Hiiro left the castle and while walking through the city, he pondered over what to do next.

(Now then, for now, I should go gather information using RPG fundamentals.)

Normally, it would have been better to ask the king but if he stayed in the castle for any longer, there was a chance that he would get dragged into something unexpected. That might make it difficult for him to leave the country.

Besides, there were some soldiers at the castle who felt uncomfortable in Hiiro’s presence. It was inevitable that they would feel that way, since he had an attitude.

He left the castle as fast as possible. They have four talented people there with them. He had concluded that he wasn’t needed there.

(For now, what’s this 《Word Magic》 in my 《Status》’s magic column? I somewhat understand what kind of attribute it is. It’s probably unattributed magic.)

Hiiro decided to utilize all the knowledge he had gained from games and novels. He also recalled the term ‘guild’ while thinking about magic. The King had also said that a guild exists in this world.

He decided to ask the townspeople about the location of the guild and found out that it was close by.

For the time being, he headed to the guild to register as an adventurer. Living and travelling here wasn’t free. Somehow or another, he had to make money.

Incidentally, the money of this world could be stored in the guild card. It was also possible to pay for goods with the card. That was one of the things that Lilith had taught them back at the castle.

When Hiiro arrived at the guild, the inside was bustling with people. Muscular guys, who were most likely adventures, were lined up in front of the various reception counters.

The counter closest to Hiiro had the word ‘Registration’ written on the sign above it.

As his black hair and eyes were unusual, he became the centre of attention as soon as he entered the guild.

It was only natural since he was also wearing an unfamiliar school uniform that people of this world had never seen before. He decided to buy some gear later on. He walked to the counter unconcerned by all the gazes.

“Hey, I want to register.” He bluntly stated. The receptionist at the counter just began her explanation with a professional smile.

Various requests are commissioned at the guild.  The adventure that completes the commissioned request earned a reward.

These requests are classified into different ranks according to their difficulty level, starting from the lowest: F・E・D・C・B・A・S・SS and the highest SSS rank.

A Guild Card is issued to the adventurer upon registration; it serves the same purpose as the Citizen Cards that all citizens hold. Which meant that it served as an identification card.

The adventurers were also ranked into the same categories as the requests. Although, there were very few adventurers with an S rank or above. In particular, there were only three adventurers who held the SSS rank from the human race.

The receptionist held out a pure white card and told Hiiro that she wanted him to drip one drip of blood onto it. He prickled his finger with the needle he received.

After dripping blood onto the card, the card started to vanish.

“Huh? It’s gone?”

“Please recite《Guild Card》in your mind.”

When Hiiro did as he was told, the card reappeared in his hand.

But, the card that had reappeared in his hand was different from the card that he had seen disappear. What should have been a pure white card, now had a blue border and words on it.

“The colour represents your rank. From the lowest: blue・violet・green・yellow・orange・pink・red・silver・gold and finally black.”

He listened to the explanation while nodding his head. Then looking at his new Guild Card, he confirmed the information that was on it.

Name: Hiiro Okamura

Sex: Male

Age: 16

Race: Human

From: Unknown
Rank: F


- Weapon:

- Guard:

- Accessory:
Rigin: 0


Equipment meant his gear[1]Author explaining what Equipment means in English. It was subdivided into Weapon, Guard and Accessory. He asked about the one thing that bothered him the most.Hiiro was glad that his birthplace was listed as unknown. If it was written that he was from another world, it would have been troublesome to have to explain the same thing over and over again.

“Hey, what’s this rigin thing written on the card…?”

“Mhm? That is the currency…?” The receptionists tilted her head and looked baffled. The people of this world naturally knew that rigin was currency.

On the other hand, it was also natural for Hiiro not to know this as he had just arrived in this world earlier today.

Upon inquiring further, he learnt that the value of rigin was almost the same as Japan’s yen. Lastly, 《Quest》 displayed his active requests.

(What a handy card.)

With a single card, he could trade and identify himself. Furthermore, the card usually resided within him and could be taken out at any time.

“How do I take up requests?”

“Please choose from the bulletin board over there. But since you are F rank. You can only receive requests one rank above you, E rank.”

“I see. How do I raise my rank?”

“When you carry out various requests, your experience points with the Guild will increase and your rank will naturally go up.”

“In short, after I complete various requests, this blue border will turn…. Erm, what was it again?”


“So it’ll turn violet?”

Hiiro was astonished at how handy the card is.

“However, in order to be promoted onto SS rank or higher, you are required to gain approval from the guild. Please note that if you wish to be promoted to SS rank or higher, you are required to submit an application to the guild; if the application is accepted, your rank will raise.”

This meant that just by completing requests and levelling up, Hiiro would be able to reach S rank naturally, but to rank up any further than that he would have to submit an application to the guild and take a test.

It wasn’t as if Hiiro practically cared about being an SSS ranker.

“Well then, better not waste any time.” He muttered while heading towards the bulletin board. Various requests written on paper were posted on the board.

Church Roof Repair. Rank F

Help repair the roof of the Amaruk Church. Experience preferred.

Reward: 10,000 Rigin
Lottery Herb Harvest. Rank F

Collect the Lottery Herbs that grow on Asbit Plateau.

Reward: 300 Rigin per bundle
Goblin Subjugation. Rank E

Kill 10 goblins in Creel Forest.

Reward: 35,000 Rigin

(Everything’s been so easy to understand just like a game… Looking at the requests and seeing the word subjugation feels so surreal.)

There were various other requests, but without hesitation, Hiiro chose to do the 《Lottery Herb Harvest》. To be frank, since he was still at level one, he felt uneasy about doing the subjugation request.

Although, even beginners should be able to hunt down goblins. He decided that he would only do the subjugation request after gaining a few levels and getting accustomed to battling.

“Yes sir. Please keep in mind that if you cancel the request halfway, you will have to pay a cancellation fee of 10,000 rigin.”

Hiiro accepted the quest by bringing the request note to the reception counter. Since there was a cancellation fee attached, he had to avoid cancelling quests by any means necessary. At least for now since he didn’t have any money.

First, he asked where 【Asbit Plateau】was. Luckily for him, it was just right outside of this town. He would be able to make a quick escape if worse came to worse.

The receptionist also showed him a picture of the 《Lottery Herb》from the reference book that the guild kept.

(I would love to read that reference book thoroughly.)

His thirst for knowledge throbbed. The book-loving Hiiro was pretty tempted to hole himself up in a library for a while after he saved up some money.

After the receptionist had finished showing Hiiro the picture of the plant, he received a big bag. The bag was surely meant for his harvest.

On his way out of town, he brought up his 《Status》and once again was bothered by 《Word Magic》.

Even if he had a large amount of magic power, it was a waste if he didn’t know how to use it. He needed to learn how to use magic as soon as possible.

He regretted a bit that he didn’t ask the receptionist before. Magic wasn’t an unusual thing in this world. Almost everyone had different amounts of magic power dwelling inside of them in this world and could use magic.

Speaking of which, he could just ask someone around here.

He suddenly stopped moving and looked to his right. There sat a person on a chair in front of a crystal ball which was placed on a desk.

‘…A fortune-teller?’

The person wore a black robe and hid their face under a hood, they certainly looked the part.

“Oh my? Would you like to try, sir?”

Listening to the voice, he concluded that it was quite an old woman.

“Nah, I don’t have any money.”

“Oh, is that so. But good sir, you look like you have something you want to ask, do you not?”


“You’re not from this country, are you? I’ve never seen you before.”

“What’s your point?” He stared at her with a bit of suspicion.

“Fuehehe. Don’t make such a scary face. How about I tell you a bit of your fortune to commemorate your first time here?”

“I’m not interested.”

“Fuehehe, don’t say that and take a seat.”

Since Hiiro wasn’t really in a rush, he did as the fortune-teller had told him to and sat in the chair facing her.  Besides, he might be able to obtain some information that he needed from here on out.

“Fuehehe. Then let’s begin.”

The fortune-teller put her hands on top of the crystal ball and started concentrating. Hiiro silently watched her with his arms crossed. After a while, she spoke in a voice full of admiration.

“Hoh… You seem to have quite a peculiar star fate.”


“Fuehehe. All people have stars dwelling within their hearts. The shape, colour, size and radiance varies between person to person. My divination technique allows me to see those stars. And while I have seen many stars from different people. I have never seen a star as powerful as yours before.”


“Yours is of a dark blue that rules over its surroundings as if suppressing a powerful, burning red and it shines in a light so dazzling, it could attract anyone’s attention. I see… This country aside, you’re not even from this world, are you now?”

The chair clattered as he quickly jolted up. (How did the fortune-teller know this?) Hiiro wondered to himself.

It hadn’t been long since he’d left the castle. Hiiro started getting wary as he wasn’t sure how a mere fortune-teller could possibly know the actions of the royal family.

(Can fortune-telling really allow you to know this? No, this is probably…magic?) Thinking that, he glared at her with a sharp look. While it didn’t matter that she knew this fact, Hiiro put his guard up anyways.

“… Sit down. I am not thinking of revealing your secret. And while people from other worlds are indeed rare, it is not my first time meeting one.”

“… Old lady, you’ve met one before?”

“Yes, just once when I was still young. That person back then also had a peculiar star like yours.”

Hiiro couldn’t tell if what she was saying was true or not. Fortune-tellers did have something that drew people towards them. So, Hiiro thought it wouldn’t be bad to go along with her just for a little while longer and sat back down onto the chair.

“… I see. So then what’s the result?”

“Fuhehe. Soon you will… No, you’ve already obtained a new set of wings. These wings will grow wide, strong and warm.”

Hiiro didn’t understand what she was talking about, but it seems like it wasn’t anything ill. He thought he should at least listen till the very end.

“Many will likely gather towards your light in pursuit of these wings.”

“Hmph that would be troublesome. I prefer being alone.”

“Fuhehe. Well, this is but one possibility amongst the countless other possibilities. By hearing this today, this future has become more likely to occur. That’s all.”

“Mm ~ I don’t get it. I just do what I want to do.”

“Fuhehe. That’s fine. By the way, did you not have something you want to ask me?”

“Well, it’s just like you said, Old Lady. I come from a different world. In my world, there’s no such thing as magic, so I can’t grasp the magic here, nor do I know how to use it. I thought that I should learn how to use it as soon as possible.”

“Oho, I see. A world without magic, how interesting.”

There Hiiro suddenly realized that he had nothing else to lose and looked at the old woman.

“Hey, could you teach me how to use magic?”

“I don’t mind.”

He thought she was going to refuse but it seems that she was willing to teach him.

“Do you know where magic power comes from?”


That’s why I’m asking, was what Hiiro wanted to say.

“Maybe from the heart or the brain?”

“No, no. Magic power comes from the blood.”


“That’s right, every living being has blood. That’s the source of magic power.”


“That’s why when you want to produce magic, you focus on the flow of your blood.”

“Focus on the blood flow?”

“Yes, watch closely.”

The fortune-teller showed Hiiro her opened palm. Something that looked like blue smoke gushed out from the centre of her palm. It gradually formed shape until there was a sphere in her hand.

“That’s magic.”

“… That’s awesome! So it’s something this visible?”

“Well, it takes a lot of training to make it this visible. I focused on my flow and imagined it gathering in my hand.”

“Imagined, huh…”

“Magic is the power of imagination and also the power of flow. Right now inside of this sphere, the flow of magic is circulating inside like blood.”

“That sounds a bit complicated but I get the gist of it. So in short, it wouldn’t be wrong to think that blood flow equals magic power, right?”


“And to utilize magic, I have to have an image of how blood flows throughout my body. If I do that…”

Hiiro imagined the flow of blood only going to his index finger. Then his fingertip glowed in a blueish-white light and slightly warmed up.

“So you can even do stuff like this. I see, so this is magic.”

Hiiro was excited upon successfully producing magic and his eyes began to shine. The fortune-teller who was in front of him had her mouth gaping open in surprise.

“Oh, what a surprise! You said that it’s your first time using magic, am I right?”

“Mm? Yeah.”

“Despite that, you can already control it. You must have an incredible imagination.”

“Well, I am a bookworm, so I have confidence in my imagination.”

Books only consisted of words and one had to imagine what the written text was saying in one’s head.

In order to visualize in one’s mind: the place, person and actions written in the narrative, one needed a good imagination.

Since he was very young, Hiiro had buried himself in books, so his imagination was well trained. It was the only thing that he was confident about boasting.

When he stopped picturing the image, the light and warmth disappeared from his fingertip.

“I appreciate it, Old Lady. Thanks to you I was able to understand what magic is.”

“Fuhehe. I’m glad to hear.”

“One more thing, when I want to use magic, do I just chant a spell while focusing on the flow of magic like just now?”

“That’s correct. Look. 《Fire Ball》.”

The fortune-teller held up her index finger and chanted then a fire ball around the same size as a tennis ball appeared.


Hiiro raised an excited voice in admiration, which was something he rarely did. His interest in magic was suddenly piqued by seeing it used for the first time.

“It’s only this size for now, but it can become even bigger depending on your imagination and magic power.”

“I see. But, I don’t think I can use 《Fire Ball》.”

“Mm. Is your attribute different?”

“Yeah, it’s unattributed.”

“… Now that’s a rare attribute. Those with unattributed magic become unique magicians without fail. Could it be that you…”

“Unique magician? Wait a second. Unique, it’s that right…? A special kind of magic that only you can use.”

Hiiro knew this from his knowledge of games and novels. It seems like this knowledge was spot on as the old woman nodded in confirmation.

There are eight standard attributes to magic: Fire・ Water・Earth・Wind・Lightning・Ice・Light and Dark.

Unattributed magic did not fall into any of those categories. In other words, someone with unattributed magic could not cast any magic from the other attributes.

In exchange, the magic that they could use was specially tailored to them and was called unique magic; the one who handles that unique magic was called a unique magician.

“By the way, unique magic is a valuable thing in this world. However, there aren’t many people who could control it.”

“What do you mean?”

“Unique magic is always powerful and I have heard that it is difficult to control. Thus, most people’s magic backfires and they lose their lives to 《Rebound》.”

That story sent shivers down Hiiro’s spine. He had never thought that unique magic would be that dangerous.

“Control is important but knowledge even more so.”


“Yes, because people who could not fully grasp their own magic suffer from 《Rebound Death》. When you become familiar with the knowledge of your magic power, your magic and yourself, you can become a first-class magician.”

“I see. Old Lady, thanks for telling me all this.”

“Fuhehe. Not at all. It was a pleasure to meet one with a light like yours after so long.”

Hiiro still couldn’t see the old woman’s face but from the sound of her voice, she must have been smiling.

“I am always here, so drop by if you need anything. But of course, I will have to charge you next time.”

“How shrewd.” Then he parted with the fortune-teller and headed for the town gate.

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1 Author explaining what Equipment means in English