86: Contract

Some time had passed since His Highness Ludens’ declaration. Did he mean it when he said “I approve of you being a commoner”? I doubted, as I continued my usual days. Apparently, the procedures were progressing without me knowing.

I came to the entrance of Most Dark to deliver the huge map draft, which I had presented to the Royal family and on a carriage at that. Cafule-san and two other guards were with me. Today, I was wearing a ponytail with the milk tea dress. That is to say, I came here as a noble under the command of His Highness Ludens.

I thought that Cafule-san was a simple person who could fit in anywhere, but he didn’t look inferior next to the guards His Highness had assigned to us. Isn’t he actually a very accomplished person? I began to think.

“Oi, what are you doing?” Sure enough, the scary gatekeeper of Most Dark called out to us. He had called out to me before when I had first started making the map, but then after that he just let me in quietly. His deep voice, which I hadn’t heard for a long time, sent chills down my back.

“Umm, I’ve been coming here for a while now. My name is Ayesha. I’m sure Way-san told you that I was visiting today. Could you let us in?”

He glanced at me from head to town and then let us through, “Aah.” We couldn’t ride the carriage after we went through, so we walked. The map was still big even though it was folded, so Cafula-san and another guard carried it for me. Even I could tell that the other guard was casually holding his sword on top of his long coat.

(If you do that, then you’ll provoke the people here.)

I quietly proceeded down the familiar road. We drew the attention of the residents of Most Dark because we were different from them.



“So this is what the map was based on. Alright. Thanks.”

“I’ve passed this to you. I have filled as much as I can from my trips here. I’m sure you know this place very well, but I would be happy if it could be of use to you. The picture map that was created based on this will be stored in the Royal Library, so please go see it if you have time. You and the residents of Most Dark will be able to see the map if you follow the procedures. If you have any questions, please contact His Highness.”

We came to the parlour that I had used before as His Highness Ludens’ messengers. I feel like he’s been looking at me with doubt this whole time.

Way, who had officially become the boss of Most Dark, looked sadder than he did before. His silver hair still made him look like a Prince.

(A Prince covered in darkness will also be popular.)

“Alright. Then, this ends the conversation with you acting as a messenger for His Highness Ludens’ right? Is this how you really look as Ayesha?”


(Real…? I just cleaned up and wore better clothes.)

“Are you asking if I’m a noble? For now, I am. Did I not tell you? I was born between a noble and a commoner. My existence is half-baked and weak. I want the answer to what I asked you before as Ayesha. Please lend me one of the buildings near the entrance of Most Dark.”

“You said you wanted to use it as a place for women who had nowhere to go?”

“Yes. Then, I want to teach them how to read and write. And turn it into a school for embroidery.”

“Boss, if guys like that go in and out of the entrance then the security here would-!!”

“Residents from Sabaleel and other districts can come in and out of here because it’s at the entrance. You’ve talked with His Highness Ludens’, have you not? If he begins development here, then people would visit even if you don’t want them to. I want to make a place where women can regain themselves. I want a place where they can avoid the rain. You don’t protect weak women, do you? You are bias towards men in this place.”

Way pondered a little. I could feel a slight tension in the room which had become dead silent.

“You are correct. I will lend you one of the buildings, but it won’t be cheap. This isn’t a charity. Do you have money to pay for it?”

I pulled the strap around my neck from under my dress and removed it. There was a ring with a red jewel on the strap. It was the ring I’d received from Furore-sama upon our parting. She would probably be grumpy if she found out that I was using it for poor people, but I was the owner of this ring now. I will use it effectively.

“First, this. It’s pretty valuable.”

I slide it across the table to Way. He picked up the ring and examined it. Then his expression became serious.

“This will pay for it momentarily, but I don’t know if it will cover all future costs.”


Slamming my hands on the table, I said.

“I, Ayesha-maria Org du Thousand, may only be a half-blood noble, but won’t you accept the ring that I’m staking my pride on?”

I ignored the noise around us. The only person I had to persuade was Way. I stared at him as he smiled beautifully even while looking serious.

A lot of thoughts were probably swirling around in his head at high-speed. He replied in a bashful and kind voice, “I believe you Ayesha. You’ll still come here to pay for rent in the future, right? You’re always welcome here.”

(Is he going to believe in Ayesha even though she’s not a noble?)

I used my first and last ‘noble’ card… But, he trusted Ayesha.

“Fufu,” I couldn’t help but laugh. There’s no need for me to be a noble. I knew that they were relaxing.

“Thank you very much. I won’t be a noble soon. I’ll see you later, Way.”



I was delighted that I could give back to the women who had helped me make the map of Most Dark.

I had secured the building. I could fix the inside with the money I’d earned while working under His Highness Ludens. Of course, I wasn’t making a lodging place out of charity. I will get them to pay me back once they’ve finished their studies and work. If they can’t pay it back, then they could pay it back by doing housework. There were no limits to the future.

“Huh?” I left Way who had that look on his face and returned to the Royal Palace in excitement.

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