“Oh yeah! If I recall correctly, her name’s Whiskey Gin or something.”

Nagnala recalled to Pevin, Winka’s name as they both remained stuck in the wall.

“Wh-what is it!?”

“… Is that really her name? Isn’t that the name of alcohol brands?”

“Yeah… Th-that’s right! If my memory is correct, her name is definitely Whiskey, it is!”

“How suspicious. How very suspicious. Chief, you haven’t shown any interest in her so you have either forgotten her name or remembered it incorrectly.”

“Th-that’s too much! I’ve already decided, I have! I’m definitely going to turn you into something sweet, Pevin, I will! I’ll also mash you in a mixer and turn you into a paste before freezing it, then I’ll sell it to children at a reasonable price, I will!”

“It is harsh for you to thrust out a mixture of bizarre and upright ideas, Chief.”

The sound of footsteps could be heard coming towards the two during their conversation and stopped as it reached them.

“Mhm… What on earth is going on here?”

A man wearing a white robe appeared. He had finished negotiating with Nagnala a while ago, headed back to the carriage to draw up the documents and had waited outside.

He saw Hiiro and co entering 【Buscador】and sent that information off to a certain place. Since he didn’t have anything else to report, he re-entered the building.

But what he saw was Nagnala and Pevin embedded in the wall. They had bewildered expressions on their faces and it seemed like they didn’t have a good grasp of their situation.

“Oh! That voice… Who is it?”

Although Nagnala had said so cheerfully, the man was twitching his cheeks.

“It’s the Liaison from the Organisation, Chief.”

“Mhm… Oh! That guy was also here, he was!”

“Is it not as I said? You do not remember the names of the things you are not interested in or you remember them incorrectly.”


Nagnala heard someone clear their throat and then carried on with their conversation as if the previous one never happened.

“And? What are you doing in such a place? It can’t be that this is your hobby, right?”

“It’s not, nope! I want you to get me out of here, I do!”

The white-robed man reluctantly sighed and teared the two from the wall.

“Ah ~, I’m saved ~.”

“Yes, I do not want to stay stuck in the wall any longer.”

“By the way, why are you here?”

When the white-robed man asked, Nagnala’s face suddenly turned red as he remembered what happened.

“That’s right! It’s all their fault, it is!”

“Their? They entered the facility after all?”

“They did! Huh…? Did you know?”

“Yes, they were loitering around outside. I want to confirm but what were their characteristics?”

Nagnala described Winka and the other three that suddenly appeared. Having heard Winka’s description the man began to wonder.

“That girl… Where have I…”

“Do you know her?”

“No… You said she suddenly beastified?”

“Yes. Although she was weakened by the paralysis poison, she moved around as if she had recovered and easily killed the Black Chimera that we had made. It was a tremendous sight.”

Pevin said and the man looked pensive,

“… Now that I think of it, it’s a full moon today… It can’t be.”

The man raised his face up and checked the file in his left hand that he’d brought with him from the carriage. He started flipping through the pages then stopped and stared at a piece of paper.

“A girl with blonde hair wielding a long spear and wearing a breastplate and shorts.”

He said as he confirmed their description and then opened his eyes wide.

“… Chief Nagnala.”

“What is it?”

“You’ve invited some troublesome people.”

Of course Nagnala didn’t understand the meaning of those words and stared blankly at the man. The man shrugged his shoulders as if he was shocked and said.

“The thing you invited in isn’t a small rat but a fierce tiger.”

“Wh-what do you mean?”

“If it’s the person written on this paper then she’s known as Winka of the《Moonlight》.”

Nagnala didn’t change his expression as he looked at the man holding the fluttering paper. He didn’t get it.

“This girl is our target but at the same time, she’s also our greatest enemy.”

“Your enemy? Is she that strong?”

“Yes, she took down a number of my brethren. But it could just have been luck.”

“What do you mean?”

“I have urgent business to attend to. Excuse me.”


The white-robed man ignored what Nagnala had said and quickly left.

“He is a hard worker, is he not?”


“Well in the human world it is hard to make a career in the organisation that he is registered at. He must be desperate, right?”

“It’s sweltering, it is. I don’t understand what’s so good about that organisation, I don’t. It was 《Breast Rage》, wasn’t it?”

“… It is《Beast Cage》, Chief.”

“… Gah ~.”

Nagnala pretended that didn’t happen and Pevin shrugged his shoulders,

“As I thought you do not remember it, did you?”

“Yo-you’re wrong, you are! I wanted to see if you remember it, Pevin ~!”

Nagnala lied and Pevin sighed as if he didn’t believe it at all.

“Is that so…? By the way, what shall we do now, Chief?”

“Mhm ~, I don’t want to get caught up in it so let’s escape, yup ~. But I want them to have a taste of how fearful I can be, I do!”

“Then shall we join in?”

“Kufufu ~, I’ll show them!”

Nagnala’s eyes silently shone.



“Haahaahaahaah… Ar-argh…”

Although Arnold had been defending against Winka’s attack with all his might.

(It’s like she’s just playing around…)

Yes, Winka attacked many times at a rate that Arnold was barely able to respond to. She was laughing happily while testing if he could keep up his defence. It was as if a child was playing with a toy. Arnold was still frantic.

(I even got Hiiro to use his magic on me.)

Arnold had asked Hiiro to write 『Speed速』on his arm before his fight with Winka. Hiiro’s magic covered his entire body and he felt as light as a feather making it possible for him to move faster than usual.

Arnold had thought that it was unfair that Hiiro could do something like this.

But Winka was still playing around with him. Hiiro had said that it was only effective for one minute.

(Wi is really amazing…)

If she put just a little bit more power into her attacks then they would become very high class attacks. Even when going easy on someone, if she were to land a single blow on her opponent they would be knocked out or killed.

Arnold glanced at Hiiro who gave Arnold a look that said, “Stop Winka”.

Arnold wanted to say, “Well why don’t you do it then?” but as long as he entrusted Hiiro with the final blow, there was nothing he could do. He had to persevere and complete his part.

“Wi-san! Please wake up!”

Muir had continued talking to Winka for a while now from behind Arnold.

Although she had raised her voice, Winka wasn’t interested and only stared at Arnold while ignoring Muir.

It was convenient for Arnold that she didn’t show any interest in Muir because then he could focus solely on stopping her. But he had yet to find a way to stop her.

(What can I do…? How do I stop Wi’s movements…?)

But before he could think of an idea she playfully struck him again. He guarded with his sword and was pushed back.

“Guh… Haahaahaahaa… Dammit… At this rate I’ll run out of strength.”

No matter how many times he defended, the impact of the attack passed through the sword and onto his body. With each hit the massive damage of Wi’s strikes began to wear Arnold down. Arnold’s sweat fell to the ground and he breathed heavily.

(… Mhm? Ground? Sand…?)

Arnold thought of something and took a deep breath.

(Alright! I don’t know if it’ll work but I’ll try it!)

The hair standing up like an antenna on Winka’s head started swinging when she felt the atmosphere around Arnold change. Winka’s trademark was still going strong even if she was beastified.

Arnold held his sword in both hands and concentrated on it then wind started gathering around him and enveloped the sword.

Arnold’s broadsword gradually grew larger as it was surrounded by wind. The wind only covered the sword once but it grew enormous. The wind that had enveloped the sword vibrated and looked like a blur.



(Is it vibrating at high speeds…? Or is the wind just moving at a high speed?)

Hiiro checked but he couldn’t figure out the principle behind it however he felt that Arnold’s attack and defence had increased.

Arnold shot a tense look at Winka and moved his sword to provoke her.

(What are you trying to do, Old Man? The minute’s already passed, you know?)

Yes, the character 『Speed速』which had covered Arnold’s body in a bluish-white magic power had already vanished.

Hiiro understood what Arnold was trying to do but when he looked at Arnold’s cornered expression it seemed that this move would make or break it. Arnold was putting everything into this one attack.

If this attack failed then it would create a gap between them and if attacked during this time they would be forced to withdraw.

Hiiro looked at Arnold and gulped. Winka responded to being provoked by smiling and rushing straight towards Arnold.

As she ran every step caused the ground to explode so they could see that she was moving at a tremendous speed.

Arnold opened his eyes wide and swung his broadsword down ――― but the attack wasn’t aimed at Winka.


Arnold had hit his sword on the ground. Furthermore it was just near his feet. There was the sound of the impact and a cloud of dust. The dust floated around the area.

Winka was surprised by Arnold’s actions and stopped. The pieces of dirt and sand floating about clouded her vision. As Winka moved her hands to clear the smoke, she looked around restlessly to find Arnold but because of the dust she couldn’t find him.

Hiiro, however, could see everything because he was watching from far away. Why did Arnold release the attack at his feet? It was to steal away her vision, stop her feet, and restrict her movements. One more thing, the blast caused by that attack ――――

“I got it!”

Arnold jumped up and intended to get the better of her from above. Needless to say he wasn’t completely unharmed. The explosion had caused fragments of the ground to fly around everywhere which caused small injuries on his body. However he’d thought that he had gotten into Winka’s blind spot.

If Arnold himself attacked her and made her falter then gripped her neck with his hands then Hiiro could do something about her.

Then as Arnold had expected, she was unguarded so he swung down from the sky and gripped his hands towards her neck. He’d thought it would be best to make her unconscious and even if he couldn’t then he would restrict her movements.


But ――― it was far from what Arnold had anticipated.



His grip was definitely headed towards her neck but his movements were stopped just before he’d reached it. Her sparkling golden tail had stopped him.

Her three tails suddenly grew and protected her from Arnold’s attack. Those actions were so unbelievable that Hiiro and Muir were at a loss for words. Hiiro and Muir thought that Arnold’s strike would hit her. Hiiro was prepared to release his 《Word Magic》at any time but Arnold’s attack had failed.

Winka moved a tail and wrapped it around Arnold, who was standing behind her.

“Guh… Hah?!”

The constricting force gradually became stronger and when Hiiro thought she was going to smile,


She put power into her right fist. Hiiro and Muir who saw that, screamed.

“This is bad?!”


Hiiro immediately started moving and threw his katana at Winka. She didn’t turn around and repelled the flying katana with her tail.

“Che, you have the leeway, Antenna Girl! But how about this!”

Because there was a little bit of time before she attacked Arnold, Hiiro was able to get close to her and tried to grip her neck. But instead he gripped air. Winka instantly moved behind Hiiro while holding Arnold with her tail. She then wrapped her remaining tail around Hiiro’s neck.

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