74: Announced

“Ada-saan,” I called out in a loud voice as soon as I entered the Hen Inn and found her at the back of the restaurant. Lunch had already finished and there weren’t any customers here anymore.

I thought I saw a wave of fluttering black hair and Ada-san appeared before me. She grabbed both my hands and hopped up and down on the floor.

“It’s been a while.”

(It’s my first time doing this, but it’s kind of fun bouncing on the spot.)

I wrote a letter to Master at 『Hen Inn』and made a reservation for a room. Roberto-sama was the one who wrote a letter to the guard station.

I was also one of the people who saw His Highness Ludens off, and I also left the Royal Palace after I saw that his group had left. I couldn’t use the carriage from the Royal Palace, so I used the street carriage. Well, the Hen Inn isn’t far from the carriage stop, after all.

I held the black bag in both hands and the shoulder bag on my back… Ah, I look the same as before. I thought and let out a sad voice. But, I feel more refreshed than I did before.

The room Master had prepared for me was the usual room on the second floor at the back. I’m so happy that he’s being considerate of me.

(The Hen Inn always gives off a good ambience no matter how many times I come here.)

The only thing that Roberto-sama has done that I’m grateful for is being brought to this inn.

I promised Ada-san that we would take our time to talk after dinner and put my luggage in my room. Then I headed towards the Fernand Empire 2nd Guard Station.

My outfit today was a one piece that commoners wore; it was bluish grey and had little décor. I found it at the second hand store. It was a little too simple for a noble to wear, but it was perfect to use as a commoner’s best outfit. “This seems useful,” I thought when I saw it and immediately bought it. I also thought of embroidering a lily into the waist part. I’m sure I’ll have plenty of time at night during these 10 days.

I wonder if I can give off a good impression in this bluish grey dress. I thought as I headed towards the entrance of the guard station. The two gatekeepers looked at me suspiciously because I looked out of place. It seemed like they wouldn’t be kind to me just because I was a woman. I have passed the building a few times, but I never went inside. There are probably only men inside, woah, I’m so nervous. It was hard to talk to the guards while working, unlike at the time at Hen Inn. They looked scarier than the knights at the Royal Palace and they were intense.

Errr, pluck up your courage!

“I have come here to visit the Fernand Empire 2nd Guard Station as instructed by Marquis Roberto du Edenbach. I’m sure he has already sent a letter here stating this. Please put me through to the person in charge.”

Am I being too stiff? I thought as I bowed at the gatekeepers. One of them went inside and I waited for a while. My heart was pounding as I pretended that nothing was going on.

The person who had appeared with his red rusty coloured hair was, of course, Captain Weller. It’s rude to sigh when you see someone, you know.

“Hah. Ah, you really came. Anyway, come inside.”

He spoke to the gatekeeper, “Good job,” and then rapidly went inside. I could only trot after him after he’d gained some distant.

The meals made by Master at Hen Inn were delicious no matter how many times I ate them. I had dinner at the counter. The small marinated fish with colourful vegetables wasn’t too sour and the acidity was great for rousing my appetite. The tomato sauce with fresh basil and mincemeat was juicy and went well with the pasta; I couldn’t stop eating it. I was aware that my mouth had turned red. However I couldn’t stop and couldn’t help but think that something was added into this.

I became full from dinner and drank my mint tea while enjoying the lively atmosphere of the restaurant.

It was similar to the Royal Palace’s dining hall at dinner time, but it was comfortable to see people enjoy their food and drink without reservation.

“Ayesha, sorry for making you wait.”

Ada-san sat down next to me.

She looked beautiful with loose hair behind her ears. She wiped sweat from her forehead from working hard and gulped down lemon flavoured water. She didn’t avert her eyes from me.

“We’ll be able to meet each other every day for a while, right? I heard from Master that you’ll be staying here for a while because of your job, but what do you do?”

“I’m to accompany Captain Weller around the Royal Capital as instructed by Roberto-sama.”


Ada-san wasn’t the only one who went silent. Master did as well and he had a strange look on his face. Did I say something strange?

“It’s dangerous for a woman to do something like that, right? You can’t. I forbid it. No ~~~~.”

Ada-san shook my shoulders. Erm, everyone’s attention is still on us, you know?

“… What is that Roberto guy thinking? I’m sure someone said he was a certain noble before…”

I can still hear you even if you say it in a small voice, you know? You’ll be guilty of deflamation against Roberto-sama, you know?

“But this is the job I’ve been instructed to do. I’m sure Captain Weller will protect me should something happen.”

“Of course he would! I won’t forgive him if something does happen!”

(Yup, yup.)” Master nodded.

I somehow managed to convince Ada-san and Master by explaining that Roberto-sama was also a gentlemen, so he wouldn’t purposely put a woman in danger and the job was probably given to me as a holiday.

I was to report where and what I did every day.

I was extremely happy that they worried about me.

It was going to be a fun 10 days and I couldn’t stop smiling.

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