Chapter 07

Princess Primera loved the ice cream I’d made.

I have to try to make other flavours now since she made such an adorable face!!!

But, ice cream made from milk and sugar is definitely delicious, but I’m worried that she would get fat and get cavities if that’s the only thing she eats.

Oh yes, sorbet might be useful to make next!

I have ice cream, so I can serve it with pancakes since they’re not sweet.

Affogato might also be nice!!

There’s no espresso machine, but it’s not like I can’t make affogato since I have coffee and tea!

Ah, I get so happy thinking about how delighted Princess Primera will be!!


… Maybe it wasn’t a good idea to come to this bustling town.

As a self-proclaimed capable maid, how could this happen?

I came to buy a new novel, but it was sold out… I’m shocked.

I couldn’t show that I was down in public, so I asked the shop to order me the book and left.

Hah… I’m inquisitive about what will happen next in that mystery novel…!!


Was it because I was spacing out?

I bumped into someone at the corner. 

I’m thrilled that this wasn’t the middle of the road and I hadn’t bumped into a carriage or something.

On top of expensive consolation money and medical expenses, this world doesn’t have advanced medical care like in my previous life!!

Huh? Magic?

What are you saying?? No matter how many magicians there are, they won’t just take care of just anyone at a moment’s notice.

“S-sorry!! I wasn’t looki-… Miss Maid?”

“Eh, oh my. Lord Dean Dayne.”

“I’m really sorry. I spaced out because I was reflecting on my way back from training…”

“No, it’s alright. I was also spaced out. I’m really sorry.”

“Thank you for saying that. Are you hurt?”

“It’s nothing.”

“… By the way, your glasses have fallen off. Can you see?”

“Oh, that’s… It’s just glass.”


I can’t believe I met Lord Dean Dayne. 

What kind of event is this? It wasn’t in the game… I mean, I’m a mob.

My glasses… the so-called thick-glasses are actually just for show!!!

I wear them because there are a lot of handsome men and beautiful women in this world… I can’t talk to them while looking them in the eye because of my mob spirit.

And this kingdom has something called beauty conditions.

1: Double eyelids and long lashes.

2: Fair-skinned.

3: Thin and delicate.

4: Blonde hair is preferred. The lighter the hair, the more beautiful and valuable it is.

These are the beauty conditions.

On the other hand, I’m…

Single eyelid, almond eyes, and my eyelashes are normal length.

I admit that I’m fair-skinned, but to be told I’m white… It’s just that I’m not tanned. 

I’m not fat, but I’m big-boned, and I look tough because I have a medium build.

Finally, my hair’s black. There’s no blonde in it.

How is it? It’s hard for me to meet the beauty requirements, isn’t it!?!?!?

On the contrary, single lids, almond eyes were rare, and it got unbearable because people laughed at me if I didn’t hide them.

At the royal court, apprentices and women would relentlessly make fun of me, the clown, and would often talk about me. 

It was awful.

I’m from a humble Viscount House, and I was only a normal office lady in my previous life… I wasn’t strong-willed…

“I don’t get it, but do you feel safe when you’re wearing it?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“I see. I also have something like that, so I can kind of understand how you feel.”

“… Oh my, really?”

Laughing, Lord Dean Dayne picked up my glasses, gently took my hands and gave them to me.

Well, this boy, he’s a gentleman… You’ve been paying attention to your brother’s lessons, haven’t you?”

Well, but your handwriting is messy. It certainly needs deciphering. 

Oh, he’s not an adult yet and is still a kid, so I’m allowed to call him by name.

It was forbidden for girls to call men’s name because even if they hadn’t become adults yet, they might marry above their status!

It’s complicated, right? Yup, it’s complicated!!

“You may think I’m childish, but I feel like I can be smart when I have the bookmark mother gave me. That’s why I put it into my pocket when I go to see my tutor.”

“Oh my!”

“… To be honest, it doesn’t work very well.”

“That’s not true. I’m sure you’ll be able to take advantage of what you learn in the future.”

“Miss Maid, you’re a noble, right? You had a tutor before you went on your apprenticeship, right? Was it hard?”

“Fufufu, no, it wasn’t.”

I also felt a little happy because of his honest boyish attitude.

Lord Dean Dayne made me miss my home and think about my brother.

My brother must be in his rebellious period these days because he doesn’t reply to my letters…

Ah, father? He doesn’t write me letters, and he doesn’t say decent things like, “if you find a suitable marriage partner at the royal court then introduce him to me”. 

“I’d like to walk you to the castle gate if that’s alright with you.”

“… Lord Dean Dayne, is that alright? What about your attendants…?”

“I don’t have any. I slipped away from them. I’m reflecting on this.”

“Then, you may. But, I can’t praise you for this.”

“Yeah… We think a bit differently, and it was getting a bit suffocating.”

(Decoded meaning) This is probably caused by the letters I exchanged with his brother.

Lord Dean Dayne seems to trust me.

I’m grateful, but… is this good?

Even though he had accepted this, I was walking side by side with Princess Primera’s unofficial fiancé, and he was speaking to me in a friendly voice!

Eh? I hate it when the Royal Prince does this. He’s the one who approaches me.

I have to hide my annoyance because I could be punished if I treat him a little rudely!

I do think he’s useful since he does give me unexpectedly precise opinions on my sweets.

“A difference in thoughts?”

“Yeah…  I heard that Miss Maid met brother many times. Ah! Thank you for always responding to my brother’s letters about me and consulting me! I’ve always wanted to thank you!!”

“Well, that’s something easy to do.”

“Miss Maid, what do you think of my brother?”

“Sir Ardall Saul? I think he’s a really great person. He’s working for the Imperial Guards at such a young age, and he also has proper manners. I respect that he can look towards the future even though he comes from a complicated family background.”

“I, I see!! I think so too!! My brother is amazing.”

Lord Dean Dayne smiled energetically. Is he an angel?

He’s a different type of angel from Princess Primera.

How do I put it…? Shiba? A shiba puppy?

He felt down and then smiled. His feelings were hectic, and it was charming.

“But, there are some who don’t think well of brother… like my current chamberlain… Father forcibly attached him to me because he said that I should have one as the Princess’s fiancé. He’s related to us.”

“I see. Sir Ardall Saul is great, so they’re anxious about the rivalry between the Earl Succession fight.”

“That’s right. Both father and brother have made it clear that I’m the heir. Hence, brother hasn’t gotten engaged to any woman even though he’s had his social debut. I want to become a good knight to live up to their expectations, but the chamberlain immediately praises me for my efforts, but at the same time, he also speaks ill of brother. Even though he doesn’t need to do that!”


Rather than praising him to encourage improvement, that chamberlain was failing to gain patronage from Lord Dean Dayne after he becomes the head.

And Lord Dean Dayne didn’t know what to do because he’s a serious, yet adolescent boy, with a sense of justice and responsibility. 

And as a result of becoming a splendid knight and silencing those around him, will he become an M or will he become someone who can’t fall in love? 

Well, I don’t think I have to worry about it right now, because it’s currently a beautiful story about a young knight who has fallen in love with the Princess.

But, just in case.

“It’s alright, Lord Dean Dayne.”


“Sir Ardall Saul has informed me that you have been putting effort into raising your sword skills. And I know you are working hard in your studies as well. In particular, it is essential to improve your mannerism and writing. Of course, the foundations are also important, but you can continue to study for the rest of your life. But, it’s not an exaggeration to say that mannerism and how well you write have a lifetime impact.”


“For example, try to understand this… oh yes, there’s a swordsman who is called the right arm of the Earl, who is the Captain. When you ask that person to guide you, you will have to write a proper and beautiful letter to him. It leaves a better impression than sending someone a messy letter that’s hard to read and doesn’t follow etiquette.”


“If the person is amiable, they probably won’t hesitate to guide you. And even if they don’t guide you, then you’ve probably left them with a good impression. You’ll have to learn a lot, but your path won’t be closed off. And even after you become a knight, you will have to write your own thank you letters. It’s worth writing beautiful letters to show just how thankful you are.”


“People are less likely to read letters if they see that it’s messy, and they wouldn’t want to get close to someone who doesn’t even have etiquette. So, Lord Dean Dayne, you have talent for the sword, and you can expand your talent more if you brush up on your etiquette and practice writing neatly.”

“… I’m not good at studying. But think I will like to try my best… No, I will. Thank you very much.”

“Oh my, someone like me hasn’t done anything…”

“No. Miss Maid, you have shown me a path. I want to respond to those expectations and become a man who won’t disappoint my brother and father. I want to become a man who can confidently meet the Princess. That’s why I don’t want to hide my gratitude.”

“… It’s a great honour.”

Yup, he’s a different type of angel from the Princess ~.

I know why Sir Ardall Saul adores his brother.

… How is my brother?

“Oh yes, I’m going shopping with my brother next time, I wonder if you could join us?!”


“I… I want to buy a present for the Princess’s birthday…”

“Oh my.”

A handsome blushing boy. Thanks for showing me this!

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Editor: delishnoodles