Chapter 05: A Certain Knight’s Interest

Ardall Saul’s Perspective


Ardall Saul von Baum.

As custom of this kingdom, the son is named after his parents; Ardall from my father and Saul from my mother. 

I am the eldest son of the Baum House, but I have no right to take over the House because I am a child born as a result of my father’s affair from when he was single.

Apparently, it was a headache when I was born, but they took me in and raised me in a separate place because a child who had just been born couldn’t be blamed. I still don’t know my biological mother.

After that, my father married my stepmother, who is very capable. She found out about me and took over the Baum House immediately after her honeymoon.

My father doesn’t hate me, and he also didn’t seem indifferent to me. He doesn’t think anything of me anymore after he bowed his head and apologised.

My brother was born when I was twelve.

I had no right to take over the Baum House in the first place, but once they were reassured that the Baum House was secure, they looked at me with doubt and pitiful eyes. 

Well, it was troublesome, and I wanted to leave home and be independent, so I took the knight exam shortly after my debut at 15, and entered the Imperial Guards because I was acknowledged for my talents.

Well, I did think a little that my father played a hand in this since I am the eldest child of the Baum House.

I realise that it was extremely rare for a new knight to join the Imperial Guard.

I entered the dorms for the Imperial Guard to show that I had no interest in joining the struggle of succeeding the Baum House. I would go home sometimes, take care of my younger brother, train my sword, and well, I lived a substantial life.

However, the thing that completely changed my life was that my brother might get engaged.

And, his partner was Princess Primera.

Well, she looked a lot like the unfortunate concubine, and I knew that she was a beautiful girl because His Majesty would often praise her. I was impressed that my brother was a candidate for her fiancé. 

Although, this wasn’t odd since the Baum House had a history of producing knights who are devoted to the royal family for generations.

They were also around the same age, and on the day of the meeting, I took a day off to accompany my brother. 

At any rate… considering the succession problem, it’s difficult for me to get married until my brother does.

I can’t act rash if I think about how long I would have to wait even if he has found his partner. Since it was one of my worries, I will act like a brother and be happy for my brother’s happiness.

My younger brother moved both his hands and feet at the same time and laughed weirdly, then Dean looked sullen and loved me as a brother like always. 

His facial features looked exactly like father’s, and he would surely become a good knight one day.

I probably resembled the mother I don’t know, and only my eye colour was like father’s. 

If my brother’s blue eyes are like the clear blue sky… then mine are like the night sky.



We were naturally invited to the tea party (since the other party had a higher position than us). The Princess smiled, and her exclusive maid was next to her. 

Hair pulled back in a bun, thick glasses, no make-up and a poker face.

She’s an eccentric woman who chose to be a maid even though she’s a Viscount’s daughter.

I felt a little strange towards the person whose rumours reached even the Imperial Guards.

It was normal for me, the guard, and the waiters to step down except for when serving once my brother and the Princess were seated on the table. 

The Princess also didn’t treat Dean grandiosely, and she only had a few maids and servants with her at this calm gazebo.

Of course, there were probably a large number of guards in places we couldn’t see. 

The cake was served, and the tea poured, then Miss Maid walked towards this way.

Miss Maid immediately rushed to the Princess whenever the Princess called her, but she kept her distance so that she wouldn’t get in the way of their date.


But, Dean.

You’re too nervous.

The Princess is indeed adorable, and I’m sure he’s nervous because he was thinking about father’s words of falling in love at first sight. 

Even though it’s the gentlemen who leads, he’s still a child. 

“Miss Maid, I think my brother will bother you in the future. Please deal with him as you see fit.”

“I don’t mind. Dean Dayne is not her official fiancé. There are no problems at all.”

“But, he’ll bother you even if it’s not official…”

“Lord Ardall Saul. Please focus on your role.”

Uh-oh, she rejected me.

I may be like this, but I’m popular with women, and I’m confident that there are a lot of people who want to be close to me. 

However, Miss Maid didn’t glance at me and was just looking at the Princess.

When I was impressed by how zeal she was about her work, she saw the Princess suddenly smile as she ate her cake, “Delicious,” and Miss Maid also smiled gently.

Oh? So she can make an expression like this? Instead of thinking that, I become miserable because I realised I only knew about her from her outward appearance and based on rumours.

She probably adored the Princess from the bottom of her heart and chose to be a maid.

She would be married off somewhere as a noble’s daughter, and she chose the path of loyalty instead of peace.

And, the Princess might have welcomed her as the head maid because the Princess trusts her very much.

“… Excuse me, Miss Maid. Those cakes don’t seem to have poison in them.”

“I prepared the cakes and tea myself. The archbishop and head pharmacist were present when I made them.”

“You made the cakes yourself?”

“Yes, because the Princess would be happy.” 

Would be happy, she said those words and her eyes shone happily.

Anyway, if the archbishop and head pharmacist were present, then it surely wouldn’t be poisoned.

I’m not sure why you have that honour, but can I ask?

Miss Maid is a very mysterious person.

Even though rumour has it that she’s an arrogant person who doesn’t feel like wearing make-up and is unfriendly.

Arrogant? She responds to me when I say this and that.

Make-up? Isn’t she wearing a thin layer of make-up and lipstick?

“… Miss Maid. I’m sorry, but would you mind if I ask for your name?”

I actually know it though.

I’m an Imperial Guard even if I’m like this.

I have to memorise close aides of the royal family.

“My apologies. My name is Julia von Vandeid.”

For some reason, I found her interesting because she had kept her manners even though she hadn’t said it was nice to meet me.



After the tea party, my brother started training really hard.

Apparently, he wanted to be a cool guy now that he’d met the princess. He’s so simple.

Even if he is a ‘child’ who hadn’t had his debut, we couldn’t frequently visit the Princess, and it was absurd of him to send her presents.

It will be taken as a bribe, and my brother’s writing is untidy and would stun the person who he writes to. Even I can’t read it, and I’m his older brother.

My head hurt because I wondered if that beautiful and clever Princess would get fed up with my brother if he only trains his body and his brains can’t keep up, and it’s also doubtful whether he reached the start line at that tea party.

So, I wrote a letter to Miss Julia because my parents pestered me.

She wrote a simple letter back; her writing was more beautiful than I thought it would be.

The letter was harsh. She wrote that the Princess would be worried about my brother if he hurt himself during training because she is kind, so she would like my brother to restrain himself.

However, she also told me the books that the Princess currently like and suggested that my brother read them so he could talk to them about the Princess next time. The capable maid’s concern is spot-on.

I also thought the same and told my brother that he should study instead of train all the time.

Miss maid isn’t unfriendly after all.

She replies when I send her a letter, and her replies are very courteous and show a bit of her personality.

I think that it was feminine of her to change the envelopes every time, use slightly fragrant paper and use stationery that had small flower designs on it.

She looks at the Princess warmly, and she might even show me her smile if we’re close.

It might be amusing to see her make that expression since she’s rumoured as the iron maid. I thought as I wrote to her under the just cause of it being for my brother even though I didn’t want to.

She was more interesting than I thought she would be… and I went to see her sometimes, and I was happy that she spoke back to me even though she was cold. But, I unintentionally went to see her too much.


I want to give Miss Julie a present, but what the heck would make her happy?

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