After the sun had set and the surroundings had become quiet, the crackling sounds of a bonfire echoed around the surrounding area.

“Ahh, hooot. Here, it’s done Muir.”

“Thanks, Uncle.”

The man named Arnold took the grilled fish from the bonfire and passed it to the girl sitting next to him named Muir.

Muir blew softly on the hot fish and began stuffing her cheeks with it.

Arnold glared at the other member of their group with scornful eyes, sighed and said.

“Oi, how long are you going to read that book for Hiiro? I’ll eat everything if you don’t hurry up and come eat.”

While resting against the tree, Hiiro Okamura closed his book with a light thud, narrowed his eyes and glared at Arnold.

“If you do that…”

Hiiro pointed his index finger towards Arnold and his fingertips began to faintly glow in a blueish-white light. Arnold who saw this happening started to panic.

“I-I’m joking! Don’t point that towards me.”

Watching Arnold swiftly backing away Hiiro lowered his finger. Muir smiled wryly at Arnold as he let out a big sigh of relief.

*rustle rustle*

Their senses twitched.

“…There’s something there.” As Hiiro said those words the two nodded at the same time. Arnold gently touched Muir’s back.

“Muir, get back.”


With a loud noise, a huge shadow appeared from behind the tall grass.

“That’s…” After confirming the appearance of the enemy that had appeared bathed in moonlight; Hiro placed his hand on his chin and muttered to himself in an effort to remember. While he was doing that, Arnold grinned.

“Ooh, isn’t this a blast from the past? It’s a Barbarous Bear. Come to think of it, when we first met Hiiro we also fought this monster together, ay.”

“Did we?”

It wasn’t just one but two Barbarous Bears that appeared.

“Al-righty Hiiro, leave the one that just appeared to me.”

Arnold drew out his great sword and held it towards the centre of his body while ignoring what Hiiro was saying from behind him. Of course Arnold had thought that Hiiro had said “YES” but…

“I refuse. I’m hungry right. With just that many, can’t you do something about them youself, Old Man?”

“Hey! Y-you bastard!”

Then one of the Barbarous Bear’s threw a rock at Arnold.


He quickly dodged and panted loudly.

“Whoa, that was dangerous…”

“Pay attention, Old Man. *munch munch*.”

“What are you eating?! You’re unbelievable, you bastard!”

Hiiro continued to eat the grilled fish without paying any attention to the battle that was happening in front of him. Looking at Hiiro doing as he pleased, Arnold was struck with shock. Hiiro made a quick sideways glance at Arnold and said,

“Hmm. Is it over already?”

“It’s not over yet! Help out!”

“Uncle! Behind you!”

“Eh, ooops?!”

Once again the Barbarous Bear threw a rock towards Arnold but thanks to Muir’s shout, he was able to safely avoid it. Then Arnold pointed his finger towards Hiiro.

“Listen up Hiiro! In the first place, that fish was something I caught! If you want to eat then fight! Oh and I forgot to mention this but Barbarous Bear meat tastes amazing!”

After hearing those words, Hiiro stopped eating, silently got up and started moving towards Arnold.

“You should have said that the meat tastes good earlier.”

Seeing Hiiro’s eyes sparkle, Arnold dropped his shoulders and let out a sigh.

“…Argh, enough. Hurry up and kill it.”

“U-um Uncle, do your best.”

“Aah, as I thought Muir’s so cute. Alright, I feel great! Go over there and don’t move.”


Muir then looked up at Hiiro while slightly blushing.

“U-um Hiiro-san as well… Um… Please be careful. Please don’t get hurt… Okay?”

“Of course. Go look after my fish and don’t let it get spoiled, Chibi.”

“Um, okay!”

Seeing Muir smiling so happily, Arnold stared at Hiiro with an unpleasant feeling.

“Oi, hey, I have a feeling that recently Muir’s attitude towards you and me are different?”

“It’s just your imagination.”

“Nope.  I’m sure of it! In the first place, Muir is my daughter, I absolutely won’t give her to…”

“It’s coming, Idiot Parent.”

Monsters started appearing and interrupted Arnold.

“Urgh enough! Read the air you half-wit!”

Arnold leaped into the sky, raised his great sword and slashed downward with all his might. *slash* the sword found its target and cut through the enemy.

“Alright! Now… Eeeeh?!?!”

Arnold saw three more bears appear from behind the first and unsurprisingly yelled in shock.

“H-hey Hiiro…”

“Aah, what a pain. I guess there’s no choice. Move, Old Man.”

Hiro glared at the four monsters gathering in front of him and just like he’d done earlier to Arnold, pointed his index finger towards the monsters.

When a blueish-white light started to softly emanate from his fingertips, Hiiro began to move his finger.

His finger moved to write something in the air, the letters were connected by the blueish-white light which left faint traces. Once he had finished, there was a character floating in the air.

《BURST 【爆】》

That is indeed a character written in Japanese.

“Burst open,《Word Magic》”

The words acted like a trigger and flew straight at the monsters just like a bullet.


As soon as the character touched the monster’s body, a tremendous explosion occurred.

The surrounding monsters were also swallowed up in the explosion.

“Mmm, your magic’s still as strange as ever.”

Arnold went to confirm that the earlier explosion had done its job. Looking at the aftermath, his cheeks began to twitch as he thought about how Hiiro’s magic had been aimed at him earlier.

“W-well it’s safe now. Let’s settle down and eat.”

“Hurry up and prepare the meat, Lolicon.”

“Who’s the Lolicon? Who’s…!”

As Arnold was saying that, Muir puffed out her cheeks and in a loud voice said. “Y-you can’t fight! H-hiiro-san too!”


“The angry Muir is cute too.”

Hiiro looked at Arnold, who was getting scolded with a bewitched look on his face and thought to himself. (He’s definitely a lolicon.)

Muir started fidgeting with her fingers as she moved closer to Hiiro.

“U-um Hiiro-san?”

“Yeah? What?”

“W-what… Is that injury…?”

“Don’t worry about it. I won’t get beaten by a monster of that level now, will I?”

“T-that’s right, hehehe, as expected of… Hiiro-san”

“Anyways, let’s continue with our meal.”

“Oh. I’ll start preparing! I want to try make the delicious sauce that Uncle taught me recently! Please eat it with the fish!”

“Oh, I can’t wait.”

Seeing how Hiiro’s face had brightened up, Muir started trotting towards the place where their bags were kept.

Suddenly, Hiiro looked up to the night sky and saw thousands of stars just floating there looking like they were about to fall at any moment.

(Now that I think about it, it’s been a while since I’ve arrived in this world. Even now, I still can’t believe it…to think that I would be summoned to another world. On top of that, I’ve somehow gotten mixed up with those summoned heroes. I really wonder why all of this has happened.)

While enjoying the smell of the roasting meat, Hiiro thought about how he first came to this other world 《Edea》.

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