Julia von Vandeid.

The currently disinherited eldest daughter of Viscount Vandeid. 

When it comes to this world, she is a woman who is still single even though she has passed the appropriate age for marriage and childbirth. 

A woman with thick glasses and hair tied into a bun. The exclusive maid of the unsociable Princess.

People also call her, who stays by the Princess’s side even today while wearing a plain uniform, a ‘model maid’.

She is a popular elder sister to the juniors because she makes delicious sweets and she often gives them advice. 

A section of children who come here to learn good mannerism, even calls her ‘mother’.

She is actually a reincarnated person, and this world is similar to the game she liked in her previous world. Or rather, it is exactly like the game. 

The period is a little different, but it is just a little over 15 years before the game starts.

But, she has nothing to do with the main character. 

No one from Viscount Vandeid’s family appeared in the game, and a woman named Julia wasn’t in it at all.

Moreover, why is she a maid when she is a noble? 

Well, she came to the royal castle because it is custom for noble children to work at the royal castle to learn mannerism from the ages of 10 to 15. 

These noble children can prepare for their post-debut by getting acquainted with each other and making friends during their apprenticeship. Not only that, it is also an excellent way to find talented nobles from those who freely enter and leave the royal castle. 

They have their social debut as soon as their apprenticeships end and get married. 

In this world, it’s natural for people to have several children in their early 20s. Or rather, it’s better to say that it’s encouraged. 

This is a world of swords and magic.


However, Julia was a little different.

She was assigned as a caretaker for the new-born Princess after she had just accumulated two years’ experience working as a maid.

It ignited a fire in her. 

She was a plain and unpopular woman in her previous life, but she loved children and liked taking care of them. 

Princess Primera is a hated villainess who is the rival of the Heroine in the game. 

She was chubby, selfish and often loses to her appetite. 

However, she did show intelligence in some events and could manage to do things that the Heroine struggled to accomplish. 

However, there was actually a reason behind why she was chubby. 

Julia removed this reason, gained her trust and became her exclusive maid. 

Primera has absolute trust in Julia, so much so that the Princess openly yearned for her mother when they were alone. 

But, the Princess is too cute, and when Julia told her that she would follow the Princess when she gets married, the Princess worried about her instead.

“Say, Julia. I’m happy that you’ll be by my side, but aren’t you going to get married…?”

“No, I won’t be able to find a marriage partner now. I’m also ugly.”

Translator: Blushy
Editor: Sam