Chapter 04: Escape from Buscador


The people that suddenly appeared in front of Hiiro and co were Nagnala and Pevin who Arnold had embedded into the wall a while ago.

“You guys…”

A thirst for blood gushed out of Winka when she saw the two.

“You! Do you wanna be buried in the wall again?!”

Arnold could sense what Winka was feeling and he became angry.

“Shut up! Mhm, ermm… Foe!”

“… You heard their names from the liaison officer a while ago but you do not remember it.”

Pevin said exclaiming in disappointment while shrugging his shoulders.

(… Liaison officer?)

Who is this liaison officer…? Hiiro caught onto the word liaison officer. Nagnala didn’t say researcher. He conjectured that it must have been the person riding on that one carriage outside.

“Pevin you’re so noisy, you are! It’s inevitable that I can’t remember the names of the people who’re going to die, it is!”

“Well, I cannot deny that but I pity your bad memory.”

“That’s wrong, it is! I’m just not interested, I’m not!”

The two had returned intending to kill Hiiro and co. It was unlikely that Hiiro and co would lose but this was enemy territory, they didn’t know what was going to happen. Moreover if everyone was in perfect condition then they wouldn’t have to feel anxious but they were considerably exhausted from stopping Winka.

Nagnala and Pevin were currently quarrelling. Hiiro thought that it was possible for them to take advantage of this and escape and looked at Arnold. He knew what Hiiro wanted to do and nodded without saying a word but then Winka suddenly collapsed nearby.


Muir instantly rushed to her side and touched her shoulder. She saw that Wi’s complexion was bad then Arnold said.

“I, I see. It’s not unreasonable. It’s common for her to get 《Rebound》after rampaging so much.”

When Hiiro heard what Arnold had said he used 『Peek 覗』to look at her《Status》. He was surprised that the parameters of her status had decreased from the time she was《Beastified》.

Her level was still the same but her status parameters were now lower than Hiiro’s. That was what 《Rebound》was.

Hiiro didn’t know when her status would return to normal but he couldn’t expect her to fight while she was feeling unwell.

The opportunity to run away was lost. Nagnala turned his attention back to them because of the uproar.

“Oyaoya, it was worth it to choose the right time to appear. She is now experiencing《Status Drop》.”

Pevin nodded and explained what had happened to Winka.

“Choose the right time to appear?”

Hiiro asked while frowning and Pevin smiled.

“Do you not know? Rampage caused by 《Beastification》usually goes away after 30 minutes?”

What?! Hiiro wanted to shout, “Then we didn’t have to force her to stop”. He sharply glared at Arnold but Arnold also didn’t know and was flabbergasted.

“If you left her alone she would eventually stop. You just made it more difficult for yourself by trying to stop her, you did. Well, thanks to that useless endeavour we’re able to take advantage of you like this, we can ~.”

Nagnala respectively gazed at Arnold, whose wounds had been healed but he still had no strength; Winka who was unable to fight and lastly at Muir who obviously had no fighting power.

“There’s only one person who can resist, there is… This is what happens when you foolishly exert yourself, it is.”

Nagnala said spitefully. Hiiro tried to reply.

“You are wrong.”

To Hiiro’s surprise the Muir refuted it first. Everyone looked at her dumbfounded.

“Wrong? What’s wrong, what is?”

“Wh-when you laughed and said it was a useless effort, a foolish exertion.”

“What about it?”

“In this world… No effort deserves to be laughed at!”


“Thanks to Hiiro-san and Uncle, I’m able to stand here like this! Also because Wi-san tried really hard, she heard my voice!”


Arnold muttered her name. Hiiro was also surprised because he didn’t think that she could clearly tell other people her opinion.

“You certainly don’t make an effort to be rewarded but I think effort is necessary for moving forward! So there are no wasted efforts!”

She tried her best to shout while her hands were over her chest and her body was shaking. Winka smiled while looking at her but her face instantly stiffened and while using 《Bone Maiden of Victory》for support, she stood up.

“Yeah… Like Muir said. Effort is necessary.”

“That’s right, Muir. Honestly, my own daughter stole the words right out of my mouth!”

Arnold winked happily at Muir.


Muir looked at Hiiro.

“No effort deserves to be laughed at… Well said, Chibi.”

Hiiro was convinced that Muir had grown during the fight against Winka. Hiiro had told her before, “If you’re worried about it then get stronger” but he meant in the long-run. Hiiro was honestly surprised that he could watch her grow this soon.

Hiiro glared at Nagnala.

“That’s what it is. Chubby Man, do you have a problem?”

“Ch-chubby man…?”

Of course it was Nagnala’s nickname. It’s an easy to understand and see nickname.


“What’re you laughing at, Pevin?!”

“Ah, I am sorry. The nickname is on point and opps.”

“It’s not opps, it’s not! Argh ~, I’m already mad, I am ~!”

Nagnala’s face turned red and his nostrils flared but Pevin wasn’t reflecting on it at all and remained calm.

“I’m going to open up a hole like before, Old Man. We’ll escape from there.”

Hiiro didn’t know what the enemy would do and remained vigilant while he made the suggestion to Arnold.

“It’ll be better that way. I seriously want to kick his ass but Muir is here and Wi is also like that.”

Hiiro noticed that they were concerned about battling. Even if he made a hole and they escaped through it, Arnold and the others were fatigued and they might get caught right away.

If so then as a safety measure, Hiiro thought that it would be better to defeat the two people here first.

“It’s okay.”

Winka listened to what Hiiro and Arnold were saying and spoke.

“What do you mean it’s okay, Wi?”

“Wi can still fight. Everyone tried hard for Wi so this time, Wi will protect everyone.”

Her eyes shone powerfully but she had no fighting power left. Nagnala started commencing something and Hiiro was worried whether they could break through it.

“Ah ~ enough! I’ll relieve my stress by killing them all, I will! Huh…?”

Nagnala said in resentment but then he noticed something and his face turned into displeasure.

“What’s the? It’s dead, isn’t it?”

The Sky Wolf that laid at his feet was Winger, the Sky Wolf who had brought Winka here.

“It’s dirty with bloodstains, it is.”

Nagnala firmly kicked Winger’s face and Winka who saw that, flared up.

“I’ll kill you!”

Winka tried to move as if she’d forgotten she was incapacitated but Arnold had somehow managed to restrain her from behind.

“Ca-calm down, Wi!”

“Le-let me go! I’ll kill him…!”

Winger had died protecting Winka. It was understandable that she would be angry at Nagnala who was kicking Winger. But if she approached them like this, she would be doing what they wanted. That’s why ―――

——— SLAP!

“… Eh?”

A sound was heard from Winka’s cheeks.

“Get it together, Antenna Girl. Are you going to waste our efforts?”

Hiiro had hit her cheeks. Arnold, Muir and Winka who’d been slapped all stared at Hiiro dumbfounded.

“It’ll be pointless if you rampage here.”

Thanks to Hiiro’s scolding Winka’s eyes returned to normal. She cast her eyes downwards and touched her swollen cheeks.

“Mhm… I’m sorry.”

Hiiro summarised that they would be caught rather quickly while looking at Winka, although she was standing, she was obviously trembling with fatigue.

“If you’ve calmed down then leave those guys to me. You escape with Old Man through B Building over there.”

“Eh? H-hey Hiiro?”

Arnold hastily called out. Hiiro had said that he would create a hole to escape through but the plan changed so Arnold wanted to ask about it.

“I know I said I would create a hole before but we’ll do without it since these guys will probably get in our way. So it’ll be simpler to just escape through B Building. Old Man, you and the others escape through B Building and I’ll deal with these guys. Quickly leave. You guys are covered in wounds, you’ll only get in my way.”

Hiiro felt that his MP was much less than before. If there were any interruptions while he was making the hole then he would have wasted his MP. So as he had thought earlier, he would deal with Nagnala and Pevin’s first.

Therefore he thought that Arnold and the others could escape from B Building while he faced Nagnala and Pevin. If he could buy some time then the risk of them getting caught would be reduced.

Although Arnold wanted to refute Hiiro’s way of speaking, he swallowed his words.

“… I see. Alright… I got it!”

Arnold nodded in agreement. He acknowledged that Hiiro would be able to deal with them since he had already easily defeated these guys before.

“Wi is also okay…”

“I, I will also avoid being a burden and run!”

Both Winka and Muir were determined. However at that time Winka said quietly, “Ah…”

“Wh-what is wrong, Wi-san?”

Muir asked in concern. Muir saw that she was staring at something and turned to stare at it too.

Nagnala and Pevin also looked as if they were lured.

It was Winger’s corpse. Muir thought that Winka was still conflicted and became sad… But…

“… It’s moving.”

Winka faintly said. Muir raised her face to look at Wi and replied with, “Eh?” Winka pointed her finger at something, it was the back of Winger’s legs.

“Wi-san? What…”


“… Eh?”

Winka said and both Arnold and Muir turned to look at where she was pointing. Like she had said, Winger’s leg was still moving but barely.

From Winger’s stomach to the back to its leg, something was moving inside. The three thought something was wrong and froze. Then, the movement suddenly stopped.

They thought that it was just their imagination but this time a blob of blood and a small body oozed out from Winger’s bottom.

“… Ah?!”

Muir cried and everyone focused on the small body.

“… *whine*…”

It was a small Winger. Winka opened her eyes and tears flowed out.

“H-hey, don’t tell me Winger was pregnant…?”

What Arnold said wasn’t wrong. Winger had a small life inside of her stomach.

“I don’t need such melodrama, I don’t!”

Nagnala suddenly took something out of his pocket and pointed it towards Winger’s child. Hiiro judged that it was some kind of firearm since it looked like a pistol. However a bluish-white light was released from the muzzle and headed straight towards the small Winger. Hiiro guessed that it was a small bullet made out of magic.

It was easy to imagine what would happen if it hit the new born baby.


To Hiiro’s surprise the bullet scattered just before it hit Winger’s child and the person who had done this was ———

“——— I won’t let you!”

Winka. She was breathing heavily while defending Winger’s child with 《Bone Maiden of Victory》.

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