Chapter 1: Dragged into Another World

Hiiro Okamura calmly analysed the scene in front of his eyes. There were people he had never seen before.

Hiiro saw that there were several men dressed like priests, which is a rare sight in Japan and amongst them was a girl wearing a pink dress.

He gazed around to check out his surroundings. The building he was in was an atrium, so he could clearly see outside even while sitting down, but not only did he see the ground, he could also see a mountain range in the distance. Based on what he could see, Hiiro concluded the place he was at was fairly high up.

This building was either a tower or something similar. The ceiling was supported by several pillars covered in strange drawings that Hiiro had never seen before. There were mysterious drawings similar to images on Egyptian murals.

The only things recognizable were the four people near him who were wearing the same high school uniform.

They were his classmates, but he had never talked to them before. Hiiro thought to himself, (Why am I here with these people?)

A magic circle like the kind found in games was drawn under his feet.

It was obvious to Hiiro that the strangely dressed people were foreign, he was somewhere with an unfamiliar scenery and there was a magic circle drawn on the floor.

Looking at his current situation, he could guess what had happened to him. The girl in the dress also confirmed it with her words.

“W-welcome, Heroes!” she said.

Yeah, this was a so-called different world.

Hiiro should have been at school until a while ago. From noon, he skipped class and slept on the rooftop the whole time. After school, he went to fetch his bag from the classroom. That was where he found the four people who now stood before him in this other world.

Like always, he headed for his desk without glancing at them. They had frowned a bit upon seeing him, but since he wasn’t interested in them, he ignored them.

But suddenly a dazzling light gushed out from under his feet. The five people present, including Hiiro, were frozen on the spot from the sudden surprise.

In front of him, everything had turned as white as snow and before he knew it, he found himself in the current situation.

The people dressed like priests cheered things like, “Hooray!” and “It’s a success!” while ignoring the confusion of the five people.

However, they all looked quite exhausted and were sweating as if they were running a marathon.

On the other hand, no one would think that the girl was Japanese with her long waist-length wavy orange hair. She was a pretty girl with big eyes and adorable facial features.

She was without a doubt an eye-catching beauty.

Just like the men, she relaxed into a smile. Most likely the five of them were summoned.

It was a common occurrence in light novels. But this was a real fantasy world, it was definitely not a light novel.

Hiiro never imagined that something like this could happen to him. Although he was calmly analysing the situation, there was a part of him that refused to believe it.

The others who were summoned together with Hiiro felt the same as him, as their faces showed that they couldn’t keep up with what had happened to them. Then finally one of them spoke.

“H-heroes? What do you mean?” The guy’s name was Taishi Aoyama, he had dyed-brown hair but an earnest face and gentle aura.

In addition, he was a tall, charming and handsome guy, so he was overwhelmingly popular with the girls in class.

Upon hearing Taishi’s question, the girl quickly lowered her head.

“Ah, my apologies! His Majesty will personally explain the matter to you! So if you would please follow me!” She looked apologetic as she said that. Upon closer inspection, she seemed rather pale.

It was hard to tell from her smile earlier, but like the men, she was exhausted from the summoning and sweating heavily.

Taishi seemed to notice her condition as well and likely thought that it would be better to listen to her for now instead of staying here any longer. That way the girl would probably get some rest.

Taishi exchanged looks with everyone except Hiiro and gave a nod of affirmation. “Okay. I have a rough idea of what’s happening, but we’ll listen to what you have to say.”

It seems that the other four people have also somewhat grasped their situation.

With that, guided by the girl, the five of them headed towards the《Throne Room》where the King was. Hiiro didn’t neglect to observe the surrounding area on their way towards the throne room.

Judging by the colour of the hair and eyes of the servants and soldiers stationed here and there around the castle, Hiiro once again concluded that this was not Japan.

The building they had been in was indeed a tower which stood in the middle of a big castle.

“Ooh, thank you for coming here Heroes.” The man sitting on the throne said with a gentle smile. (There was no need to tell him that they didn’t come here of their own free will.)

“I am sure you must be confused about the abrupt nature and strange circumstances surrounding your current situation. But rest assured, I will explain everything now.” After saying that, he first started with a self-introduction.


This kingdom’s name was 【The Human Kingdom: Victorias】. The king unified the 『Human Race』 of this world, 【Edea】in this kingdom.

There are three continents in this world and each race has its own country. Each race is separated into four groups.

Rudolph: “We are the 『Human Race』.  The 『Beastman』 and 『Demon-kin』 have a country, but the 『Spirit Race』 does not have a country. The spirit race hardly interacts with the other races, so most people have never seen them before.”

Sitting in front of Hiiro and the other four was Rudolph van Strauss Alcraiam, the reigning King of 【Victorias】.

Next to him sat the Queen Maris and the girl who guided them here was Lilith, the first princess.

『Human Race』, 『Beastman』 and 『Demon-kin』. Right now the tension between these three races are unprecedentedly high. In particular, the Demon King is planning to destroy the human race.

Rudolph: “The demon-kin possess powerful magic power and high physical ability. They battle viciously. And they wish to take control of 【Edea】.”

Magic exists in this world and naturally, the higher your magic power, the more powerful the magic you can use. Yes, this is a fantasy world in which having magic is normal.

The human race also possesses magic, but the amount of magic they have is relatively low.

Rudolph: “There are adventure guilds in this world, but while facing the 『Demon-kin』 who are accustomed to battle, even high ranking adventurers often have to form teams. The demon-kin are just too strong.”

The king who feared that they would be annihilated sooner or later at this rate, thought about eliminating the demon-kin before that could happen, therefore, he resorted to using the sealed ancient summoning magic.

Summoning magic wasn’t omnipotent, as it was sealed for some reason.

Summoning magic consumes a lot of magic power and if used by an untalented person, the magic would 《Rebound》 and lash back at the person who used it.

Summoning magic is essentially something only the royal family can use, but, of course there are risks when using it. Failed attempts can result in being exposed to enormous amounts of powerful magic leading the user to suffer a mental breakdown. In the worst case, 《Rebound》 can even cause death.

So King Rudolph had an idea. He had a few daughters, so he chose them to use the summoning magic.

At this rate, the human race will be annihilated. In order to avoid that, it was necessary to summon Heroes from another world at all costs.

Old documents told tales of Heroes being summoned in the past and saving the human race from a terrible calamity.

When Rudolph learnt of this, he hardened his heart and asked his daughters. Both the fourth and third princesses had both failed and lost their lives from the rebound effect.

(… He sacrificed his own daughters?) Hiiro thought.

Hiiro stared at Rudolph unpleasantly when he heard of his decision, but speaking up here would make things complicated, so Hiiro remained silent and continued to listen to the rest of the story.

The Queen grieved over the deaths of her daughters, but she herself was a woman who had married into the royal family from an outside family, so she didn’t have pure royal blood and couldn’t use summoning magic.

The second princess was next in line, even though she had managed to avoid death, she was now in a coma.

Rudolph: “The only ones left who could use summoning magic was only Lilith and myself. Since we could not have any more failures, I decided that I had to do it myself.”

But everyone was against it. If the king was to pass away, the country would lose its support. The demon-kin will take advantage of that situation and the kingdom will be instantly destroyed.

Lilith understood that and offered herself to her country.

“I was also afraid, but this was something that I could do for my country. I put my heart into the summoning magic.” Lilith quietly quivers her small lips.

Lilith: “The ceremony was held using the magic powers of the priests and myself as the medium. During the ceremony, I felt my conscious fading and while preparing myself for death, I thought that this task was impossible for me as well. But at that time, the magic circle released a radiant light.”

And then five people appeared.

(I see, so that woman’s pale complex was due to the effects of the summon magic, huh.) Hiiro thought.

Even though Lilith is currently sitting on a chair, her complexion was still pale. Hiiro analysed whether or not this was due to the rebound effect.

“I see. So you summoned us here to protect the humans from the demon-kin?” Said Taishi Aoyama who had nodded many times while listening to the explanation.

Rudolph: “Yes. According to the old documents, there are four Heroes in total. Hmm? Come to think of it, I’ve just noticed there’s… Five people here.”

Exactly, there were five people summoned this time. Rudolph looked questioningly at the scholar near him and asked him what it meant. The scholar adjusted his glasses, flustered and said.

Scholar: “I-I do not know! But, are all of them Heroes…?”

“Hmm… Then we just have to find out. All of you, try and check your abilities.” Rudolph had said, but Hiiro and the others titled their heads puzzled.

Rudolph: “Hmm? What is the matter? Do not tell me that you are unable to check your abilities?”

“That’s right…” Tashi answered as their representative.

Rudolph: “Hmm, you just have to think 《Status》.”

Everyone did as they were told. Of course, Hiiro tried it as well. When he recited 《Status》 in his mind, a status screen like the ones found in games, appeared before him.

Hiiro Okamura
Lv 1
HP: 24/24
MP: 120/120
EXP: 0
NEXT: 10
ATK: 13
DEF: 8
AGI: 27
HIT: 11
INT: 23
《 Magic Attribute》 None

《 Magic》Word Magic (Single Chain Release)

《 Titles》 Innocent Bystander・Otherworlder・Word Master

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