Chapter 11

Borrowing the words of the Royal Prince Alberto Agares, it’s like this:

In short, if she can’t marry anyone but the King, then she doesn’t need to be blood-related to the royal family? 

She was a commoner and didn’t have any particular problems in her background check. Although her beauty and sexual appeal caused friction between the nobles, the Chargrin royal family adopted her. They educated her and was worried about giving her succession to the throne because of her weak body, so they married her to the Second Prince.

I’ll say this. The Chargrin and Kularaum royal families don’t really have any difference in national power, and their military power is also the same. 

In short, it was just about honour and maintaining their good relations.

Well, even though she was the Chargrin’s adopted daughter, the position of Archduke was given to her husband, the Second Prince, and they were expected to assist the First Prince, the King. 

In the end, this didn’t come true because of the epidemic disease. 

“She behaved herself at first after my older brother passed away, but the men couldn’t leave my sister-in-law alone because of her beauty. Well, she was a young widow, and she asked me if I would marry her.”

For some reason, father seemed shocked at the words that had come to the surface.


Ah, is it that?

A goddess (laughs) is a beautiful and gentle woman. It’s unbelievable that she’s the kind of woman who would make an advance at her brother-in-law… Is that his own selfish delusion?

Argh, men!!!

After that, father and Alberto Agares wanted to talk to each other, so we left so that my shocked and stunned stepmother can go to bed.

My stepmother was left to my brother, and I sighed loudly. 

What is this? I was enthusiastic, but now I feel washed-out… Otou-sama, aren’t you too pathetic…?



However, it was an open secret that she wasn’t a descendant of the Chargrin royal family, or well, I was warned that there wasn’t any use in revealing it because it wasn’t important information. 

And father’s debt was due to his affectionate gifts to the Archduchess (laugh). 

At first, he was compensating for the loss at the fief! That’s also not good!!!

And it’s a downright lie that my stepmother is a spendthrift. 

Well, it feels a little odd that there are traces of her being ripped off because she wasn’t used to high society as a Viscount’s wife, but she wasn’t wasting money. 

Instead, I wiped my tears when I found out that brother was starting to work at the fief…

The reason why he didn’t reply to my letter was, “I felt like I was being spoiled by sister, and I’ve already had my debut, so I had to become a splendid man… I’m so ashamed of myself.” He went red and apologised! He’s such an angel!! I have an angel who doesn’t change here too!!!!!

Because it was suddenly a worn-out night, Cayenne prepared a room for the Royal Prince and me because it was dangerous to return in the middle of the night. 

At first, Alberto Agares wanted to return, but Cayenne desperately begged him to stay, so he gave in. Thank you very much. 

Father seemed to have broken. He wanted to be alone now, but will write later, and shut himself in his study. 

He’s acting like the victim, but to my family, he’s guilty.

Yes, I didn’t forget? 

“Oh, isn’t that Julia? This house has a nice balcony, regardless of how it looks.”

“Yes, my grandmother liked looking at the moon… So, my grandfather had it made.”

“Your grandfather thinks of his wife.”

“Yes, a lot.”

“… You let your hair down.”

“Huh? Yes… it’s unsightly. I let my guard down because I’m in my parent’s home.”

Oh yes. I took a bath, went to the door to complain to father, he said something like what I had said, so I came here to rest.

I forgot my glasses too. I can’t look at Royal Prince.

Because you know, the standard for beauty in this kingdom is too high!

My beauty isn’t that high that I can look him in the eyes while talking to him!! It’s a sad truth. 

By the way, I wasn’t popular in my previous life either, and I’m confident that I would act suspiciously in front of a handsome man if I don’t have my shield, the glasses.

“It was the same when we first met.”

“… Oh, yes, thank you for your help at that time.”

Alberto Agares’s fond smile is priceless.

Oh, isn’t it a con for him to be in his thirties when he shows such an innocent smile like this sometimes?

This is why I hear that: he’s adored by his younger brother, and His Majesty keeps asking him to get married, the rumours between him and the noble women never cease, and he always gets love-letters from people in town. 

I think I understand. 

He’s wild and handsome, but a muscle brain.

He’s too perfect; he’s strong, and has status and prestige. But he’s a muscle-brain.

Our encounter happened at the courtyard in the castle.

I’m telling you, it wasn’t a romantic encounter.

A few months after I become a maid, I found a nest in the courtyard and observed it because there was a chick in there. 

At that time, my hair got entangled in another branch. My face contorted, and I was about to cry.

And, Alberto Agares, who had run away from his duties, happen to pass by…

At that time, he held his stomach and laughed. I haven’t forgotten that humiliation. 

Well, as a result, he saved me. But thanks to his horselaugh, the secretaries who were looking for him gathered, and retrieved him!

“You look better with your hair down.”


“… By the way, don’t hide your eyes.”

“That’s impossible. We’ve talked about this before, haven’t we? I can’t look at you in the eyes while speaking to you,” I spoke clearly while looking down, and he laughed again.

The sound of him laughing low from his throat sounded as if he was having fun. I was a little peeved wondering if he had that much fun seeing someone look pathetic, but I couldn’t help but look at him when I felt him touch my hair. 

A rugged, manly hand pulled my black hair, but it didn’t hurt.

And, I knew that he had lifted it up and was staring at it.

What is this person doing? Does he have a hair fetish by any chance?

I thought foolishly, and yet my chicken heart started beating fast since I’ve never been close to a man in this way before. 

Calm down, this is Alberto Agares, a person who can have any beauty he wants.

He won’t go for a plain, unpopular woman who is late in getting married like me!

“… You should put your guard up more.”

“Ro… yal… Prince?”

“This kingdom’s aesthetics are out of place… Well, it does have something to do with that. You don’t look bad.”

He looked at me seductively. 

I was paralysed on the spot.

He was probably amused by my appearance because he… kissed my hair that he was holding.


“Fuha, can’t you let out a sexier voice?!?! Ardall Saul would run away if you do that, you know?”

“A, aaaah. Sir Ardall Saul? No, what are you saying!? No, first let go of my hair!”

“Ah, goodnight Julia. Sweet dreams!”

Alberto Agares.

I despise this person… after all!!!

You’re teasing me too much, aren’t you?!

That person is teasing me too much!!

I’ll carefully put up my hair from tomorrow.

And, I’ll have to tie father up.

Ah, I wanted to chat with brother a little more. 

I wasn’t soothed enough. I’m sure Princess Primera is worried about me, and I want to quickly calm down and go back to my normal days. 

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Editor: delishnoodles