Chapter 04

Lord Dean Dayne was invited to the tea party. 

His brother, Ardall Saul, was also there as a guard and guide, but he acted like us and devoted himself to being an attendant.

I exchanged a few greetings with him, but I couldn’t do that for long since I was in charge of Princess Primera’s tea party. 

If he’s not a guest, then he could be quiet. 

No, of course, I won’t do anything rude. 

I have to behave in a way that wouldn’t embarrass Princess Primera as her maid!

Princess Primera smiled happily when I served the chiffon cake and orange tea.

Ah, she’s really an angel! My angel!!

On the other hand, Lord Dean Dayne seemed nervous.

Princess Primera is 10, and Lord Dean Dayne is 13. Well, he’s acting just right for his age. 

Like a boy in his growth, he still looks young, but as rumoured, he had short light brown hair, and his blue eyes which were sparkling as they stared at Princess Primera is precisely like a boy in love. 

My Princess, on the other hand, was focused on the chiffon cake!

Why was a boy who hadn’t had his debut an apprentice knight? Because Earl Baum’s family have been knights since the founding of this kingdom.

They have produced talented knights for generations, and I can see that it’s easy for them to give birth to gifted knights as seen from Ardall Saul who can’t succeed the House because his mother was of low rank.

I mean, he even took a break from his work and is acting as a guard for his brother, so I could see how much Earl Baum was backing this marriage.

Well, I don’t care if that makes Princess Primera happy, but… So, please don’t grow up to be a masochist. 



“How was Lord Dean Dayne?”

“He’s a quiet person. The only other men I’ve talked to other than father and brother is the archbishop, so Lord Dean Dayne might be quieter compared to those two.”

“… Well, His Majesty really likes talking to you, and His Highness is a dignified Prince.”

She only has those two to compare him to.

By the way, the reason why she’s allowed to talk to the archbishop even though he is a man is that he’s super old.

He has pure white hair, and a ribbon tied to his long white beard. He looks really playful, but he teaches theology, and he is an excellent speaker because he knows a lot of things, and is even kind to people like me and doesn’t discriminate. 

By the way, the archbishop likes madeleines.

Lord Dean Dayne seemed too nervous, and could only answer Princess Primera’s questions after he’d greeted her…

Well, if he was a womaniser and had the talent to be talkative in front of a transcendent beauty who he had fallen in love with at first sight, then I will block him with everything I have.


And for some reason, I received a letter from Ardall Saul, the brother of Lord Dean Dayne.

I wondered why me, but he realised that he wanted to have a civil partnership with me, the personal maid because he would be bothered if something got in the way of his brother’s meetings with Princess Primera. 

I’ve been a maid for a long time, you know! That’s my forte.

Fortunately, I can see that Lord Dean Dayne is an excellent person at this stage, and he would take care of Princess Primera in the future if he doesn’t grow up to be a masochist.

Far from being strict on women who marry into the Baum House, it seems that the husbands have been devoted to their wives for generations.

… Well, they seemed to be fascinated by a woman’s beauty probably because great men have great fondness for sensual pleasures, but it should be fine since there aren’t any women who are more beautiful than Princess Primera!

When I received a letter stating that Lord Dean Dayne has begun making efforts to look cool in front of Princess Primera, I smiled as I wrote, “The Princess will be sad if he gets sick from training too much, so I hope he will keep it in moderation.”

I will be troubled if he becomes a masochist from training too much.

Then, Ardall Saul told me later that Lord Dean Dayne, who seemed to have received my message, changed how he thought and was happy, “Princess Primera is worried about me!!” 

How simple… No, what an honest person he is.

Ardall Saul is a knight, so he is often in the royal castle and we would exchange greetings whenever we meet by chance. 

We usually talk about the season, and our recent conversations consist of recent events in the castle and what His Majesty praises Princess Primera about.

He also tells me about how Lord Dean Dayne is doing, and that he wants to see Princess Primera and requests for another tea party.


However, it was a bit conspicuous for a knight and the Princess’s maid to talk to each other, and recently, the head of military affairs, His Majesty’s younger brother, Alberto Agares, has also shown interest in the Princess’s marriage.

The Royal Prince is the son of the late King’s concubine, but he is a muscle brain who had the right to inherit the throne, but declined and preferred to work under the current King.

Well, that’s why he’s the commander-in-chief in the military department, and he’s happy with this. 

It the game, he appears as a good uncle who teaches His Highness Aralbert Daum sword fighting. 

He’s handsome, but he’s the exact definition of great men that have great fondness for sensual pleasures. He would sexually harass the Heroine and was the constant target of love rumours.

Even though people say that it wouldn’t be odd if a hidden child or extramarital child of his appears, he’s still skilfully wooing women without incidents that involve being killed or wounded. 

“Should I give love advice to the Dean Dayne boy?”

“No, my younger brother also doesn’t wish to bother the honourable Commander-in-Chief.”

“What the hell, that’s such a stiff reply. I expect your brother to join the knights, even this!”

“Thank you for your kind words. But, Commander-in-Chief, I’m fine, but you’ll trouble Miss Julia… if you speak with people like us in the corridors.”

“Oh, like making a mistress out of a servant…? Well if that happens, then it happens, and Primera will be happy.”

“Wouldn’t she be worried that her maid would fall victim to you?”

“Both of you return to your work. I have to go back now.”

Hah… I know you’re talking to me because you want to keep an eye on the love relationship between Princess Primera and Lord Dean Dayne. It’s soothing just to watch the innocent couple.

But, you know, can’t you just watch them from a distance instead of being conspicuous? These adults!!

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