied by the bonds of my original house since I became the daughter of a noble who didn’t live in the Royal Capital. To be honest, even if I don’t become a commoner, my goal of living independently has been fulfilled… Well, I don’t know how long this will last.



His Highness Ludens, who knew that I acted as three people, Lady Ann, Ayesha-marie and Ayesha, used me to go on errands to the Royal Capital. Roberto-sama, Lancel-sama and even Leyard-sama… Everyone, use your own servants instead of me! *FURIOUS*

“Aahh, it’s hot. I’m going to get sunburnt.”

I was wearing the eggplant coloured dress today, but it was too hot to go out in a wig, so I tried my hair in a bun. It was stuffy in a wig, even though this kingdom wasn’t that humid. It was terrible outside.

I wiped sweat with my handkerchief while looking at the hand-drawn map.

Roberto-sama had drawn this map. My errand was to buy madeleines from a popular confectionary store in the 2nd district… His Highness Ludens may like sweets, but I don’t think that person does. It seemed that he just wanted to, “Check the popular goods.” The route was already decided. I couldn’t get to the confectionary store unless I walked around town and walked across three bridges.

And they gave me a specific route for some reason. I couldn’t get to the place unless I walked around town and passed through three bridges. Even though the 2nd district was said to be safe, I think there must be a reason for why I walked such a distance alone. I could only think that they had some intention for making me walk this distance.

To tell the truth, I only know a part of the Royal Capital, so I was extremely happy that I was able to walk around freely. But, you know, I wonder why people who have servants are using me as an errand girl… Was I not an important worker?

It was a nice walk since the 2nd district had a lot of shops. The designated confectionary store was on the most prosperous main street. Even I knew that the shortest way to get to the main street was by getting off at the Royal Library and walking there. So why did the map tell me to cross two bridges at the lower district where a lot of commoners live and walk around to the road that leads to the upper district?

(I just had to head straight to my destination when I started this errand… But is this detour some kind of harassment?!)

I was forced to walk in the opposite direction of the main street when I got off the carriage. It was too much for me to walk here from the Royal Palace, so I took a carriage to the Royal Library.

The number of people going to town increased as I moved away from the Royal Library which was located between the upper and lower districts. There were a lot of shops aimed at intelligential people near the library, such as bookstores and stationery shops. They were substituted with restaurants and food shops before long. There were a lot of wealthy houses near the first bridge.

I entered a side road of the residential area because I found a sign board which showed the water place.

There was a fountain where horses could rest and there was even space for little kids to play near the fountain. It looked a little bit like a park.

I drank water to moisten my throat and dipped my handkerchief in the water. I sat in the shade and wiped sweat off my neck with the damp handkerchief. I watched the area in a daze and saw a young man talking to an old lady who was carrying a large load on her back. It seemed like he was going to carry the load for her.

(He’s good at looking after people. But, that old woman seems to be on her guard so she probably won’t give it to him.) I thought as I walked back to the road I was on before.

When I crossed the first bridge, my mixed feelings increased and the road had shops and houses. There were more terraced houses and apartment complexes like the government residence. It was a popular area and was buzzing with people. At the end of the residential area was the artisan area. I could hear the sounds of metal clinking and the smell of wood drifted about the place. Some unknown thing were hanging from the eaves.

A map suddenly appeared in my head.

(Ah, so this is the artisan town, Tantalum.)

Seeing is believing… Knowledge is obtained from actually experiencing it.

This place name often appeared in the memos from His Highness Ludens and his companions. Mm, I also saw the name of the bridge recently. They could have told me this.

I crossed the second bridge and entered the next district. It was a similar place to before. The smell of lunch getting closer added to the enjoyment of delicious food.

I bought fried fish and a pickled onion baguette for lunch at the stalls. I also drank lemonade and finished recharging my energy.

I suddenly saw a young man piggybacking a girl who appeared to be lost.

(There are kind people here too.)

Come on, hang in there me!

I crossed the third bridge and entered the upper district. The quiet residential area changed into a somewhat expensive shopping area. There were the latest goods and luxury goods on the main street. There were a lot of dazzling stores, for example restaurants, western clothing stores and jewellery shops. There were carriages everywhere and more people were dressed up. The uniform for ladies at the Royal Palace was useful at times like this. It was fine to wear this uniform anywhere.

A sweet smell floated in the air and I saw a cute western confectionary store that had girls coming in and out of it. That must be the store I was looking for. I read the sign and found out it was called Atari. I bought the biggest box of madeleines by showing them the instructions with Roberto-sama’s signature on it. It’ll be nice if they put this out for snacks at 3 o’clock.

I held the box and headed towards the Royal Library’s carriage stop. I arrived there at a much shorter time than before.

I returned to the Royal Palace and disguised myself as Lady Ann. I returned to the Royal Capital’s Public Order Consolation Room with the madeleines and tea had already been prepared. But, the person who would be brewing the tea is me.

“It seemed like you followed my map. Lady Ann, you can sit down here.”

(They won’t even say thanks for your hard work, or anything like that. I’m nervous because I have to sit down with them all here.)

I sat down in the corner as much as I could and watched them as they drank their tea before drinking mine.


Hah, the scent of tea makes me feel relaxed. Just what you’d expect from good tea leaves. I grabbed the prized madeleine. Lancel-sama is smiling. He probably took the first bite to taste it for poison, and seems to really like baked goods.

“Now then, let’s talk about the roads you took in order.” Roberto-sama instructed and I began my explanation. They would sometimes ask questions, and I managed to answer what I remembered. I’m glad I looked around everywhere since I knew this was an inspection. I don’t want to say, “I don’t remember. I don’t know.”

The questioning and explanation finished and I could finally put the madeleine in my mouth. Oh, the madeleine is so delicious. They must have used fermented butter. It smells nice. The sweetness spreads throughout my mouth. It was worth going out in the hot weather to buy this.

“Lady Ann. I’m giving you some advice. You better cool down your face since it’s red from the sun.” Leyard-sama pointed out. Yes, I thought so too. It burns everywhere.

“Especially your nose and forehead.” Roberto-sama was relentless. His Highness Ludens was laughing. Lancel-sama was still eating. Leyard-sama who was pretending not to see anything.

Whose fault do you think it is that I got this burnt? I’m going to buy a parasol! They’ll definitely use me as an errand girl again!!

I got redder on top of being sunburnt. I smiled while clenching my fists, “Right.” I was trained by these people and was finally able to talk back.

Translator: Blushy
Editor: Sam