(I knew it), Hiiro thought. Muir also looked towards Hiiro waiting for his approval.

He knew that they’d make a choice like this because they were soft-hearted but he still hadn’t collected his thoughts so he couldn’t answer them easily.

“Hey, Old Man, you’re aware that we’re being chased, aren’t you?”


Arnold strongly replied. It seemed that he had thought a lot about it before he’d replied.

“Hiiro, I know you don’t do favours if you don’t get anything in return, that’s why I won’t force you. You helped out Muir once and I thank you for that. You don’t have to keep going along with our selfishness.”

At that moment Muir looked sad but Hiiro didn’t notice.

“So if you say you don’t wanna then I’ll give up. Travelling with you is fun and you really are strong. But we don’t wanna be any more troublesome. Whatever your answer is we’ll accept it.”

Muir nodded trying to convince herself and like Arnold, she also looked towards him. Hiiro also stared back at them.

“… That reminds me, I owe you for something, Old Man.”

“… Hah? You owe me? What’re you talking about?”

Arnold really didn’t know what Hiiro was talking about and he stared at Hiiro blankly as question marks began floating above his head.

“Did you forget? It was when we fought with that Topknot.”

Yes, the other day Hiiro fought against a man named Folse, the one who commanded 《Beast Cage》. Folse was extremely strong and just when Hiiro was about to be killed, Arnold had saved him by throwing his sword towards Folse. Thanks to Arnold, Hiiro’s life had been saved.

Hiiro had told him about that time but Arnold didn’t remember at all and tilted his head. Upon seeing that, Hiiro said bluntly.

“I’ll repay that debt but after this I owe you nothing. The next time you ask me you have to prepare satisfactory compensation for me.”

Hiiro said as he walked towards the direction that the Sky Wolf had gone. Arnold who’d been staring at Hiiro absentmindedly, started laughing,

“What the, seriously, you’re not very honest are you?!”

Hiiro honestly just wanted to pay back his debt but Arnold misunderstood and thought he was a tsundere. Muir also thought the same as Arnold and thought that was Hiiro’s attitude,

“Hiiro-san’s kind of cute…”

Hiiro wasn’t being a tsundere but it goes without saying that Hiiro’s popularity had increased.

They didn’t know that Hiiro’s real aim was the valuable books and data that might be at the testing ground.

(It’ll be good if I can also read the research data at least once.)

After all Hiiro was a person who pursued his desires no matter where it took him.


People in white coats were moving around restlessly while someone with a big body was sleeping at a desk.

“Chief, please wake up!”

The man who was sleeping was the Chief and the man who was raising his voice trying to wake him up was his subordinate.

“… Guga ~.”

But the Chief’s snoring only got louder. As a last resort his subordinate took something out of his pocket. It had a sweet smell and was shaped like a donut. He brought it close to the chief’s nose.


The Chief’s nose started twitching bit by bit and just when his subordinate had thought that he was going to snap his eyes opened, the Chief’s mouth opened wide and tried to eat the donut-like sweet in front of him.


The donut-like sweet instantly disappeared from its spot and the only thing that remained was the impact of his teeth colliding.

“Nuh! How awful of you! I won’t forget this!”

The Chief screamed tearfully while glaring at his subordinate in despair.

“Oh, good morning, Chief. I have several things to report to you.”

“Someday I’ll turn you into sweets and eat you up, Pevin!”

“That’s scary. But I have already prepared your sweets for you.”

“What?! Is that true?!”

“Yes, please look that way.”

A solid case filled with cakes entered his sight.

“Uohoh ~! That’s a ceke, is it not!?”

The Chief’s eyes shone like a child who’d just found a new toy.

“Chief, it is a cake not a ceke. You got it wrong. By the way this is a chocolate cake.”

“Ooh ~! That’s popular in the beast kingdom right now. It’s called《Chocoret》, right? Ooh ~, it’s so brown. I can eat it, right?”

“Please do so after you finish your work.”

The man called Pevin adjusted his glasses while answering.

“You mean it, right?! Let’s get on with it! Mhm? What do I have to do?”

The way he spoke didn’t match with his huge body or rather his fat body. The chief’s hair was swept back and he was quite fat. His number one trait was his extremely big, pig-like nose and he wore a monocle.

“First of all, a little problem has occurred so please listen.”

“Problem? What kind of problem?”

“One of the Sky Wolves used in the experiment has escaped.”

“Puh, huh? Did you kill it?”

“No, we managed to injure it before it escaped. Well, it will die with that kind of wound anyway and no one will help it because it is a monster.”

“Then it’s no problem! But lately, hasn’t the number of specimens decreased?”

“Yes, that is the main issue. Right now we only have the Sky Wolves but there are only seven of them. We have to replace them as soon as possible… The contacts at the organisation are here. Would you like to start negotiating with them?”

The Chief made a really unpleasant face.

“Eh ~, it’s really troublesome, isn’t it ~?”

“This is also for the sake of research.”

“Yeh ~, I get it but I don’t like them very much, you know?”

“You cannot do business if you only do what you want.”

“Yeh ~, it can’t be helped. Come to think of it, I was informed the other day that they were on their way. I wonder if they brought me some specimens.”

“That would be good.”

“Well, they bring specimens worth experimenting on so they’re useful.”

The Chief said while sniffing and then he opened his mouth and uttered.

“Is something wrong?”

“Mhm ~, come to think of it, it’s nearly time to show that off.”

“… But it is still not possible to control that yet.”

“What are you saying, Pevin? Failure is essential for experimentation, right?”

“I understand. Well since they are coming would you like to make the remaining Sky Wolves its opponents?”

“Ooh ~, that would be fun, yes!?”

“Then I will go make the preparations.”

Pevin lightly bowed and tried to leave but,

“Ah, I can eat the sweets now, right?”

“Chief, you still have work to do.”

“Uh ~, you’re awful! It’s wrong! Someday, I’ll def~initely turn you into sweets and eat you ~!”

Pavin gave a backwards glance at the Chief, who was throwing his arms and legs around in a tantrum like a kid. Pavin went back to his work and completely ignored him.

However the Chief couldn’t endure it and silently ate the sweets in the case. Pevin preaching him about eating the sweets is another story.



Winka who’d separated from Hiiro and co, had arrived at a big building on the back of the Sky Wolf. The building was white and a wired fence surrounded it. It was surrounded by rocks, no, to be precise they built the complex within those rocks.

There was only one entrance which had a solid iron door, additionally Winka had discovered the keyhole.

“Wolf is… No, let’s give you a name. Yup… Let’s call you Winger, since you have wings, okay?”

The Sky Wolf also liked the name and nodded its head.

“Where did you escape from, Winger?”

Winka asked and Winger steadily guided her to the place that it had escaped from. Winka went behind the rocky area and then Winger stuck its nose out to indicate the place.

“Mhm… Where?”

Winka looked around and she noticed that one of the windows was broken. She could tell by looking at the other windows that a wire grid should have been attached. It was likely that Winger prepared itself for injury and rammed the window. The big injury on its head was caused by this action.

“Do we enter from there?”

Winka didn’t have any strategies or rather she didn’t think about it at all. Her plan was to go inside, beat the bad guys, then save Winger’s family. When Winka and Winger approached the complex,


A piercing siren sounded. Winka widened her eyes upon hearing the sound and was confident that their presence had been discovered.

“Let’s keep going, Winger!”


She’d thought that since it was already like this, she had no choice but to move and jumped through the window that Winger had escaped from.


The sound of the siren also reached Hiiro and co’s ears.

“Hey Hiiro, what’s this sound?”

Arnold asked while running.

“It’s probably some fool acting like an idiot, right?”


Hiiro didn’t think that Winka was one for strategies like he was. If anything she solved things by pushing through, much like Arnold did. Hence Hiiro, who could tell that it was a testing ground, knew that she’d been found out by the sounds of the siren. Although he’d thought that it was foolish to rush in without a plan, it was very impressive for her to be able to rush into such a dangerous place for other people, no, for a monster.

“Anyway, we should hurry up. Hold on tightly, Muir!”


Arnold said as he sped up with Muir in his arms. Hiiro muttered that it was no use but followed him anyway.


It wasn’t just Winka and co who were surprised by the siren, the people inside of the establishment were also surprised.

“What is going on?”

Pevin asked someone. That person seemed to be in a hurry.

“There seems to be an intruder! There’s also a magic reaction from the escaped Sky Wolf.”

There were needles hanging at the end of threads inside a ball that looked like a crystal ball. One of those needles was spinning around and glowing in a red light. This was a magic detector. While the person was watching it, he’d noticed that Pevin was there. Another needle was moving around while glowing blue, it indicated the presence of another intruder.

“Who’s that?”

“I do not know! But I am certain it is a person.”

Pevin thought a little bit then,

“I will report this to the Chief. Do not kill the intruders, catch them if possible.”

“I, I understand!”

Pevin quickly headed straight to the Chief.

A white-robed man, unlike the ones the researchers wore, stood motionlessly in front of a door.

“How did you get to a place like this?”

The man with whom Pevin spoke was the contact from the organisation and he’d been talking with the Chief until some time ago. They had a deep relationship with the organisation. The organisation provided them monsters for experimentation. Of course 【Buscador】also provided suitable collateral, in the form of money or information that was beneficial to the organisation.

A contact from the organisation had come for the negotiations and should have been talking to the Chief. It was a mystery as to why he looked confused in a place like this.

“We-well, you see…”

Pevin listened to him while opening the door as a vein popped up on his forehead. He removed the object in front of his eyes. That was definitely the Chief ―――

Surprisingly while the siren rang,

“Guga ~ Bi ~.”

His nose inflated.

“Why are you sleeping in a situation like this?!”


Pevin suddenly yelled close to his ear and the Chief jumped to his feet.

“Uoh ~, what, what? Ah, good morning, Pevin.”

“Good morning. Did you have a nice dream?”

“Pe-pevin… You’re scary…”

Pevin was smiling but something black was gushing out from behind him and the Chief’s face paled.

“I heard about it. You got sleepy during negotiations and fell asleep… Can you still call yourself the Chief of 【Buscador】?”

“Puh ~, it’s because he was so boring, you know?”

“What’re you saying!? I politely explained the current situation to you! I told you how much you should pay for the specimens. Moreover, I presented you with a fairly reasonable price!”

“I told you I was okay with that, yeah? I thought the negotiations were over so I fell asleep, you know?”

“Do not sleep!”

Pevin said, amazed. The white-robed man remained standing by the door, disconnected from this.

“Well, if negotiations were over then I do not mind. I know this is sudden, but I would like the careful Chief to grasp the situation.”

“Mhm? Oh, ah, eh? What’s that sound?”

The Chief finally noticed the sound and began looking around. The white-robed man was also interested in what was going on and continued listening.

Pevin explained the conversation he’d just had with the researcher to the Chief.

“What will you do, Chief?”

“Well ~… Ah, I’ve got a good idea! We’ll use that on them!”

“I thought you would say that. I have already issued the capture order but there is a possibility that the human will die so please be patient.”

“If possible, I want them to die while facing that.”

“Well then, shall we go and see?”

“You get it, yup.”

“Ah, what will you do?”

Pevin asked the white-robed man.

“Ah, th-that’s right. The contract documents are in the carriage, I’ll draw it up and bring it here. It’ll take some time so I’d like to go do that. Well, I don’t mind if you take time to deal with the foe.”

“I understand. We will see you later.”

Pevin said. The man grinded his teeth a little and left the room.

“Well then, we should get to work.”



“Ah, I wanna eat sweets.”

“This is an emergency, Chief.”

Pevin refused the Chief and he puffed out his cheeks.

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