Chapter 10

Chapter 10

I, Julia von Vandeid, grew up, lived alone and somehow became a maid to the Princess!

His Highness, the Crown Prince, suddenly summoned me, and I was surprised to hear that father was involved in something unthinkable!

I had to rush home and the head of military affairs, the Royal Prince Alberto Agares went with me… What will happen to me at my parents’ home~?!


And, well, the reason why the vibes are like an 80s girl’s manga is that I got sick on the mount. But I don’t think it’s my fault.

Listen, okay? I, as a noble girl who travels leisurely, can’t run in the same line as a muscle-brain who is an active knight!

And, we used super first-class mounts owned by the royal family who has been trained by super-competent trainers.

They ran at a completely different speed.

I thought I was going to die. Seriously. 

I really wondered what would happen. I was going to die before getting home. 

“Wow, it’s great that you can handle the mount that well on your first time!”

I glared at Alberto Agares who was laughing loudly while he hit my back and tried not to vomit. We left the royal capital in the evening and arrived at my parents’ home just after midnight.

This is a surprising record… I’ll never do it again, though.

From my experience, it took a day and a half to get here by regular carriage, but this time, it really took us half a day like Alberto Agares said. The military-only mounts are amazing.

By the way, theses mounts are precious, have tempers and are famous for choosing their riders.

This time, I rode one of the mounts that Alberto Agares had raised. 

They’re smart, but the reason why they don’t appear in the market is because of their tempers, and they chose their riders, but the other problem is their 【feed】.

They seem to eat well in compensation for moving a lot.

Incidentally, Princess Primera also has a mount. It is a female named Shayna, and I’ve fed her a few times.

Princess Primera and I have looked after Shayna since she was young, so she’s only emotionally attached to us and the animal trainer, Taele.

But if these mounts are this fast, then should I prepare one for myself so that I can follow after Princess Primera…? I don’t feel like a normal horse could keep up if Princess Primera wants to use Shayna to go on a ride!

Well, leaving that aside, I’ve returned home without announcing that I would, so I’m sure stepmother… will be angry.

To sum up father’s complaints, after I left he seemed to have wasted a lot of money to blend into high society, but it seemed to have severely hit father because a poor Viscount House doesn’t have much wealth. 

Father is father, he married my mother for love, and then they had a daughter, but the daughter is plain, then his beloved wife passed away. People around him encouraged him to remarry a strong woman who was the opposite of mother. 

But on top of doing business together, she was also the daughter of someone with higher status than him, so he couldn’t be cold to her, and love was a bit of a burden. That seemed to be the situation, I wonder if my little brother is alright in that kind of family.

When I was still here, my stepmother was hostile towards me (maybe not that much), and my brother was just born, so she wasn’t that threatening…


“I’m sorry for coming back so suddenly, but where are father and stepmother?”

“Master and Madam are in the salon right now… Th-this person is…?”

“What is it?!”

“Ma-madam, the Misses is back…”

“I don’t know such a daughter. For what reason have you stepped into this Vandeid House with such a filthy appearance!”

“Be quiet Fran!!”

“I apologise for not coming, Father. Do you know why I have come here?”

“… Y-you came to apologise to Fran, right?”

“No. Cayenne, I’m sorry, but can you prepare tea for us all and clear everyone out?”

“Tsk, you left even though you’re ugly, then you suddenly come back and act like the house owner. Honey, why do you allow this?!?!”

“It’s fine, Fran! Hold back a little, that person over there is…”


Did stepmother always yell so hysterically?

She’s the wife of the current head, and she gave birth to the heir.

What is there to be dissatisfied about when the eyesore eldest daughter has left home?

Cayenne, the butler who understood me as I thought this, bowed politely and secretly told me, “Master said that Madam wanted a new dress made again, and she isn’t in a good mood because he refused her. By the way, Miss, is he a good match for you?”

“No, you’re wrong. This is the Royal Prince, Alberto Agares. Don’t be rude. Now hurry up.”

“Oh… Please excuse me. My name is Cayenne, a butler of the Vandeid House. I’ll show you to the parlour. Please come this way.”

“Hmm. Julia, are those your parents? They’re pretty interesting.”

“Royal Prince, you’re not complimenting me, are you?”

“Of course.”

I was amazed by his smile, but I couldn’t deny it.

Even I inform them loudly that the Royal Prince is here, stepmother was busy seizing her husband, who wasn’t listening to her. Her husband, my father, the head of the house, was failing miserably to soothe his wife, and they looked ridiculous. 

No one got angry when there was a loud sigh.



Melek Ravi von Vandeid. My cute brother.

My younger brother, who had already had his debut at 15, saw that I had suddenly visited and that our parents were arguing, then he looked at Alberto Agares. He opened his eyes wide and quickly descended from the 2nd floor as if he was rolling.

Then he immediately kneeled down and fumbled when he said the important part, “Th-this is my first time mee-ting you, Royal Prince.”

I’ll repeat it.

He fumbled the whole greeting.

And, quite badly.

“… Royal Prince, this is my brother, Melek Ravi. He had his debut this year.”

“Oh, ooh…”

Apparently, the Royal Prince had a conscience, because he tried hard not to laugh as his shoulders shook.

Hah… he won’t spread a rumour that the Vandeid house is interesting after this, will he…?

I’m fine, but I wonder about my brother’s future… No, wait, what should I do if Princess Primera thinks that my house is interesting?!



“So, Father. You know what this is about, right? Now that it’s come to this you won’t say sorry, I don’t understand, now will you? I think it’s hard to say, but there are times when you have to say it. I’m aware that I shouldn’t have went with it when my disinheritance was only temporary, but father is father, and it’s troubling that you say too much as the head of the Vandeid house, you know? But, I never thought that the things you said would be connected. I’m sure you want to ask why I know, but I want to hear your excuse first.”

“… A daughter’s anger is frightening, isn’t it, Viscount Vandeid?”

“Ye-yes, no, mm. I thought my wife was scarier, but now I think my daughter’s scary too…”


I might have been scary when I said all that at once, but Father looked more scared of Alberto Agares’s smile and single word. 

I hung my head down and whispered, “Didn’t we come here because of the Archduchess?”

Of course, stepmother had something to say about that. 

And my brother sighed for some reason, and I imagined a scene of carnage. This is an actual carnage!!

Cayenne, the butler, stood with a calm face, but he looked faint.

You’re already at this age, don’t tell me you went to welcome her? It’s fine, right?

“Well, I won’t deny your love, but on top of being married, the Archduchess has a different social position than you, right? I want to confirm this…. But do you know about it?”

He didn’t state what, but it was probably about the pregnancy.

It’s only a rumour, and Alberto Agares said that she is quite old and the possibility is low. 

“Is the Archduchess pregnant? No, I don’t think she is.”

“Eh, how can you say that?”

“I know that that person was courting other men and not just me. But, that person is a goddess who descended to the ground!”

“… Hah?”


No matter how trashy father is, everyone froze at the unexpected answer.

Goddess? He said goddess.

And does this mean that it’s well-known that she has many men because he declared it? What?

“Don’t you know?! Her beauty is already is no longer humanly possible!! She’s from the Chargrin royal family line, and a Princess. Her elegance is, of course, of an angel who was dispatched to earth!”

Oi, wasn’t she a goddess?

Hah… no good. I spoke sharply, even if it’s in my head. 

It’s strange, isn’t it?

It’s too surprising, isn’t it? 

“The others and I just want to love her. Body contact? That’s not important. She just needs to smile gently, and we will be filled with love!!”

“Wow, it feels like I’m looking at a religious person.”

“Father… I never knew that it went that far…”


Stepmother and brother looked at father as if he were an alien.

Of course, Alberto Agares and I were too.

“I’m sorry to say this while you’re rejoicing, but she isn’t from the Chargrin royal family line, you know?”

“… What?”

This time, all of us, including father was speechless when the Royal Prince wearily said this as if it was obvious.

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