Hiiro Okamura raised his glasses with his right hand while taking in the sunlight that shone through the clouds. He sighed at the sight in front of him.

He had been able to see their destination since a while ago. He had been walking all this time and was pleased that he could finally rest but then reality hit him.

“H-hey Hiiro! Don’t just stand around and help out!”

Arnold Ocean, a chef and adventure with short ruffled blue hair was one of Hiiro’s travelling companions. He grasped his broadsword tightly in his hands and screamed.

Behind him was a small existence that was being protected by Arnold; a girl with big round eyes and shiny silver hair that reflected sunlight ——— Muir Castliar.

Next to her was Winka Jio, a girl holding a long spear disproportionate to her small stature. Her golden hair fluttered as she glared at something in front of her.

Hiiro was standing slightly behind them, he felt that the current situation was bothersome and sighed.

Solely because several beings were standing in front of them obstructing their path. The beings were as big as a person’s head and had thorns growing out of their body like a cactus. They had only one eye in the middle of their bodies and two short legs.

(Hah ~, we’re nearly at the town and a monster…)

If possible Hiiro didn’t want to get even more tired but Arnold would just get noisier so he reluctantly drew his katana 《Piercer》from the sheath on his waist.

“Ooh! There’s one!”

Arnold rushed at the monster with his broadsword and cut it in half. Winka remained expressionless as two monsters came at her and quickly brandished her spear. The two monsters were quickly torn to shreds.

“… Weak.”


The Sky Wolf, a monster that looked like a small wolf, who was standing away from Winka responded to her voice and barked. His name was Winger. His wings and tail were flapping around cutely.

“Hiiro-san! It is coming towards you!”

Muir ignored Arnold and informed Hiiro, who was passing by, about the monster that had locked onto him. Moreover the three monsters that were carefully approaching him were all lined up in a row.

“Hmm, how convenient.”

Hiiro pointed his sword at the monster in front, concentrated bluish-white magic power into his right index finger and wrote a character onto the blade.

“Extend, 《Word Magic》!”

An electrical charge surged from the characters as soon as Hiiro finished speaking and his katana blade stretched. It pierced through the monsters and skewered them.

Muir quickly looked at Hiiro as he defeated the monsters, sighed in relief and rubbed her chest.

(I’ll leave the rest to Old Man and Antenna Girl.)

Hiiro felt that his job was done. He wrote 『Origin 元』onto his katana and activated it before sheathing it.


The ground was muddy because of the rain the other day and the sounds of sticky footsteps echoed.

A person suddenly stopped on top of a slightly elevated hill and gazed down at the town. He wore a faded robe that was dirtied from travelling and his face was covered so his expressions were hidden.

Nevertheless a smile could be seen on his face. He sighed and put the big rucksack-like bag onto the ground.

He slowly opened the bag and thrusted his right hand into it. The sounds of things clattering together could be heard and then he pulled out a brush.

He put the brush into his mouth and put his right hand back into the bag. This time he took a large board out of his bag. It was a rectangular board about 30cm by 35cm.

There was white paper on the board. Next, the person took something that looked like a palette out and then he poured colourful paint into several hollows in the palette.

He then sat cross legged onto the ground and placed the board onto his knees. This time he swept his brush into the hollow and began painting something onto the paper.

The person had taken out a complete paint set and was now painting a picture. He looked like he could be painting the town in front of him ——— but the picture drawn on the paper was completely different.

He wasn’t painting the town but the distant mountains beyond the town. From the beginning the man wasn’t looking at the town but the landscape beyond it.

He smoothly moved the brush without hesitation. In a flash life was blown into the white world.

It was a wonderful piece and its perfection could be sold in places like street stalls. It was something that he could receive money for. In other words, his skills were extraordinary.

The man who had completed his painting in such a short time, compared it to the scenery in front of him and nodded in satisfaction.

At that time a small figure came towards him from the sky along with a small chirp. That figure was a small bird that looked like a sparrow.

The strange thing was, however, that the bird only contained one colour as if it was covered in green paint from head to toe.

The small bird stopped on the man’s shoulder and moved its beak near the man’s ears as if it was whispering to him.

“… Oh.”

The person talked for the first time and his voice was that of a man’s. He stretched out his fingertip, petted the small bird’s head and then it soared through the sky again.

The man painted many pictures there for a while. Then something caught his attention and he concentrated on a single place. In that place was the figures of four travellers.

Monsters had appeared in front of the four and they were in the middle of battle. They had considerable strength and the monsters were defeated in a flash.

The person that the man concentrated on the most was the person whose sword had suddenly extended. His ability to defeat three monsters in an instant was splendid.

The man whistled in admiration. After the battle finished the man observed the four in interest.

There was a small blue beast near the four. As he trotted towards them, one of them petted the beast’s head. His eyes were attracted to the person who was on good terms with the monster.

“That is…”

He muttered as a smile appeared on his face. Before his eyes was a blonde haired girl. He also noticed another person. He turned his gaze towards the boy clad in red robes with black hair.

There aren’t many people with black hair in this world so it was reasonable for him to turn his gaze towards the boy but his eyes showed that that wasn’t the only reason he turned towards him. That boy was the one who had stretched out his sword.

The man stared at the boy’s figure and then the blonde haired girl stopped as if she’d noticed his presence.


“What’s wrong, Wi?”

After all the monsters had been defeated Arnold who sighed in relief spoke to Winka who was fixated on a single spot.

Winka who had heard Arnold’s voice call out from behind her, turned her eyes at the slightly elevated hill.

“What’s wrong, Wi-san? Is there something over there?”

Muir who wore a cute big hat on her head, was also concerned and turned to face the same direction as Winka.

“… Must be my imagination?”

Winka had waist long blonde hair that was braided at the back but her special trait was the antenna-like bundle of hair bouncing on the top of her head. That antenna like hair on top of her head was swaying around as if it had picked up on something.

Winka tilted her head and her gaze was frozen on the hill but there was nothing. Well at least to everyone’s eyes.

“… Yeah isn’t it just your imagination?”

Arnold answered his own question since Winka didn’t reply to him. Arnold and Muir looked at each other and blinked in surprise.

Arnold and co knew that this wasn’t the first time she’d done something unusual but even now, Winka was still fixated on the spot.

“What the heck’s going on, Wi?”

Arnold couldn’t stand it anymore and asked Winka once again. His sturdy expression was mixed with curiosity.

“Nope… Nothing.”

Winka shook her head from side to side and started walking again as if nothing had happened.

The two were still doubtful while looking at such a girl but Arnold said, “Well, it is Wi”. Muir also agreed and started walking.

However it wasn’t just Arnold and Muir who questioned Muir’s behaviour.

The boy with black hair, Hiiro still had his black jet eyes locked onto the top of the hill that Winka had been staring at.

The sharp shining eyes behind the glasses narrowed like a hunter looking for prey.

Whether he had felt something there like Winka had or he felt that something was wrong with what Winka had noticed, Hiiro stared at the hill for a while.

“Hey Hiiro, let’s hurry up and go!”

Hiiro stopped staring and walked away from the hill in response to Arnold’s yell but he felt something pull the hairs on his back.

“You can see 【Surge】over there! We’ll be able to cross the border soon!”

Muir smiled at Arnold’s happy voice.

Arnold and Muir’s highest priority was to cross the border and head from the human world into the beast kingdom so they were very pleased that they were approaching the border.

Hiiro also came this far in order to cross the border so it wasn’t like he wasn’t happy but he’d been walking for a long time and he was hungry therefore he was in a bad mood.

It wasn’t just Hiiro that was hungry, Winka was as well and the puppy-like monster walking next to them also looked like he was too.

Winka and Winger drooled when they talked about filling their stomachs upon reaching town.

Hiiro, of course, did not drool but right now he wanted to go to the town to rest and eat more than he wanted to go to the border.

Their feet moved faster as four people and a monster headed towards 【Surge】, the town closest to the border.


The man confirmed that Hiiro and co were headed to 【Surge】and once again observed the four from the hill.

He lightly sighed in relief and grinned. He was glad that he wasn’t found.

At that time Winka had noticed the man’s presence and gazed in his direction, but the man was faster and he was able to hide himself.

“《Moonlight》 and… Red Robe…?”

He muttered Winka and Hiiro’s special traits and put his paint set back into his bag.

He once again looked at the backs of the four people and a monster and looked delighted.

“This is quite interesting. How about I try to get in contact with them?”

He said amusingly. He put the bag onto his back and began to head towards 【Surge】.

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