77: Fortune Maiden

I went to the part of town that had a lot of shops for nobles as Lady Ann, wearing my eggplant Royal Palace woman’s secretary uniform with my parasol. I went to the commoner part of town as Ayesha, dressed lightly in a tunic and trousers.

I have been strolling through the Royal Palace lately like this. Well, I mostly went to the commoner part of town as Ayesha.

Since Captain Weller showed me around town, my face has become well-known to those who knew him for better or for worse and they welcomed me. Even on streets that I didn’t walk through, I could walk through them, without getting excited, like the residents, probably because I got used to walking around town…… Or so I think.

At first, I followed His Highness Ludens’ and the others’ instructions of, “Buy this,” but because the opinions in my reports were so interesting, I can now walk around the Royal Capital at will. But, I do try to go to the district that is written in the memo by His Highness Ludens and the others.

There were still places I haven’t visited yet since it was dangerous, but I could say that I have visited more places in the Royal Capital now compared to when I first started.

I started off by buying His Highness Ludens and the others high-quality sweets, but now sometimes I return with commoner sweets. Commoner sweets are fragrant baked sweet potatoes, but they are unexpectedly popular with the maids.

Hmm. Recently I feel like I spend more time outside of the Royal Palace than I do inside it.


I heard when I was having tea at the Royal Capital’s Public Order Consolation Room that the knight that Lancel-sama had selected was progressing well and that they would soon be promoted from an Apprentice Knight to a real knight… The person that Leyard-sama selected was chosen as a diplomat and she had solo musical performances in the Royal Palace…

Apparently, the girls who were selected at the same time as me by His Highness Ludens and the others have started to show good results. Lancel-sama and Leyard-sama talk about them proudly.

But, me?

All I do is discuss with the citizens (the commoners) about what they’re troubled about and report it to His Highness and the others, and then I just walk around town and tell them what needs to be repaired.

Well, I’m sure it’s useful to the people living in the Royal Capital. But, I think there are people other than me who could make reports like this.

I also put their documents together, but I think other people can do it at that level too. … Is Roberto-sama even boasting about me to anyone?

Unfortunately, there is no one who would say a word of gratitude or compliment towards me at present.



“I go to the Royal Capital too much, so my recent holidays always end with me doing laundry and cleaning up my room.”

Today too, I was sent out to the part of town for commoners, which I was familiar with, by myself. Those words just came out when I saw people taking in their laundry and fixing the flowerbeds on the main street.

I haven’t met the 『Kind Hottie』, who I was interested in, since then.

Then! If I am able to, I try to do kind things when I see those in need. Somehow, it feels like I was getting closer to him.

The clatter that the artisans produced in the miscellaneous streets gave life to the Royal Capital.

I got something back by getting involved with people. I learned how kind people were here.

Hopefully, I can help someone next time.



The souvenir that I obtained yesterday was caramel candy.

It looked a bit like Roberto-sama’s eye colour when it’s in a bright place. But it’s not like I’m aiming for him.

The candy was transferred to a glass container and was one of the snacks for tea today.

Tea was being brewed for His Highness Ludens and the others who were in the Royal Capital’s Public Order Consolation Room. I finished collecting the memos for everyone, so I went back to the room and got tea.

“Have you heard the recent rumours around the Royal Capital about a 『Fortune Maiden』?”

(Huh? I haven’t heard about it. I have a bad feeling since His Highness Ludens is grinning.)

“It’s a good name, isn’t it? It has a nice ring to it as when paired up with Kind Hottie. You’ve had a hard time.”

“Leyard, did you spread that rumour?”

“You’re harming my reputation. In the first place, there’s a rumour going around that if you meet this lady, she would treat you nicely and repair something that has broken. So, it’s better to give her a nice name and improve her reputation.”

Leyard-sama looked at me and winked.

Eh, eeeeeh–?! Don’t tell me that fortune maiden is me?! That’s such an embarrassing name!

I had confidence that my facial expression wouldn’t change even though I was upset but I knew my ears were getting hot… I’m sure it was red.

“I have made it hard to identify her, so only a few people know who she is. It would be helpful if she wandered through the Royal Capital with peace of mind.”

“You’re fully prepared, aren’t you? That’s so like you Lancel.”

“If they are paired up, then we can identify him a bit more… Lady Ann, Did you get any information about him?”

Even if he suddenly talked to me, I don’t have anything more to say than what I’ve reported. I looked back at Roberto-sama in silence. I was already calm.

“I wanted more information on the『Kind Hottie』, but I couldn’t get it. As expected, I don’t have the manpower for that.”

His Highness Ludens’ green eyes observed me without mercy.

– Stupid.  –

Yes, yes, I’ll gather more information. I’ll go find out more about him.

“Public order in the Royal Capital is protected. The infrastructure is also being maintained. However, it is impossible to deal with the daily dissatisfactions of the residents straight away. It would honestly be a great help if the Fortunate Lady continues to do her best.”

“God is quite mean since him and the maiden who has fallen in love haven’t been reunited. I wonder if I should make a song this time. I’m sure it’ll spread wide.”

“I think it’s better for you to walk around the area where you met him last.”

“Security isn’t really good there. A young lady who works around there alone must be really careful. I’ll instruct the guards to give priority to patrolling around there.”

It’s good that they’re being considerate, but the thing I’m looking for hasn’t changed. I know that they’re busy and that they can’t do it themselves because they’re of high-standing, but it peeves me that they’re leaving it to others too much.

… I have to go to the place that I’m scared of again, huh. Alone. Although, I am used to walking around the Royal Capital.

I tossed the cameral candy into my mouth and chewed it; it broke with a crunching sound. I didn’t mean to do that.

His Highness Ludens and the others looked back at me with a startled look on their face.

I was thinking hard about how to defend myself in that boorish area.

My manners have seemingly become considerably worse than before probably because I strolled downtown a lot.

“Well, won’t you be able to find out something about that?”

The words Roberto-sama muttered resounded throughout the Royal Capital’s Public Order Consolation Room.

It seems like he has expectations.

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