78: Searching for a Person

“Ah, I’m tired. Where’s the watering hole?”

Since then, I purchased an old dark blue faded breastplate from the second-hand clothes shop. I wore it with my brown tunic and blue trousers and a lower servant girl from downtown is complete.

In addition, my hair wasn’t put up neatly and it was specked with dust from cleaning… This was tough in the lingering heat. I was fine with doing work that servants do, and I wasn’t opposed to leading the same life as commoners, but I was a noble lady. It was normal to be as clean as possible and it was tough to keep this dust on me. Where has my clean self gone…

Right now, I feel a little dirty. I don’t want to say that I’m shabby, but it might be close. (Cry).

(If it’s like this, then I don’t look like I have money, right? They’ll also hesitate to attack me.)

I came to the area where I fell over once again in this outfit. Located in the northwest part of the Royal Capital, this place is called Sabaleel. It wasn’t that bad that it would be called the slums yet, but there are various impressions here since a lot of people who are employed as servants on cheap wages live here. A house, which was destroyed by a fire, has been left in its place. The owner didn’t sell it off, nor did they rebuild it, so it has become a hangout for those who didn’t have houses and those who were ill-bred.

Strangers stood out in any area. I have to be vigilant.

So, I meekly said, “I’m looking for someone,” and went into Sabaleel.

I didn’t want people at the Royal Palace to see my dirty appearance, so I went out of the gate early in the morning.

“Mm, excuse me. I’d like to ask you something. I was helped by a person who looked like the 『Kind Hottie』from the rumours. I’m looking for him because I want to thank him. Do you know where he is? Do you know anything about him?”

I’ve been asking a lot of people since morning in the area where I fell, but strangely, I have no leads on him.

Those looks. No one would forget if they saw them. But even so.

Even His Highness Ludens couldn’t get much information on him, so there was no way I could easily obtain the information on him.

(I wonder if he’s not in this area often. But, I felt like he was familiar with this area. But I didn’t look in the other areas either. I just have to be patient.)

I bought bread at street stalls that looked free. A little bit of vegetables and a fried egg were stuffed between thin bread. It became a disappointing lunch, but that couldn’t be helped. The meals I have had lately were too good. I should be thankful that I get to eat.

I sat on a handy big rock in substitute of a chair and watched the people walking down the road.

(If I stay in the same place for too long, then strange guys will single me out, so I should move soon. Let’s go into the shade next time.)

―― *TUG TUG*

The hem of my dark blue faded apron was caught on something.

“Hey, hey, Onee-chan. We meet again.”

In front of me, was the lost child that I had escorted back some time ago. It was already healed but my leg was the cause.

Apparently the boy’s name was Kicker. That is to say, the moment we came here last time, he dashed away alone. He didn’t respond even when I called out to him and I’m the idiot who was reined in by a child’s crying face.

I’m surprised he recognised me.

“Thanks for the other day. My mum got really angry when I got home. Because I didn’t thank the person who helped me! She said. That’s why I’ll help you out if you’re troubled with something.”

He looked as delicate as a girl when he had his tear stained face, but the boy in front of me looked like a mischievous brat with black hair. His black hair was tied up in a simple ponytail and his blue eyes swirled in a friendly way.

“You might think I’m doing something fun, but it’s not fun at all. It’s rather boring and hard. Do you still want to help me?”

“I know this area well. I’m sure I’ll be of help to you.”

The underling me gained an underling. Well, there was nothing better than having more manpower when searching for someone. Let’s gladly accept this kid’s proposal.

I patted his head a bit roughly and he looked up at me and smiled.

Now, let’s continue looking for him.



In the end, I got Kicker’s help the next day too and we went around Sabaleel asking about the 『Kind Hottie』.

I bought thick fried bread from a stall for lunch and ate it with Kicker. I might have gotten a little heartburn.

I was happy that I was able to have a pleasant stroll thanks to my excellent underling Kicker. Even the places that I thought were scary were normal for Kicker, and it didn’t change much from other places if one knew how to defend themselves. Well, but a lot of garbage did fall down; we also heard people fighting and we did run around several times.

When the fried bread had disappeared from my stomach, I took candy out from my pocket. It’s break time. It was the candy that had the same colour as Roberto-sama’s eyes that I bought before. I bought a little bit too much.

“Kicker, take out your hand… Here you go.”

I put a candy into his slightly dirty hands. I also took one.

Kicker’s eyes sparkled and he put the candy into his mouth as soon as he said, “Can I eat this?” “Yum, yummy,” he said as he jumped; I watched him and sat down on a nearby rock. My feet hurt more than normal since I was walking around at the robust Kicker’s pace. I stared hazily at the ground.

Someone stood behind me unnoticed, and made a shadow for me. I was surprised and a voice called out to me before long, “The ones who are looking for me, is that you guys?”

When I looked up, the soft white platinum hair of the Prince that wasn’t the Imperial Prince was before me and his ashy green eyes were staring at me.

The person I was looking for was in front of my eyes, but I couldn’t do anything but be surprised. Still, I couldn’t just keep staring at him. I stood up so I could say hello.

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