Chapter 03

Hello. It’s Julia von Vandeid.

My day begins roughly at the royal palace.

Recently, I can’t help but want the BB cream, which I used a lot in my previous life. 

And also sunscreen.

Well, that aside.

My Princess is growing up fast, utterly different from how she was in the game settings.

She is becoming a beautiful woman in this kingdom. She doesn’t say selfish things and is slender!

Her blonde hair, which are like golden threads, have loose waves, and she looks like a beautiful girl in a painting.

However, the only problem is that she has become the fiancée of one of the capture targets; the boy from the Earl house who will become a knight.

In the game, the Princess had fallen in love with him at first sight and asked His Majesty to engage them together, but this time, the Queen heard a request from her relative, the Earl, and reported this to the King.

The King apparently decided this engagement because he was happier with marrying her within the kingdom to a talented person than marrying her off to some foreign kingdom… But, the Princess hasn’t even met him yet.

Hmmm? As for the game development, he went along with the Princess because she had fallen in love with him at first sight, but he was only thankful to the Princess, who flew into passion, and then the Heroine entered…

He said in the royal ending, “I didn’t know what love was. I love her just like how you love me. I’m sorry,” then he asked His Majesty to formally break of the engagement while him and his father were close with the Heroine. Actually, there is also a dark ending where he is a masochist, so he liked being abused and treated coldly. Therefore, he switched to the Heroine, who abused him more firmly.

The knight… who is just an apprentice right now, Lord Dean Dayne von Baum (13), is a handsome man with brown hair and blue eyes, but I feel like the friendship route with him was certainly an oath between master and servant. 

But, the Princess still wasn’t interested in him at this stage.

Will this change when she meets him?

The game development should be next year. On the Prince route, Prince Aralbert Daum and the Heroine had their romance before his social debut, and he declared on the day, “I’ll make her my wife!” and that was the ending.

By the way, the Heroine is also a noble. Or to be more precise, she became a noble after a certain event.

Anyway, I don’t want my precious Princess Primera to get hurt!

I spoke with the other maids and gathered as much information as I could.


The results of my information gathering.

The truth is that Lord Dean Dayne fell in love at first sight with Princess Primera.


The Princess hasn’t even had her social debut yet, and the only time she went out in public was to wave her hands on the balcony.

It’s impossible for apprentice knights to walk around the royal castle freely, no matter if they’re from an Earl House. Princess Primera lives in the depths of the royal castle in the living area where the royal family lives near the inner palace.

The inner palace housed the Queen, and concubines if there are any, as well as children under the age of three, so Prince Aralbert Daum and Princess Primera were given a room in the royal castle’s residential area.


Of course, I stay in a room at the servant’s section.

Yes, of course, I know my own status! I may be a Viscount’s daughter, but I have been disinherited, so it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that I’m just a commoner.

Now then, the question is where Lord Dean Dayne first saw Princess Primera under those circumstances.

It’s plausible that someone guided him.

Then who? I understood various things when I thought this and became exhausted.

Because no matter how I think about it, it has to be the Queen.

The Earl didn’t request anything of her. 

Instead, she apparently spilled the beans when she was drunk, saying, “He asked me to tell you this.” What a muscle brain simpleton… Whoops, that was rude of me.

Too bad, Queen!!!

Well, I’ve also been forbidden to follow up on this.

I don’t like the Queen, nor do I hate her.

I realised that the Queen’s attitude is all because of His Majesty.

The Queen wasn’t a narrow-minded person.

She is the very model of a Queen; she received the Queen’s education and always acts proper. 

So, why does such a person torment the concubine and her daughter?

I actually think she’s overdoing it, but His Majesty is like that. 

He only paid attention to the concubine and said that he was respecting the Queen when in reality, he was neglecting her.

He can say it however he likes, but that would make the Queen sad. 

Furthermore, she thought that the King would turn his affections to the Prince, but he only interacted with the Prince as a King and acted as a parent to the Princess. 

Her pride must have been shredded as a woman and as a Queen.

But, she had actually tried to compromise with the concubine.

This was before I started working at the royal castle, and His Majesty was keeping her at a distance… apparently, she wanted to be the only person that the concubine relied on. What the heck.

A maid who had been working at the royal palace for a long time told me that at that time, His Majesty said something to the Queen and she was stricken with grief because of that.

Since then, the Queen had to be more elegant and had become stubborn to the point of being hard-headed.

Also, she would always say harsh words to Princess Primera, but in fact, she arranged favourable treatment for the Princess in various ways behind the scenes.

She educated the Princess sternly so that she wouldn’t become prideful, and is raising her to be a wonderful lady.

Don’t face any hardships no matter what house you marry into. I’m making an effort to make you hate me, the stepmother.

Don’t hate your father, His Majesty, the King.

I determined that that is what she is trying to say!!!

Apparently, His Majesty gets suspicious of the Queen if she openly supports the Princess.

Even with the concubine, the nobles seemed to look down, looked down on her when the Queen got involved. 

I also learnt that the King had arranged female tutors for Princess Primera because he didn’t think it would be good for males to teach her.

Apparently, His Majesty loves ‘cute and weak things’.

Therefore, he loved the fleeting image of the concubine, and since she was hopeless, she could enjoy His Majesty’s affection with joy and relief. Are they sick?

So, the Queen thought that Princess Primera would be hopeless if she ‘is loved by everyone’ and ‘taken care of by everyone’. 

It seems like she doesn’t think nothing of how we adore Princess Primera; probably because it wasn’t necessary for her to know about how the servants or maids thought, or because she thought of us as furniture…

Well, there’s no doubt that His Majesty loves his daughter in his own way, but I know his love is abnormal.

Both His Majesty and the Queen go beyond my expectations and were both really considerate towards the 10-year-old Princess.

By the way, speaking of why I was able to stay by the concubine’s side and why His Majesty let me off.

… Apparently, it was because, “My beloved mistress is so nice to this girl who is plain, shabby and pitiful even though she’s a noble.”

… Apparently, he said I was shabby. Shabby.


I’m going to cry. I’m aware of this, and I try to make myself not look ugly.


By the way, Lord Dean Dayne has a brother who was born from a different mother. His brother is an Imperial Guard, and his name is Ardall Saul.

I wondered if he had appeared in the game, and remembered seeing a figure that looked like him.

In the game, when Lord Dean Dayne is acknowledged as a masochist, Lord Ardall Saul had said one line to the Heroine, “My little brother is a bit troublesome, but I would appreciate it if you get along with him.”

On top of only showing up in the dark ending, who would notice him with foreshadows like ‘troublesome’ and ‘masochist’!?

Well, it doesn’t seem like Lord Dean Dayne has that disposition right now.

Even during the game, there was a description that said that he had awoken to this kink when he became an official knight and underwent strict discipline.


… Lord Dean Dayne and Princess Primera will meet at a tea party tomorrow.

The idea is to get the Princess, who hasn’t had her debut yet, to marry that person.

It’s depressing… Hah.

Nevertheless, Princess Primera said, “Julie, you’ll prepare the snacks. Of course, the tea as well, ok? It’s my first time meeting Lord Dean Dayne, but I wonder what kind of person he is. It’ll be rude of me to wear really childish clothes, right?” There’s no way Princess Primera would be embarrassed since she was showing a lot of concern, unlike normal children!

Although, if I were to make sweets, then the things I can make are limited.

I lived alone in my previous life, so I can do all the housework.

I can make basic sweets, but of course, I would lose to a chef.

The most I’ve achieved was suggest that they decorate cakes since they didn’t do that in this world. 

I tried to squeeze a little bit of whipped cream, but this progressed more under the hands of the chefs. What is this?

Ah, and there weren’t any chiffon cakes in this world, so I made some.

I love chiffon cake, especially the ones with tea.

When I first showed the cake to Princess Primera, she smiled widely… Oh yeah, let’s make chiffon cake.

How about plain chiffon cake with orange tea?

I’m sure Princess Primera will be pleased!

Lord Dean Dayne’s preference? Oh, he likes citrus, so that’s why I chose orange tea.

My priority is Princess Primera, but I can’t ignore a guest when she hosts a tea party!

Now I’m getting busy!!

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