Chapter 01: The Mysterious Girl


The three, who saw the child fall into the hot water had no idea what was going on.

Arnold: “H-hey, is it alright to leave her like that?”

Arnold twitched his eyebrow and looked at the unmoving child, whose face was submerged in water. He was worried since the child would drown if left like that. Arnold turned to look at Hiiro as if he was waiting for a response.

“Aaah ~.”

Hiiro looked very satisfied soaking in the hot water as if there was nothing wrong.

Arnold: “Wooah! Why are you being so normal!?”

Of course Arnold would raise his voice; seeing Hiiro ignore the current situation and continue at his own pace, frustrated him.

Arnold: “Hey, Hiiro!”

“You’re noisy. You can decide what to do right, Old Man? I want to enjoy the hot springs.”

Arnold: “Th-this Brat… Seriously…”

Arnold’s face twitched and he dropped his shoulders while muttering, “Same as ever”. Then he turned back to the child.

Arnold: “There’s no choice, I can’t just leave her like this. Muir, help me out.”

Muir: “Ah, yes!”

“First of all, that spear’s in the way. Ooh, it’s quite heavy. Muir, hold on to this for a bit.”

Arnold said as he took the spear from the child and passed it to Muir.

Arnold: “It’s heavy so be careful.”

Muir: “Yes!”

Even though she was small, Muir was a beastman so she was quite strong. If she only had to hold onto the spear, then it was nothing. Nevertheless when the spear was passed to her, she thought it was quite heavy. Muir held onto the spear firmly as not to drop it. She was surprised that such a small child could use such a heavy spear.

Muir had yet to see the child’s face but guessed that it was a girl, judging from the long hair, garments, and stature similar to hers.

Arnold used both hands to pull the child out of the hot water and laid them face up on the ground. They were finally able to see the child’s face.

Arnold: “Ah, as I thought it’s a girl.”

The girl looked to be around the same age as Muir, she was a cute girl with blonde waist length hair that was french braided at the back. Muir thought that the bundle of hair swaying on top of the girl’s head was cute. She looked over the girl’s whole body and unintentionally gulped. She was jealous of the girl’s body and stared intensely at it.

A large chest, thin arms and legs, a thin waist, and fine skin. She had a well-featured face, enough to be called a beautiful girl. The girl had features that Muir wanted.

Muir looked at the figure that was evidently different from hers and was sad. Muir thought that the girl’s figure was unfair, especially her chest area… Even though they looked to be around the same age.

“Ooh, it’s a girl.”

Muir turned around when she heard the voice and there stood Hiiro but,

Muir: “Ky-kyah!”

Hiiro only had a towel wrapped on his waist. Muir’s face reddened at seeing his exposed top half and she quickly turned away.

(T-too close ~!)

Hiiro was unaware of Muir’s embarrassment and glanced at the sleeping girl, then he walked towards the rocky area where his clothes were. He seemed to have enjoyed the hot springs enough.

Arnold sensed Muir’s embarrassment and in order to comfort her, he said,

“Le-let’s change our clothes for now.”

Muir: “Yes…”

Muir checked to see if the girl was still alive and she seemed to be breathing properly, so Muir left her to sleep on the spot and went to change.

The girl was still sleeping when the three returned. Hiiro blankly looked down at the girl and enquired,

“What do you plan to do?”

Arnold: “Well ~, we can’t just leave her like this, the monsters might come…”

Muir: “Th-that’s right. We have to wake her up.”

Muir once again observed the girl. She was wearing light equipment, her breastplate looked as if it would burst and her belly was exposed. The girl had a black choker wrapped around her neck. She was wearing shorts covered by a fluttering cloth. Also if she was had such a big spear, it was highly probable that she was an adventurer.

The girl might have potential but if they left her like this, without waking her, and something were to happen, they would feel bad about it. Arnold was currently slapping the girl’s cheeks.

Muir looked to Hiiro, who was standing next to her and said,

“I-is it alright?”

“Who knows? It doesn’t seem like she has any external wounds. So she shouldn’t be dead…”

Muir: “But is she an adventurer…? She’s carrying such a big spear.”

When Muir turned her gaze back to the girl, an uncomfortable feeling overcame her when she saw how Arnold was trying to wake up the girl. Earlier Arnold had been slapping the girl’s cheeks with the palm of his hands but for some reason he was now poking her cheeks with his finger as if he was enjoying the feeling of her cheeks. Most of all Arnold’s face had relaxed and he looked like he was enjoying himself.

Muir: “Un-uncle…?”

Arnold: “Eh! Ah, i-it’s nothing! It wasn’t because her cheeks were soft or anything… Ah.”

Muir: “Uncle…”

For some reason Muir became sad upon seeing Arnold’s unnatural behaviour. As for Hiiro,

“What do we have here? A crime scene?”

Arnold: “You’re wrong! We-well I unintentionally… Argh enough! Believe me, Muir!”

Muir: “Y-yes… I believe in you… Yes, I believe…?”

Arnold: “Wh-wh-which is it, dammit?!”

Muir was desperately trying to read the situation and got depressed. Arnold had ran away somewhere.

Muir: “Un-uncle?!”

“Just leave him alone, he’ll be back. More importantly, I don’t mind leaving her like that.”

Muir: “Y-you can’t leave her like that!”

“Eh… Then how am I supposed to wake her up…?”

Muir was feeling perplexed and then she heard Hiiro sigh.

Hiiro looked like he wanted to go and find the exquisite ingredients as fast as possible. He was troubled since they couldn’t find the ingredients by doing nothing. Only Arnold knew about the ingredients and he chose not to leave her. That meant that Hiiro also had to wait here until she woke up.

“… It can’t be helped.”

Hiiro walked close to the sleeping girl and then put his fingertip towards her face.

“Hi-hiiro-san?” Not knowing what was going on, Muir enquired.

“Its fine, so just shut up and watch. I’ll wake her up.”



Hiiro Okamura was not a person of this world,【Edea】. He was Japanese. One day his four classmates were in the classroom when he returned from the rooftop.

At that time a magical circle like the ones seen in games appeared at their feet. Everything in front of his eyes turned white and the next thing he noticed was a scene that he’d never seen before.

Hiiro was summoned to this world, 【Edea】but it wasn’t just a normal summoning.

The King of the 『Human Race』had summoned heroes to rescue them from the threat of the『Demon-kin』and『Beastman』.

But according to old documents, only four heroes were supposed to be summoned.

In this world if you recite 《Status》 a game like 《Status》 screen will appear and on that, there is a column called 《Title》.

The four people who were summoned together with Hiiro, had《Hero》written in their title column. But Hiiro had the laughable title of《Innocent Bystander》. He was an ordinary person who was dragged into this world with the heroes.

Hiiro didn’t like being used and it was a joke for him to work for a country that had selfishly summoned him. That was why unlike the other four heroes, Hiiro decided to live in this world by himself.

There was magic in this world and the eight basic attributes were: Fire・ Water・Earth・Wind・Lightning・Ice・Light and Dark.

Without exception unattributed magic users were called unique magician. Personal magic, special magic, rare magic. There were various descriptions for unattributed magic but in short, it was a magic that could only be handled by a single person; generally called unique magic.

《Word Magic》… That was the name of Hiiro’s rare magic. By concentrating magic power into his fingertip and writing a character, he could evoke the effect of the character he’d written. That was Hiiro’s magic.

For example; if he wrote 『Flame炎』, flames would burst forth from nothing; if he wrote 『Float 浮』, the thing he wrote it on would float into the air; if he wrote 『Burst爆』, a terrible explosion would occur. It was truly an almighty cheat ability. Of course, he didn’t have to just write kanji but he used kanji because the meaning was clearer and it was easier to manifest the effect he wanted.

Thus he thought about writing 『Wake起』on the sleeping girl and pointed his fingertip towards her but ――― in that instant, something unexpected happened.


“… Hah?”

Hiiro was surprised at what had happened. Muir was also surprised and stiffened on the spot with her mouth gaping open. The reason why the two were acting like that was because the girl who was supposed to be asleep had bitten Hiiro’s finger, no, his entire hand.


Even more surprisingly, the girl was moving her mouth while still unconscious.

“Ou-ouch, ouch?! Let go, Antenna Girl!”

Hiiro had apparently decided to call the girl, Antenna Girl. It was obvious that he had attached this nickname because of her hairstyle.

Hiiro heard his hand make a crunching sound and while bearing with the pain, he desperately tried to free his hand from the girl’s mouth. But he was unsuccessful and only managed to drag her face along with his hand.

“You don’t intend to let go even while unconscious?! Hey, let go! Or rather, wake up, Idiot!”

As if responding to Hiiro’s voice, the girl’s eyebrow twitched and she slowly opened her eyes. When Hiiro saw that she was finally waking up he felt relieved.

Girl: “… Good morning…”

“… Who said that you could greet me like that?”

Hiiro said as his face twitched.

“First of all, let my hand go.”


The girl glugged and tilted her head.

“Whatever, open your mouth!”

Girl: “…? Ah ~.”

While wearing an emotionless expression the girl opened her mouth and Hiiro freed his hand. The girl’s teeth marks remained clearly on the back of his hand.

“U-umm Hiiro-san? Are you okay?”

Muir finally spoke up. However Hiiro didn’t answer her and rubbed his hand.

Girl: “Who’s Hiiro…?”

“And what about you? Trying to eat someone’s hand.”

Hiiro said in full displeasure but the girl blinked her eyes while looking up and down while remaining expressionless.

Girl: “… Because it smelt good…?”

“Why are you asking? And my hand is not food.”

Girl: “I’m sorry… Hiiro?”

“Don’t call people’s names so familiarly, Antenna Girl.”

Girl: “… No.”


Wi: “Wi is called Wi.”

“… Hah?”

Hiiro had replied without thinking. He didn’t understand what the girl was going on about.

“A-ah, could it be that your name is Wi-san…?”

Muir asked but the girl shook her head in reply.

“No… Wi is Wi. But that’s not all…”

“… What’re you going on about?”

Muir: “Co-come now…”

The girl brought about a mysterious atmosphere. Whether she was a my-pace kind of person or if it was natural but she didn’t seem to have a grasp of things.

Muir: “Are you trying to say that Wi-san is not Wi-san?”

“Wi is Wi, you know? But Wi is also called Winka.”

Muir: “… Ah, so your name is Winka-san! And Wi-san is your nickname, right?”

“That’s right. That’s why you can call me Wi. Who are you…?”

Winka noticed Muir’s presence for the first time and looked at her while tilting her head.

Muir: “Ah, I’m sorry! I, I am Muir! Muir Castliar!”

Wi: “Muir… Hiiro.”

“Like I said, don’t call my name so familiarly, Antenna Girl.”

Hiiro was still holding onto his hand, it seemed to be incredibly sore.

Wi: “I’m sorry… For biting your hand.”

“You didn’t bite it, you tried to eat it.”

Winka looked down, upset at Hiiro’s words. Muir who saw that said,

“U-um Hiiro-san? Wi-san looks like she’s reflecting upon her actions…”

Muir looked up at Hiiro, troubled.

“… Hah, anyway how far did the Old Man go?”

Hiiro thought about entrusting this unknown person to Arnold. At that moment as if it was timed, violent thumping sounds headed towards them. Arnold had just returned and was breathing intensely while looking at Hiiro and co. After he had confirmed that the girl they’d saved earlier was awake, he laughed and said, “Hahahahaha… Oh! You’re awake, young lady!”

Muir: “Ah, Uncle! That’s right, her name’s Wi-san. Ah, but it’s actually Winka.”

Wi: “… Wi is fine.”

Arnold: “Eh ~ Wi, is it? Nice to meet you, Wi! I’m Arnold Ocean!”

Wi: “Yup… Nice to meet you.”

Arnold: “But why did you fall down?”

Wi: “Fall down… What do you mean?”

It seems that Wi didn’t remember falling down into the hot water.


Everyone heard what sounded like the painful cries of a small beastman. Winka flopped to the ground.

“H-hey, what’s wrong, Wi?”

Arnold shouted but Winka pressed on her stomach and said, “I’m hungry…”

Hiiro and co dropped their shoulders.



Winka had come to this mountain for a purpose but the bag containing her provisions had dropped somewhere. While she was loitering about on an empty stomach, she smelt an intense smell.

It was the smell of the hot spring but Winka had thought that it was the smell of some kind of food and frantically pursed the smell.

However when she reached her destination, she only saw water. She felt hopeless and exhausted and just like Hiiro and co had seen, she had fallen from the rock.

“Nom mrrmm mrrhmm on nom…”

Right now she was gulfing down the food Arnold had obtained as preserved food without care. Even so,

Arnold: “… I-it’s somewhat cute… Right?”


Winka’s eating figure overlapped with the figure of a small animal desperately eating feed. Muir and Arnold watched her eating calmly, her figure gave off a soothing effect.

The other person, Hiiro was eating the dried meat which was part of the preserved food just like Winka. Seeing her eat as if the food was really delicious, Hiiro also wanted to eat it.

Arnold: “This guy… Eating so shamelessly… It’s entirely opposite.”

Muir: “I-is that so…?”

Muir also thought the same but restrained herself from saying anything rude.

A short while after all of Winka’s food had disappeared and she stared at Arnold greedily.

Arnold: “Er… I don’t have anymore…”


Arnold: “No… Like I said…”


Arnold: “… Muir, help me out!”

Muir: “Eeh! I, I don’t have anything! Hiiro-san!”

Everyone focused on the dried meat that was still in Hiiro’s hands.

“… Hhm?”

Hiiro noticed their gazes and tensed. Especially Winka, who’s gaze was more intense than anyone.

“I won’t give it to you.”

Hiiro said and Winka slowly approached him. Without caring about the approaching Winka, Hiiro chewed on the dried meat but Winka was looking at the meat as if she was trying to put a hole through it and it was very uncomfortable.

“Hey Antenna Girl, go over there.”

Wi: “… Here.”

“I get distracted when you’re looking at me. So go over there.”

Winka shook her head in refusal. Hiiro looked at her annoyingly and could feel that she was determined not to move. So he gave up, shrugged his shoulders and presented the meat that he was chewing on to Winka.

Wi: “… It’s okay?”


Hiiro’s appetite had sorrowfully disappeared. After Winka looked at Hiiro’s hands, she opened her mouth and ate the dried meat. Arnold had his eyes wide open in surprise at seeing how obediently Hiiro was giving away his food.


Muir said quietly but Arnold had heard it and titled his head.

Arnold: “Wh-what’s wrong?”

Muir: “Eh? No-nothing! It’s nothing!”

Muir abruptly shook her head in denial. But an unsatisfied feeling awoke within her.

(Th-the meat that Hiiro was chewing on… I-i-in-ind-indirect kiss… Aouh…)

Muir had not raised a voice in surprise at Hiiro giving his meat to Winka, like Arnold had, she was surprised that Hiiro and Winka had an indirect kiss. Hiiro and Winka did not notice her behaviour at all. Muir’s heart was pricking in pain.

Without thinking Muir stared at Hiiro’s mouth and her face flushed. Muir hit her cheeks with both her hands not noticing that her face was flushed. But she still continued to flicker her eyes towards Hiiro’s mouth and watched it as it moved. She felt her heart throbbing.

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