76: A Prince Other Than the Imperial Prince

He looked like a noble even though he wasn’t one and he was super handsome. Each part of his face fit perfectly. Other than the Imperial Prince, whom I knew, he was just like a prince from the fairy tales. This was the first time I’ve even been so moved by seeing someone.

He took my hand with a really elegant gesture.

A long, slender finger gently patted my pants while I was on the pavement. I’m sure it’s bruised now since my knees are pulsating like my heart. But it’s strange that it doesn’t hurt.

His soft white platinum hair brushed against my cheeks.

“Your bones seem fine. You can’t stand up? Is no one with you…? It’s not good for a girl to be in this area alone. Ok, you should go home by carriage.”

His voice wasn’t too low nor was it too high; it was just comfortable and it resounded in the depths of my ears. His ashy green eyes looked at me with worry and they were as transparent as glass.

He didn’t look older than me and was about 170 cm tall. His body didn’t look bulky. Whose child is he? I feel like I’m staring at him at a distance through glass; he doesn’t feel real.

Even so… He said, “I’m sorry,” as he carried me in his arms.

“Kyaa,” I didn’t know that I could let out such a cute sound and was brought back to reality.

He held me in a princess hug, even though this was reality and not a dream and took me to the nearest carriage stop; it was extremely embarrassing. He left like the wind as soon as he put me in the carriage.



I was alone again. I dragged myself back to the Hen Inn from the familiar carriage stop while my leg was in pain.

Ada-san came towards me as soon as I entered the restaurant and pulled my trousers up so that she could cool my red knee.

Captain Weller and Bayne-san quickly rushed towards me and apologised for leaving me alone. They had received information about a fire and went running off. It was better to have more people help when there was a fire, even I know this. It would have been fine if I had just stayed where I was, but I was in the wrong because I found a lost child and spoke to him… I walked around with the lost child and when I realised what was going on, I was alone in a place I didn’t know. I want to say that it wasn’t a bad district since my valuables didn’t get stolen, but I did get pushed out of the way because they thought I was in the way.

As a result, the『Kind Hottie』came to my rescue. This was what I had told the others.

“I’m glad that something good happened too. I’m so glad you’re safe,” Ada-san said. Captain Weller and his group looked like they had mixed feelings; it was a men’s army.

And then my summer holiday ended in a flash.



I returned to my normal duties at the Royal Capital, which had now became my daily life. I still had bruises on my knee.

I have been told that it was good for some reason.

“Did you not ask the rumoured 『Kind Hottie』what his name was? That’s too bad. You’ll meet him again if you’re fated to.”

My report was shared amongst His Highness Ludens and his group as they sat in the Royal Capital’s Public Order Consolation Room.

I even wrote that I became lost before they had the chance to hear it from someone else. I would be troubled if someone exaggerated the story. They would definitely make fun of me if I wrote that I was held in a princess hug so I ended the report by saying I was saved… It seemed like they knew about it. I was bothered by how they were talking.

The souvenir that His Highness Ludens brought back from the summer resort known for its dairy products was, of course, cookies made from plenty of butter and fragrant cheesecakes. He set aside the souvenirs for the maids in this room and the rest were our snacks for the day. I also got a little too. It went well with the strong tea. It’s a souvenir from the Royal family, there’s no way it wouldn’t be delicious.

“Do you look dreamy lately because you met him? A maiden in love, huh? That’s nice. Love makes a person more beautiful. You can ask me for advice anytime, Lady.”

“I thought you were a lady who didn’t get fazed by anything, but I guess you do fall in love. I’m glad.”

“Don’t just get excited. I’ll be troubled if you don’t do your work properly.”



Ah, I slurped my tea. My actions spoke for me even though I hadn’t denied it out loud. I think I’m doing my work properly, you know?

… Am I in love? Did I fall in love? Did I look like I was being dreamy?

I’m definitely interested in him. I remembered him and something about him made me curious. But I won’t admit that it’s love, because I think it’s something else. I won’t say what it is, but something is bugging me.

I stopped frowning and deeply inhaled the scent of the tea. The fragrant smell of the tea calmed me down.

I didn’t have enough materials to conclude whether I’m in love or not.

I, who didn’t dream of love, ignored their words and headed towards my walk around the Royal Capital.

I had to gather more information.

I became Lady Ann and went back to being Ayesha. My calves grew stronger and my freckles increased around the time I started hearing the sounds of insects. (Cry)

Translator: Blushy
Editor: Sam