“Argh ~ what an odd person. I can’t believe that you’d want to protect such a monster, I don’t.”

“I’ll definitely protect this child…!”

Winka put Winger’s child behind her and told them what she had decided. Winger’s child was staring at her back.

“… If you want to die that much then be smeared in blood with that beast behind you and die!”

When Nagnala once again readied his gun and tried to shoot, a shadow approached him. It was Hiiro.


Hiiro tried to attack Nagnala with his katana but… Pevin suddenly appeared and protected Nagnala.


Surprised, Hiiro glanced backward and Pevin took a marble out of his pocket and cracked it between his right index finger and thumb.

A bright light was produced from the broken marble and it took away Hiiro’s sight. He felt that it would be dangerous to rush in while he was like this and distanced himself.

The light disappeared in an instance but Hiiro was concerned about other things.

(… That guy.)

It was Pevin. The slit-eyed Pevin stood as if nothing had happened. His speed when he protected Nagnala wasn’t that fast.

If Pevin, who was standing close by, were to move just a bit he could protect Nagnala. However when he was facing Pevin up close, he felt something on his back.

(… What is he?)

Hiiro wondered if he wasn’t just a researcher. He was easily defeated by Arnold earlier so it was only natural for Hiiro to think he was weak.

However from their interaction just now, Hiiro felt an ominous feeling and increased his guard.

“Kufufu ~, thanks Pevin ~. But it’s still dazzling, it is ~.”

“No, no. I am still your assistant, Chief.”

Hiiro judged that the situation could take a turn for the worse since they were talking leisurely in this kind of situation.

“Hey, Antenna Girl. Take it and escape quickly.”


“Even if you stay here you’ll only be a burden when you face the Chubby. Also…”

Hiiro turned his gaze towards Pevin and Nagnala. It was dangerous here as long as their abilities were unknown.

“Anyway, just go. Old Man, take them and get out of here.”

“What will you do, Hiiro?”

“I told you earlier, someone needs to stop these guys, right? And I still have something I need to do.”

“Something? I, I don’t know what it is but you better follow shortly after us! Let’s go you two!”

Arnold shouted and the two nodded. Winka looked at Winger’s child.

“… Will you believe in me?”

“… Woof.”

It touched her hands with its nose. Winka smiled gently and lifted it up.

“Muir, Arnold, let’s go.”


“Hey! I’ll leave the rest to you, Hiiro!”

“Whatever just hurry up and leave. You don’t have to tell me the meeting place, I’ll find it myself.”

“Got it!”

The three turned away from Hiiro and headed to the exit but Nagnala was smiling boldly.

“I won’t let you, I won’t.”

This time he removed something that looked like a remote control from his pocket.

“Show me your faces as it’s being warped in despair!”

There was something that looked like a switch on the remote control and Nagnala pushed it.

(I-it can’t be…?!)

Hiiro thought but it was already too late. When Nagnala fiddled with the remote control an explosion sound came from above.

Hiiro looked up to check. The lattice covering the ceiling was destroyed and debris was raining down.

He heard a scream from Arnold and co’s direction.

“Kufufu ~, scream some more, you will ~!”

Hiiro heard Nagnala’s irritating laugher and the sounds of explosions reverberated all around.

Hiiro activated the character 『Ward防』. A bluish-white wall covered Hiiro and served as a barrier. The debris from the lattice fell one by one onto the barrier and was repelled.

Although it was hard to tell from a distance, the debris was quite thick and heavy. Moreover they piled onto each other.

It fell down like rain, if Hiiro were to be hit by the debris it would probably have sent him to the other world.

Hiiro remembered that Arnold and co were heading towards B Building. The entire field was filled with dust and it was hard for him to see.

He tried to check the surrounding area and found that Nagnala and Pevin had disappeared.

(Are they alright…?)

He thought and this time the wall of A Building exploded.

“What the?!”

Hiiro, still being protected by『Ward防』, guarded himself against the blast. A Building, where they had entered from was completely blocked off.

“It’s become troublesome…”

Hiiro clicked his tongue. For the time being he thought that he should escape from here but then he heard an explosion come from B Building.

“That’s where Old Man and them are!”

Nagnala intended to completely destroy B Building and bury them alive. Hiiro could no longer enter A Building.

(… Huh? A Building…?)

“… Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!”

He had an important reason for heading towards a certain place in A Building.

He wanted to head towards the archive room where the research materials were contained. That was of course Hiiro’s main purpose. The researcher he had threatened had told him that the archive room was in A Building.

You could only enter from the testing site.

Hiiro had left and separated from Arnold and co because he had wanted to go to that room. The explosion, however, had made it so that he couldn’t enter anymore. The place also looked horrible.

“This is bad!”

Hiiro observed the right end of the wall in A Building. He heard that there was a door there. He glared and checked it and saw that the wall was still intact and was not destroyed.

Hiiro hurried towards the door and entered the room. The inside wasn’t that wide but the shelves were tightly packed with materials.

His thirst for knowledge throbbed but he didn’t know when the building would collapse so he had to hurry. He wanted to look over the materials here but he didn’t have time.

He regrettably grinded his teeth while looking around to find something to carry the materials in. Then he found a cloth wrapped around a big piece of machinery. It was a wrapping cloth.

Hiiro intended on packing the wrapping cloth with materials and tore it off the machinery. Then with keen eyes he skimmed over a number of books, quickly confirmed which ones he wanted to take and quickly stuffed it into the wrapping cloth.

Once he finished collecting the materials he put the cloth onto his back. A normal person would succumb to the weight of the materials but for Hiiro, it was a comfortable weight.

After he put it on his back, he heard a creaking sound from the ceiling. As soon as he got out of the door the ceiling feel down and it became impossible to re-enter.

(That was close…)

But Hiiro got what he wanted. Now all he had to do was follow after Arnold and co. He felt relieved that he had been able to get the materials but now his body felt considerably exhausted.

He had used quite a bit of magic after coming here. His magic power should have decreased considerably.

Hiiro didn’t know what would happen afterwards so he tried to replenish his magic power. He reached for the small bag that should have been on his waist but… He couldn’t find it.

“… What?”

He wondered if he dropped it somewhere and looked around. However it was extremely dangerous for him to look around the ground in this situation. There was no guarantee that there wouldn’t be another explosion.

Hiiro needed to get away from here as soon as possible. He had never thought that a situation like this would occur and grinded his teeth. He gazed at the clump of lattice blocking the way to B Building.


At that time Nagnala who had triumphantly exited 【Buscador】, was distancing himself from the facility while listening to the sounds of the explosions.

“Kufufu ~, they’re being crushed like insects at this time, they are!”

His body was shaking delightfully while he laughed.

“That is right. Ah, what are we going to do from now on?”

As usual, Pevin directed his slit-eyes towards Nagnala.

“Let’s see ~.”

“There will be a war soon?”

“The Human World will also be engulfed in it, right? It’ll be interesting, it will.”

“Will you take advantage of the situation?”

“Kufufu, that’ll also be interesting, it will!”

“Then should we head to 【Victorias】?”

“Mhm ~, what do you think we should do Pevin?”

“Well how about we watch the process and take only the good parts?”

“Ah, that’s also good, it is! We’ll do that ~.”

“Thank you.”

Pevin deliberately bowed his head then Nagnala’s stomach roared like an earth tremor.

“Ah ~, even so I’m hungry, I am ~.”

“Ah, then how about you eat this?”

“Mhm? What’s in the bag?”

Pevin took a bag from his pocket and passed it to Naganala, who confirmed the contents.

“… These are MP potions! This can’t satisfy my stomach, it can’t!”

Nagnala said as he threw it down onto the ground.

“Oyaoya, what a waste.”

“Anyway, why do you have such a thing?”

“… By the time I noticed, it was in my pocket.”

“That sounds like a lie…”

“Well, let’s leave it at that.”

“Come to think of it, are we going to walk there, are we?”

“No, no. I think that they will arrive soon so let’s use that. The others are doing the same thing?”

Pevin said while looking around at the other researchers who were standing around looking dumbfounded.

“I’m glad, I am ~, I get hungry when I walk so that’s really helpful, it is.”

“In your case Chief, you are a really chubby man so it would be better if you slimmed down a bit.”

“Argh ~! Pevin you’re really wicked, you are ~!”

“Ah, I have sweets. Would you like to eat it?”

“I’ll eat it, I will ~.”

“I am joking.”

“Puh! Pevin, you’re too cruel. It’s total darkness in front of you, it is…”

“Well, it is night time.”

“That’s not what I meant, it isn’t ~!”

The two were having their usual conversation while watching 【Buscador】as the sounds of explosions resonated around the area.

The other researchers stared at the two with pale faces because of how strange it was.


“Guh… Are you okay Muir ~! Wi!”

While heading towards B Building they suddenly heard the sounds of explosions. At the same time debris rained down from the ceiling.

Muir did not have any techniques to defend against it. Winka was covering the body of Winger’s child who had been poisoned. The only one who could presently move was Arnold.

That’s why he drew his sword and protected Muir and Wi with all his power, even though his body was exhausted. However the debris had blocked the entrance to B Building.

“Y-yes I’m fine, Uncle.”

“I’m okay too…”

Muir, Wi and Winger’s child were all safe but Arnold was worried about what they should do now.

Winka suddenly looked uneasily at Winger’s child so Arnold asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Well… This child is kind of trembling.”


His small body was certainly trembling in Winka’s arms. Arnold thought it was because he had just been born but Winger’s child had a painful expression on his face.

“… Hey, I don’t suppose it’s true.”

“What’s wrong, Uncle?”

“Well, he was born when his mother was infected with poison, wasn’t he?”

Winka nodded.

“I, it’s possible that he was also infected by the poison, isn’t it?”

When they heard that, Muir and Winka stiffened and stared at Winger’s child. Even now he was completely exhausted and although the room wasn’t cold, Winger’s child was trembling.

“… Is it painful?”

Winka asked the child, who was bearing with the pain. He answered with a feeble whine. The other two guessed what the situation was like when they saw that Winka tensed up.

Arnold had guessed correctly. The three didn’t know if it was poison or not but they understood that at this rate the child was in danger.

“Th-that’s right! If we go to B Building there should be some antidotes or vitality potions! I’m sure the researcher that Hiiro threatened told us that B building was where they developed medicine.”

“Th-that’s right, Wi-san!”

“Yeah… But.”

There was debris in front of the three. They couldn’t enter B Building unless they took care of it first.

If Hiiro was here they might have been able to do something about it but B Building might be destroyed while they wait around so they needed to act as soon as possible.

Normally Arnold would brandish his broadsword and clear a path for them but…

Arnold’s body had already reached its limits. He didn’t have enough power to demolish the debris to let them pass through.


Even so, Arnold clenched his teeth and wielded his sword.

Seeing how desperate Arnold was, Winka made up her decision and nodded. She passed Winger’s child to Muir.

“Please hold this child.”

“Eh, but Wi-san?”

Muir received the child and when she saw how determined Winka was, she became speechless.

Winka held 《Bone Maiden of Victory》in both hands and swung it around.


Arnold was surprised by her sudden movements and shouted but she kept going. She steadily sped up, her movements were so fast that they couldn’t keep track of it with their eyes.


Arnold said unintentionally.

The air was splitting and when Arnold heard a buzzing in his ears, flame suddenly emerged from the tip of the spear.


Muir was worried about Winka when it became apparent that she was in pain.

“… I’m going to be reckless… For a little while…”

Winka said as she leaped up into the air, “Eh?”

The two simultaneously followed her with their eyes.

This time Winka turned her body like a spinning top.

She spun her flaming spear while rotating her body. It looked like a big fireball was floating in the air. Then the big fireball dropped down onto the mountain of debris.

“The Fifth Stage – Gathering of Flames!”


The fireball fell to the ground like a meteorite and created a large crater at the entrance. The debris that was blocking their path had completely disappeared.

Arnold and Muir were flabbergasted at what had happened. Arnold unintentionally said, “Ooh ~”, in admiration.

But when they saw her lying in the centre of the crater as if she was dead, the two paled.



The two rushed towards her and checked her condition. Luckily for them, she opened her eyes.

“My… Body… Hurts…”

Winka said bluntly and the two were relieved.

“You’re too reckless.”

“Th-that’s right! I thought my heart was going to stop!”

Winka said, “Sorry”, to Muir who was puffing her cheeks.

“Have a break. Leave the rest to us.”

“We will definitely heal this child!”

When Winka heard what they said, she closed her eyes as if she were relieved. When 《Bone Maiden of Victory》returned to its smaller form, Arnold stored it in Winka’s holder.

He sheathed his broadsword onto his back and held Winka in his arms. Arnold thought that even if they took a lot of time to find the antidote and their escape route disappeared, Hiiro would be able to do something about it.

(Hurry up, Hiiro!)

Arnold shouted in his mind at the reliable avid reader and headed straight.

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