Extra 01: Giselle’s Perspective

Translator: Blushy
Editor: delishnoodles

The tiny visitor, who had suddenly appeared at dusk, was in dire need of help.

But Giselle was still suspicious at first. There are a lot of pitiful kids in this neighbourhood. There are a lot of cunning kids who steal from people who take pity on them and let them inside.

These tattered kids looked just like those cunning kids.

“… Do you have money?”

“I do!”

The younger sister, who was carrying her much larger older sister, was shaking, and sure enough, Giselle heard the shaking of money, so she knew that it was a real customer and let them in.

Giselle wasn’t a cruel person nor was she a money-grubber.

She didn’t care that she had to give up her only bed to a kid with a fever, that they didn’t have enough money or that she was mistaken for a man like always.

She also felt sorry for the young sisters.

Perhaps because of this, the younger sister’s crazy smooth talking made her believe that she should hire them to at least pay for the medicine even though she couldn’t afford to hire anyone.

But then they turned out to be a very peculiar pair of siblings.

At first, Giselle had planned to only teach them about medicine that sold out fast and lightly educate them to the point where they could easily answer the medicinal effects when asked by customers, but it all started when the younger sister, Aime, started asking a lot of questions in response to her explanations.

She asked about the whereabouts to get the raw materials, the environments in which the herbs grew, the parts that were used, the processing method, the blending methods and other details that weren’t necessary for customer service, so Giselle also explained to them about medicines that weren’t popular. She even taught them how to read and write. Perhaps it was pure curiosity and Aime wasn’t aware of it, but Giselle couldn’t help but feel that she was being taken advantage of.

The sisters studied hard and quickly learnt about medicine based on the notes, which increased the efficiency of their work as they were able to take on more tasks.

Not only that, but they were also able to attract customers in a way that Giselle never could, thus her sales increased day by day and she even got regular customers, so she lost her reason to kick them out.

She knew she had fallen into a trap when she became completely accustomed to being called ‘Gis-nee’. Before she knew it, she found herself taking care of them as if they were her sisters.

It was the younger sister, Aime, who had come up with this cunning idea.

She was too clever for a kid, and she was annoying since she was twice as calculating.

Ridill, on the other hand, is honest and pure, and had a soft aura that took the edge off people. This made Giselle want to forgive them for setting her up.

However, there are times when Giselle felt uneasy watching her since Ridill is too careless. She is strangely optimistic for someone who has been through so much.

Aime, however, is a reliable person, but Giselle had to be careful since she sometimes went wild because of her curiosity, which was stronger than most people’s. Aime would start dubious experiments if Giselle wasn’t careful.

But no matter what Giselle says, she can’t help but love her sisters.

She had let them in at the beginning on a whim.

She didn’t expect that her encounter with them, which was supposed to be just a way for her to pass time, would become something so deep.

She believed that she would never be able to have a family because she looked so different from most women. In addition, she had been kicked out of the palace because of certain circumstances.


Life sure was strange.

Giselle sipped the alcohol in her cup as she smiled at the innocent facts of her younger sisters as they slept after having prepared for tomorrow’s departure.

She didn’t know what the future held, but if she could be a part of their bright futures, even if just for an instant, then it would be a greater honour than receiving a medal from the King.