79: Your Name

Right now, the person in front of me is the 『Kind Hottie』who made me feel relaxed no matter how many times I saw him. I, who was used to seeing His Highness Ludens and the others, am giving him my stamp of approval. I think that anyone who looked at him would think that he is cool. Because I don’t know how to say it…… He wasn’t just kind, he didn’t look down on people, and he felt like a genuinely good person.

I couldn’t find anyone that resembled him in the noble almanac no matter how many times I turned the pages. So I don’t think he’s a noble… Nobles absolutely have more good looking people. Honestly, who is he?

I controlled my beating heart, stood in front of him and bowed politely.

“Thank you very much for carrying me all the way to the carriage when I fell over and hurt my leg the other day. You were a great help. I really wanted to meet you again so that I could thank you.”

“It’s natural to help people who are troubled. You should take it easy. I remember you having the knee injury. You feel a little different today…… Judging from how you look, you already seem fine. (Smile).”

“Y-yes. It’s fine now thanks to you.”

I wasn’t used to being treated kindly, and I felt like I got the shivers. His soft tenor voice was pleasant.

When I came back down to earth, Kicker was tugging the hem of my apron. I bent down, and he grinned and asked me a question in my ear, “This person is the person you were looking for? He’s super cool. Onee-chan, did you fall in love at first sight?”

“The first half is spot-on, the second half is wrong.”

I tore my body away from Kicker’s. He watched us as if he was looking at a heartwarming scene.

“Can I ask you a question? Why are you guys trying so hard to find me?”

He tilted his head as if he was curious and took a step towards me; drawing his face closer to mine.

I couldn’t help but step back.

“I really wanted to know your name. And this kid helped me.”

“My name?!”

“Yes. Because even if you’re kind to everyone, you always leave without telling them your name. I want to know about you, who no one else knows.”

It’s true that I want to know. I won’t say that His Highness Ludens and the others asked me to find out who the Kind Hottieis.

(He looks like a good person so he will listen to a young lady’s request, right?)

I waited for his answer as I looked up nervously.

“I want to answer to your request, but I don’t exist in this world. My name is meaningless… You want to know who I am, don’t you? But, you won’t find me. I don’t exist.” He uttered with a brief and delusional smile on his face.

And like that, he turned his back to us and said, “Even so, I’m happy for your words of thanks,” as he walked away.

I, who couldn’t move because my brain wasn’t working, forced my feet to move and chased after him. I stretched my hands out towards his back and spoke desperately, “W-wait. It might be meaningless to you, but I want to know your name. So, please tell me it.”

He looked back with a startled look on his face. Then he laughed and told me his name, “My name is Be Away. Apparently it means 『Not Here』in a distant kingdom. I don’t like my name much, so I want you to call me Way. What is your name?”

“Way, is it? I’m Ayesha. As far as I’m concerned, you are right here in front of me. It’s not meaningless.”

“Ayesha, right? Cute name.”

Kyaa, it’s the first time I’ve been told that my name is cute. My face just turned red.

“Don’t you help people because you want them to notice your existence, Way? A lot of people have been helped by your kindness. I’m also one of them. I also want to help people like you. Will you let me help you?”

I, who was feeling hot, talked to Way feverishly before I knew it… Huh, where did the calm me go?! Kicker’s glance hurts. Why are his eyes asking me what I’m doing?! Don’t look at me with eyes like that.

The kind him had only told me his name, but even I wanted to be a kind woman. Well, I think I will know where he’s from and what he’s trying to do if I stay with him. I genuinely want to know a little more about him. I want to know why he doesn’t exist and why it’s meaningless. And I can complete His Highness Ludens’ instructions. I’m hitting two birds with one stone. I rapidly began thinking about things happening before they actually happened.

“… Something might be different about you. If you want to find me, then come find me. I’ll meet you here at 9 tomorrow. If the little knight wants to come along, then he can.”

Way walked away this time.

He raised his right hand while he was leaving and four strong men appeared out of nowhere and surrounded him.

(What’s happening…?)

They drew closer to him. Was I rash? I wonder if I shouldn’t get involved with him.

He’s someone who says that he doesn’t exist and that his name is meaningless, even though he’s so bright. The things he wears aren’t flashy nor are they plain. He looks as if he’s a noble or at least someone wealthy. His behaviour wasn’t noble-like, but he was considerate enough. He should be living a good life.

It’s important to know who he is, but I also want him to know about the value of his existence. I can’t help it even if he thinks I’m meddlesome.

“Kicker, thanks for today. What will you do tomorrow?”

“I’m coming tomorrow too. It seems like this’ll be fun.”

“Is it fine for you not to help out at home? You have work to do too, don’t you Kicker?”

“I do my work properly.”

Hmm, well I guess it’s okay.

“I’ll see you tomorrow.”

I gave my remaining caramel candy to Kicker as a tip. He opened his eyes wide and skipped away.

I felt great for the first time in ages when I saw Kicker smile as he took the candy away.

“Right, I’ll do my best tomorrow too.”

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Editor: Sam