Chapter 06

Later, people will say, “Julia von Vandeid is nothing more than an inconspicuous maid.”

“But, she actually influenced this kingdom.”


… Mainly for confectionery.

I enjoyed my holiday while adding a strange narration in my head.

But, I honestly miss air conditioners. This kingdom, Kularaum, is surrounded by mountains and is a natural fortress, so it was hot and stuffy.

It’s nearly summer, so it’s going to be stuffy.

Ah, BB cream with SPF…


Anyway, you might be doubtful, but I have holidays even if I’m a maid, you know?

At the tea party the other day, I received thanks from Princess Primera and a holiday.

That’s my Princess! My Angel!!

What? Did you think that I wouldn’t take a break because I adore my Princess so much?

Not at all.

I have to take breaks, no matter how great of a maid I am. I’m human, after all.

Yes, I’m a human who cries, laughs, say unpleasant things and goes to the toilet. 

Even if people say, I’m arrogant. I know you people say that, ufufu.

I received a splendid private room as the head maid. 

The head butler also gets his own private room.

Because we put together various documents such as information on the people we serve, memos about guests, trends of the year, tea leaves which could be obtained by season, table cloth, etc.

It wasn’t just a maid’s job to stay by the Princess’s side from morning to night. 

Of course, I’m not on duty when it comes to official affairs. 

Because, a minister’s secretary, who specialises in these affairs, will be by the Princess’s side!

Having said that, Princess Primera doesn’t have to handle official affairs right now. 

Until the day she makes her social debut, she needs to hone her qualities as a lady, finish her imperial studies that she’d started, and she has to create embroidery and poems for bride training. 

And after she has her debut and gets engaged, she needs to study about the house that she is getting married into and learn about what she has to do as the feudal lord’s wife.  

And well, let’s leave aside my duties as the head maid for now.

I’m experimenting right now. This is a revolution.

I’m about to start a revolution in this world!!

What are you making, you ask?

Well, ice cream.

I should be able to make it since I have sugar, fresh cream and eggs.

This private room is too nice; it even has a simple kitchen.

It’s because I have to stay up all night to do my work sometimes…

Oh, I don’t care about the memories of working overtime as an office lady in my previous life.

The past is the past!!

“… So could you please explain to me why the Royal Prince broke in through the window?”

“Well, I wanted to avoid my duties for a bit! It was rare to see you in your room when I tried to escape using the trees, so I dropped by.”

“Pardon me, but that’s not something to say proudly.”

“Hahaha! Ah, you’re right!!”

Hah. Well, it’s already completed, so it’s okay. 

Even if I don’t have enough magic to become a magician, I have enough to freeze the contents of the bowl in front of me and mix things around. 

I used my magic to freeze, move and stir things around. If I shape it…

“Oh, you’re making mysterious sweets again!”

“Would you like to have some? Sir Ardall Saul will also be here soon, so I’ll make some tea.”

“That stubborn guard? Hmmm. Then I’ll join in.”


Apparently, Sir Ardall Saul will be bringing a letter with him to consult about his younger brother today. 

I received a letter last night saying that he would need me to explain and decipher it because it was written peculiarly, thus I prepared some snacks.

This is Princess Primera’s fiancé’s brother, you know?

It’s natural for a maid to receive him as a guest.

The Royal Prince (Alberto Agares) had unexpected trespassed, but I had made a lot of vanilla ice cream.

I wonder if I might as well make strong coffee and make affogato. 

No, no. I want them to taste how ice cream is like on its own, so I’ll make normal tea.

No sugar, just straight.

“Your Highness…”

“You can just call me Alberto.”

“I cannot. Calling an honourable person by their first name is not allowed unless you are their wife. Also, I haven’t had my social debut, so please forgive me.”


“It’s custom.”

Even if I call his name in my mind, I have to follow the rules.

Especially since Princess Primera will learn this if I, as the older one, follow the rules.

I have to show her what a proper adult is!!

However, if I called Sir Ardall Saul the Imperial Guard, then others will react to it as well when I call him, so I asked him if I should call him Earl Baum and he told me to call him by his name.

Just like I’d thought, he had told the same thing to the other maids and servants as well because he had retired from the succession fight.

That’s right. It must be a hassle to be stared at curiously and whispered about when he doesn’t even want to take over the Earl House… Or perhaps I should say, that the people around him become frightened because he’s on good terms with his half-hearted brother. 

I also have a younger brother, but he’s excellent enough to succeed the House, so I feel relieved. But, it wouldn’t be strange if people want me to be the Viscountess if my brother was a simpleton. 

The noble society is quite troublesome. 

I sympathised with Sir Ardall Saul for a moment there.

However, this Royal Prince in front of me didn’t seem convinced. 

Noble boys hold two names.

One they receive from their father, and the other their mother. 

Those come together to become one name.

Those two make one’s official name, but the nuance is mainly given to the first name, which is received from the father. 

Thus, only family members, and those close to that person… lover, fiancée or wife, can call that person by their first name. 

That said, I’m amazed that this person, who has scandals everywhere, would let a maid like me call him by his special name!!

“If you like, you can become my wife? I don’t think I would get bored if it’s you.”

“I refuse.”

Jeez, I’m troubled because this person’s jokes don’t end as just jokes.

I’m so glad this isn’t the corridor!!

Truthfully, this person is only 30 and isn’t that much older than me, and I heard that His Majesty wants his beloved younger brother to marry! I’m from a Viscount House, so it isn’t a House that would cause a struggle for the throne, so he would happily arrange our marriage. 

It’s not like I don’t want to get married, but I’m not young enough to get married on a spur, so I firmly refused him. 

By the way, we’ve had this conversation many times before. 

Anyway, you escape too much, Your Highness. I won’t tell you to work like a horse, so work. 


“Sorry for intruding, Miss Julia… And, Your Highness. Just now, the chamberlain, people in the military and the minister’s secretary have scattered everywhere while looking pale.”

“Oops, I guess it’s bad after all. But, I’ll go back after I taste Julia’s new sweets. Your matter also seems interesting!”

“It’s about my younger brother, so it isn’t something that would interest you, Your Highness. By the way, Miss Julia, I found this in town, so if you would like, please take it.”

“Oh my, thank you very much.”

Honestly, I’m troubled that men drop by ☆.

Is something that could be misunderstood, but in short, I’m troubled because we’re cooperating so that『Princess Primera’s engagement with Lord Dean Dayne will go well ☆ 』, and it’s banter.

Well, I want to serve this new sweet, named ice cream, to Princess Primera after I improve it a little, so I want to get their opinions for the time being!!

By the way, Sir Ardall Saul’s present was a pretty, pretty candy.

He understands a woman’s heart well. I’m sure he’s popular!


I also wanted to be born beautiful… and I longed to be a Heroine with a reverse harem like in games…

Yes, but no. I’m just a mob.

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