Associated Title: 転生しまして、現在は侍女でございます

Author: Tamayura Natsumi |玉響なつめ

Raw: Syosetu

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Status: Teaser

Julia von Vandeid.
A woman with thick glasses and hair tied into a bun. The exclusive maid of the unsociable Princess. She was actually a reincarnated person, and had nothing to do with the main character of an otome game. She became the caretaker of the Princess, who would become the villainess. She loved children and this ignited a fire within her!

The Princess is just too adorable and on the day that Julia said that she would follow the Princess when she gets married; the Princess worried about her instead!

“Say, Julia. I’m happy that you’re by my side, but aren’t you going to get married…?”

Will Julia find love?